Friday, December 3, 2010

Mercury Retrograde In Capricorn/Sagittarius

Dec 10 through Dec 29, 2010
Enters Shadow: Nov 22, 2010 @ 20 degrees Sagittatius
Stationary Retrograde: Dec 10, 2010 @ 06 degrees Capricorn

Stationary Direct: Dec 29, 2010 @ 20 degrees Sagittarius

Leaves Shadow: Jan 17, 2011 @ 06 degrees Capricorn

Mercury retrograde occurs, roughly, every three months, and designates a three week time band in which the “normal” flow of daily activities are interrupted and or rerouted in directions diametrically opposed to a linear perception of time. In other words, it is often a time of frustration for most people because many of us are in a state of future orientation, that is, not in the present moment, but rather living out or projecting other moments that have yet to come into existence. Mercury retrograde is a natural archetypal process whose function serves to reroute the collective mental consciousness into a state of introspection and revision. This has the effect of “looking back” as opposed to forward. All mental processes that have been formulating for the past three months, have now reached a point, in which their basic mechanics must be re-evaluated to ensure their success. This manifests within a multitude of formations such as the mechanical failure or interruption of various machinery, to the setback or delay in plans that have been formulating for several weeks. Again, the function serves to correct any imbalance or potential malfunction that could interrupt the successful execution in the future, and so this is a natural time in which to take a “second look” and to make sure everything is in its proper place.

It’s quite common for something to come to a head around this time, and the ego is very tempted to push us forward, however, nature intends otherwise. It would be very wise to take a few steps back and rework your plan or direction, because the universe fully supports it! If you learn to work with the Mercury retrograde cycle as opposed to against it, you’ll find that these times will be much less stressful than is often the case. Mercury retrograde is often touted as a time of mishaps and “misfortunes”, causing many to look at it with apprehension and dread. The truth of the matter is that, astrological events don’t cause things to happen, but rather correlate with the unfolding of circumstances directly linked to our own unconscious. Whatever misfortunes we experience at this time are signs from the unconscious heeding us to pay closer attention to something. The function for such mishaps are to reroute us into another direction so that we are further aligned with our evolutionary path. The more we fight this process, the more difficult the cycle will be perceived. Another function of Mercury retrograde is to make adjustments to our basic ideologies or to simply change our perspective on something. As a result, it is best to keep an open mind and to be as receptive as possible to incoming feedback or information, as it is likely to have a powerful impact on our consciousness. Follow any intuition that urges you to go BACK to something that you may have overlooked, you’ll now find it perfectly useful within your present circumstances.

Mercury retrograde seems to take effect through a gradient shift, known as the shadow period. A shadow period is simply when Mercury moves through the area of the zodiac that it will retrograde back through. Mercury first entered the shadow on November 22nd and then goes retrograde on Dec 10th. Pay close attention to events that have transpired between this band of time, as they will play a crucial role in what will be adjusted or worked on over the next three weeks. The second shadow period, Dec 29th through Jan 17, 2011 designates a period in which the process “wraps up” and comes to a close, which will follow a gradual receding of the effects. Keep an open mind, and a flexible schedule, and most of all expect the unexpected!

To further understand this retrograde cycle I like to look towards the degree in which Mercury goes stationary retrograde, and study the Sabian symbol for that specific degree (click here to learn more about Sabian symbols). The symbol for 6 degrees of Capricorn reads:

“Ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods”

Dane Rudhyar, in his infamous book, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and It’s 360 Symbolic Phases”, has this to say about the symbol:
“The need to complete any undertaking before seeking entrance to whatever is to be found beyond. Number 10 is a symbol of completion; it symbolizes even more the revelation of a new series of activities just ahead. Yet unless the concluded series is brought to some degree of fulfillment, nothing truly significant is likely to be accomplished by a restless reaching out toward the as-yet-unknown. Number 10 is a symbol of germination, but the seed (Number 9) must have matured well. No natural process can be accelerated safely beyond certain limits. Here man reaches a THRESHOLD in which he may have to pause in order to safeguard his further advance”

