Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Moon In Virgo 2012

New Moon @ 23 Virgo 37'
September 15, 2012
10:11 PM Eastern
7:11 PM Pacific

Hello dear readers,

I apologize for this blog being so short, and for the delay in communication recently. I have been dealing with some health/life challenges lately, and I have been finding it difficult to connect fully with astrology. I intend on fully recovering, but my body has its own say in that process, and so time will tell. I was going to skip writing this New Moon, but have decided that I would still write a brief summary of what's been floating about in the heavens.....

The Virgo New Moon is an indication that the heat and intensity of Summer is slowly winding down, and we can feel this strongly down on a celluar level. Virgo has a soft and gentle quality, as well as innate sense of innocence. This is strongly reflected in many of the "softer" aspects included in this lunation (with the exception of the Pluto/Uranus square looming in the background). This soft and gentle quality strikes a strong contrast to some of the heavier, and seemingly darker energies that have been quite active over the past few weeks, and that are still present at this lunation. Fortunately, transiting Mars is making its way out of the "burning way", the section of the zodiac between 15 degrees of Libra and 15 degrees of Scorpio. This New Moon should assist in lifting much of weightiness associated with this dark alley of the zodiac, since Mars and Saturn conjoined in this vicinity back on August 15th.

Many of us are likely to find ourselves dealing with a lot of personal fears right now--and the universe is challenging us to understand just how much we can truly handle. Venus in Leo makes a trine to Uranus and Athena in Aries, offering radical creative insight which can be readily applied to problem solving, and truth seeking. Mercury, ruler of Virgo, widely conjoins the New Moon--and finds itself in the midst of the tension and chaos of the Uranus/Pluto square. Obviously, we are on the brink of a powerful reformation on a global and personal level--these are both challenging, and liberating times. The north node has recently shifted into Scorpio (as of August 30th), asking us to embrace personal and global transformation, to go deep within ourselves, and to truly connect with whats raw and real. There are a lot of "heavy" and challenging energies floating about, but fortunately, many of the aspects this lunation provide much support in dealing with it all.

Pluto goes stationary direct on September 17th, so get ready for this tidal wave of massive collective and personal power, which will gradually emerge over the next few months. It's time to get serious about what we want to transform in our lives--and it's time for each of us to take responsibility for our part in greater scheme of things. This is a time to be exceptionally conscious, to be mindful of your every move, and what's motivating you. Awake and aware we must all be, because we are choosing to dance on shifting sands. Where are we headed? Well, off the precipice of evolution, of course. To quote astrologer Stephanie Austin, in her reading on this lunation: "Evolution means going into the unknown, into chaos". This chaos, as unwelcome as it is to the human mind and ego, is an integral part of our reality; it is something we must all face, and choose to accept, throughout our journey of life.

The sabian symbol reads:

Mary and her white lamb.

This symbol speaks of the innocence and purity of the human spirit, and fits quite nicely with one side of Virgo archetype. Of course, Virgo isn't just the sweet and innocent "virgin", we all know and love. Virgo is the gateway to the chaos each soul experiences in its incarnation on earth, it is the threshold to the abyss. It takes a hefty dose of innocence, as well as naivete, for one to choose to face such an experience--but, face it we must--and what better way than with open and trusting arms, receptive to the unfolding.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Moon In Leo 2012

New Moon @ 25 degrees Leo 08'
August 17, 2012
8:54 AM Pacific
11:54 AM Eastern

It's been quite a ride, hasn't it? Mercury's transition from retrograde to direct, as of August 7th, signifies the end of that tidal wave of retrograde influx which permeated the collective psyche since January. If you've made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back, or maybe a gold star or two. We are likely to have a little more direction and focus now, and instead of constantly revising plans, expectations, perceptions, beliefs, ideas, etc. etc.....we now have a chance to move forward into more productive and progressive directions.

Whew, well that's a relief. With that said, however, this lunation does not present us with some gilded path strewn with glitter and puffy clouds. This New Moon actually has a few rather challenging constructs, but now that the planets are stronger and more direct, these obstacles will not be so confusing or uncertain as they have been. In fact, if anything, these challenging aspects provide plenty of fuel to get things going and back on course.

Where you've likely experienced a ton of setbacks over the past several months, you will now find that the universe is much more congruent with your plans and expectations (even if that isn't apparent in the immediate moment)--and this will gradually increase over the next month. Do keep in mind, however, that whatever gets launched around this New Moon will require plenty of hard work and dedication to see it through. If you're really serious about it though, you'll find plenty of assistance from others who are just as determined as you are.