This is an intriguing symbol indeed, further exemplifying the need to pause and complete something before pushing forward, and to not push something beyond its own natural limitations. I find the notion of a threshold equally fascinating, given the energy that surrounds us at this present moment in time. Keep an eye out for my next blog post shortly, as I’ll cover current events and their correlation to this point. The basic premise is that at this juncture, the collective consciousness is experiencing a threshold, a barrier or gateway, to another perception of reality. However you want to label this threshold does not matter, but looking into your own lives you will likely find this symbolism to be very prominent. Further empowering this retrograde cycle is Mercury’s position in conjunction to the stellium between the North Node, Pluto, and Mars in Capricorn. Mercury will retrograde (move backwards) through this energy, and then will direct and pass through it once more. I believe this retrograde is in complete synchronicity with the culmination of a very powerful evolutionary process that is unfolding before us, which I will further delineate in my next post. This evolutionary process is being activated directly into our own mental consciousness via Mercury’s passage, creating a bridge between powerful, yet subtle, cosmic forces and our own personal and mundane realities.

With that aside for now, this powerful conjunction in Capricorn is urging all of us to take responsibility for our own lives, to leave the past behind, and to bravely step into the unknown as powerful warriors of planet earth. This is a time in which many structures are failing, many systems are collapsing, and the future may seem bleak and uncertain. The beauty of it all, if you can see it, is that it’s all apart of the unfolding, an unfolding that the cosmos so eloquently describes through vivid symbolism. Pluto’s transit through Capricorn is working to tear down what no longer supports the structure, and to replace it with more sustainable forms, a process that will continue on into 2024 (Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008). The conjunction with the North Node is further enhancing this energy, along with the activation of two Eclipses that have, and will, occur within this axis. What falls away at this time has outlived its usefulness and is at this point, stagnating further growth and evolution. Let what needs to die go at this time, let it pass through this threshold, and a powerful rebirth and transmutation will be waiting at the end. Pluto’s transit through Capricorn is uncovering the dark and hidden side of the world’s structures, which includes governmental institutions and big business corporations. This has the effect of popularizing various conspiracies, revealing the truth about “what’s really going on”, which likely has much validity as long as it isn’t taken too far. Pluto likes to take things to the extreme, so it is highly important to keep oneself in check from getting too obsessed or involved in uncovering “the truth”. This energy also has the potential to push those with power to the edge, creating the delusion that they can overpower and manipulate nature for their own means. On the light side, this energy is urging us to step into our power and full potential as human beings, to take responsibility for the collective destiny, to build a greater awareness of our effect on the environment, and to build more sustainable structures for the future of humanity.

This retrograde Mercury passes through both Capricorn and Sagittarius, crossing the powerful cardinal point (or Aries Point) at zero degrees of Capricorn. This retrograde is all about restructuring our lives, receiving a larger and more broader perspective, and really taking a good hard look at what is or isn’t working. Mercury’s retreat into Sagittarius on Dec 18 will shift this focus from the structural details themselves, into a desire to gain deeper clarity and understanding of the situation as a whole. Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius will allow us to really connect to the truth of a situation, so that we can see more clearly where we are headed. This is also potentially a very spiritually influential retrograde, in which we will have a greater opportunity to connect to our higher selves and our innate intuition. As with all Mercury retrograde cycles, stay flexible and be open to revision of all kinds. If you can go with the flow of this powerful energy, you will likely find it less stressful than need be.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Make Love Not War

Full Moon 10 degrees tropical Leo
Friday January 28th @ 10:18 PM PST

The weather might be cool this time of year, but the cosmic currents are burning up with Friday’s full moon conjunct Mars in Leo! It’s best to be conscious of this energy than let it take full control; you may not like the results later on. Full Moon’s are always highly energetic and charged with libidinal desires and impulses, but when the Moon teams up with Mars, things can get ugly if not handled correctly. The full Moon seems to be bringing Mars’ retrograde cycle to a powerful climactic culmination. Mars turned retrograde the day of winter solstice, on Dec 21st, and will continue to move backwards through the heavens until March 10th. Mars is the inner warrior within us, that powerful and aggressive animus which is the symbolic source of burning rage, passion, desire, and most of all, ACTION!

When mars turns retrograde, it symbolizes a time in which we must reevaluate just how we initiate action in the real world, how we tackle what it is we want, and what drives us to take those first steps towards changing the very structure of our lives. Often this is accompanied by a sense of lethargy and passivity, which is eventually transformed into a stronger sense of self confidence about where we are headed in life, and how we are to go about getting there. Take this time, around the full Moon, to reflect on the past month or so to see what is you’ve been unconsciously working on, it’s likely to force it’s way into your conscious perception anyway. Use this lunar/martian energy to carry you further towards your desired goal(s), there’s certainly plenty to go around.

The full Moon in Leo is often rather playful, lustful, creative, and generous, but with Mars, the aggressive and dominating side of the lion is likely to surface as well. It’s probably best to avoid any combative argumentation, which is sure to surface. Any unresolved problems or disputes should probably be left on the back burner for a few more days, at least until things cool off. If someone else attempts to pull you into his or her own rage, change the subject or simply walk away. When dealing with such powerful and unconscious archetypes, it’s better safe than sorry! Conversely, the next few days can be a lot of fun, energizing, and quite productive. Channel this fiery energy into a creative project or perhaps just by getting more done at work than usual. So like some hippies used to say…. make love, not war! (But uh…. just use protection this time ;)

The house location of the full Moon and transit Mars in your natal chart will reveal, quite uncannily, just where all this energy is going…but for the astrologically inept, the Sun sign will suffice, at least in a more generalized and impersonal way ;)

Aries Sun Sign or Full Moon in 5th House
There’s a lot of passion, creativity, and childlike playfulness surrounding you right now, so enjoy it while it’s hot. Take this time to let loose a little, enjoy yourself, as this probably doesn’t happen very often. Use the next few days to get out, stretch your legs, and if you get a little carried away…. well everyone will probably be doing the same…so eh…no worries, right? If you’ve been working on a creative project this will likely give you a powerful thrust to get things going in the right direction. Be wary of arguments with children…. you were one once, you know.

Taurus Sun Sign or Full Moon in 6th House
Now is the perfect time to amp up your exercise routine, get more serious about your diet, or start pumping some iron, those guns aren’t going to build themselves. The past few days, or maybe even week, has probably given you a sudden urge to get in shape, stay healthy, or perhaps just pushing you to get more serious about your work ethic. There’s probably a lot that needs to be done, so use this time to be as productive as possible, you’ll surely be in the lead when it all wears off.

Gemini Sun Sign or Full Moon in 7th House
Whatever you’ve been working on is likely to be coming to some kind of fruition, and now is the time to enjoy the proverbial fruits of your labor. If you find yourself in any kind of heated argument with a partner or work associate, take some time out and make sure you think before you speak, as your probably reacting rather unconsciously. Conversely, this could be an excellent time for getting closer to that special someone, or perhaps cementing a relationship that’s been on the fence.

Cancer Sun Sign or Full Moon in 8th House
In the house of shared energy, this can either be a time of close spiritual bonding with another, or you may find yourself feeling sucked dry. Psychic energy runs hot right now, which can be good for gaining insights, but bad for maintaining your private space. If you find yourself feeling taken advantage of right now, try to remove yourself from the problem, and find some time to be alone for a while. If you find yourself worrying or arguing about mutual finances, try to work it out another time, as it will likely escalate into a full-blown fight.

Leo Sun Sign or Full Moon in 9th House
A sudden surge to explore the world and expand your horizons is likely to take hold. Resisting this motivation will probably prove futile, so get out there and try something new, exotic, and foreign. You may also find yourself feeling more philosophical than usual, perhaps a desire to see things from a broader perspective. Just be sure to not shove any of your intellectual ponderings down anyone else’s throat, as it will probably not be taken very well. Avoid ego charged discussions on religion or politics like the plague…. because like, they never really get you anywhere anyway.

Virgo Sun Sign or Full Moon in 10th House
Your career life may be a source of new and energizing stimulation, or a place of heated conflict and disaster. You may not be able to control those around you, but you can certainly choose to take yourself out of a situation that could be bad for your professional image. This can be a time of heightened responsibilities, allowing you more influence, power, or control…. but uh…just don’t let it all go to your head. A real leader looks out for everyone’s interests, not just their own.

Libra Sun Sign or Full Moon 11th House
Big visions, grand plans, and endless possibilities could be swimming through your head right now, and you should certainly consider them all…. but just mix in some practicality with a dash of the real world, for added flavor of course. Conflicts with friends, or some kind of organization could pop up right about now, but you should be careful how you respond…you might regret some things later on. If you’ve been keeping to yourself lately, now is an excellent time to pick up the phone and call that person you haven’t talked to in a while, or who knows, they might even beat you to it. Networking and socializing of all kinds are favored right now, so get out there and expand your contact list.

Scorpio Sun Sign or Full Moon in 12th House
More than anyone, you should be especially more aware of unconscious impulses and motivations, as they are likely to come swelling out of that inner abyss like a volcano. What was hidden, or being worked on behind the scenes, is probably going to get a revealing of some kind, so try not to suppress it if it’s time to come out. This can be a time of tremendous inner insight and revelations, just be sure to think before you speak, you might reveal a secret someone else would rather keep hidden.

Sagittarius Sun Sign or Full Moon in 1st House
New beginnings, of some kind, are seemingly on the horizon. Take this powerful energy and direct toward a new direction, a fresh new start, or perhaps a change in your physical appearance. It’s times like these when everyone seems to be looking our way, and for some apparent reason, you feel as if you should make it worth their while. Complete makeovers or simply a new look can be just the thing to freshen things up a bit. In your social interactions you may find yourself coming on too strongly, or projecting yourself a bit too aggressively. Just be more conscious of how your coming off, and all should be fine.

Capricorn Sun Sign or Full Moon in 2nd House
A sudden urge to spend more than you have could get you into some serious trouble over the next few days, so you may want to have your wallet locked away or something. Now is probably not the time to continue on a shopping spree, in fact, it’s probably time to end it completely. Make the most of what you have at the moment, be proud of it, and show it off. This need to consume is likely a replacement for a lack of self worth of some kind, so take a good hard look at what you really value and care about, such as things that transcend the material.

Aquarius Sun Sign or Full Moon in 3rd House
Mental energy is burning up right now, and you might find yourself overtly loquacious for the next few days. This certainly isn’t a bad thing, just as long as you aren’t stirring up arguments just for the sake of your ego. Use this time to catch up on some reading, writing, or perhaps some casual conversations with a friend, relative, or stranger. If you aren’t the one talking, it’s more than likely everyone else is. Try to be as flexible as possible for the next few days, as things might have a tendency to be a bit spontaneous and unorganized.

Pisces Sun Sign or Full Moon in 4th House
Things on the home front may be a bit hectic for the next few days, so you may want to get out of the house and find a space of your own. Avoid arguments and confrontations with family members or roommates, as they are likely to escalate into something more serious. If such a situation is sprung upon you, simply try to avoid getting sucked in and deal with it at a later date. Your home is your foundation, and you don’t want it to be faulty. Use this time to turn more inward and reflect upon your own unconscious motivations and desires. This can also be a good time for shedding light on important issues from the past, as your memory is given an extra boost, allowing you access to suppressed material that may be playing an important role in the present situation.

1. First image: "Mars Disarmed by Venus and Three Graces" by Jacques Louis David, 1824.