The main feature to this New Moon is a striking T-Square with Venus in Cancer and the Pluto/Uranus square. On one end, this definitely stirs up a lot of unpredictable and spontaenous dynamics within relationships. We are invited to open ourselves up to change, and to unusual and unexpected relations with others, maybe even people who challenge our comfort zone. This also stirs up a lot of relationship tension in general, whether romantic, business, or what have you--creating a bit of crisis between inner motivations and suggestions or pressures from others.

Venus has recently moved into Cancer, after spending about four months in Gemini. Venus places her emphasis on domestic concerns now, such as security, and protection. Where we may have really valued information and knowledge to a much greater extent, the collective emphasis is now drawn more inward, and more attention is placed on feelings and intuitions rather than that mental smorgasbord  we've been so consumed by.

That means we are more concerned with how things feel and effect us deeply, as opposed to whether they just sound good. The Venus/Uranus/Pluto T-square, also ignites all those rebellious and revolutionary impulses so inherent to the Pluto/Uranus square. In our personal lives, this lunation is likely to provide a lot of momentum to really get down and dirty, and create some drastic changes.

We are likely to be less tolerant of stagnation, and many of these "challenging" aspects presented here, can be used to kick us into high gear. On the world stage, this signifies plenty more unexpected events which greatly challenge our perceptions, and possibly our much valued security. A Mars/Saturn conjunction in Libra is a pretty heavy symbol, but equally productive. Again, if you're in it for the long haul, then these two powerful forces will be more than willing to help out. On the other end, these two planets can be quite dense in their effect, and many will find themselves facing deeply seated fears and uncertainties.

There is also an obsessive and grating quality to this lunation, which can be useful for really nailing things down, and getting to the bottom of certain problems or dilemmas we've been faced with. Processes we set in motion around the beginning of this year, are going to be strongly tested now, to see if they can really weather the storm. On the light side, however, the Mars/Saturn conjunction sextiles the New Moon, offering more support if we're open to it, as opposed to an intimidating confrontation (unless it's contacting a personal planet in your horoscope, of course, i.e. planets in Libra or Aries).

As this New Moon approaches just keep in mind that a powerful process is in the works, and right now it may seem like a lot of things are coming to an end. As we move and shift into this powerful lunation, there may still be much uncertainty, because so much has shifted over the past several months. We've accumulated a rather heavy load throughout the beginning of this year, and with all the immense retrograde activity, we are now ready to release much of the debris, to begin a new process.

Since Mercury has gone direct in Leo, there is likely this knowing that much of the experimentation and playtime has outlived it usefulness--there is likely a strong feeling of seriousness permeating the air, as if it's now time to get down to business. Again, the past several months allowed us to test the waters, so to speak, and after this lunation, we will find ourselves more driven and focused on seriously implementing things into our reality. 

The New Moon in Leo ignites the power of the human will, the capacity to take charge, and create one's destiny.  It conjures up a surging momentum of great force, which urges us to march forward, fearless and strong, without hesitation. That's the ideal of course. Cross the bridge with confidence, and into the great unknown.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon reads:

26 degrees Leo: "A Rainbow"

The rainbow is a powerful symbol throughout all cultures and mythologies. To the Judeo-Christian belief, the rainbow is a symbol of God's promise to never the flood the earth again. To the Buddhists, the rainbow symbolizes the highest state achievable before the complete annihilation of consciousness. In Greek mythology, Iris, was goddess of the rainbow, and messenger of the Gods, who flew about with golden wings delivering messages. To Australian tribes, such as the Aborigine peoples, the rainbow serpent is an androgynous creator god, progenitor of the world and all lifeforms.

The rainbow is often symbolic of a bridge from the realm of the physical, to that of the spiritual or "higher" worlds. It is a transitional symbol of moving from one state to the next. Scientifically speaking, everyone perceives a different rainbow, because no two irises are identical. We can look to the rainbow as a divine message, a portal, and bridging point to another level of reality, and one that each of us will experience in his or her own unique and individual way.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Full Moon Aquarius 2012

Full Moon @ 10 Aquarius 15'
August 1, 2012
8:27 PM Pacific
11:27 PM Eastern

So, I've been having some health issues the past several days, which has rendered me quite disinterested in writing an article on the Full Moon this round. I apologize to those whom enjoy and follow my blog--I hope to be up to writing a full article for the New Moon in Leo on August 17th.

The sign of Aquarius is all about community and objectivity, and the Full Moon brings processes and situations to some kind of climax or culmination. In short, the Full Moon in Aquarius is a time in which we can gain a much greater awareness and perspective, and to also reiterate the fact that as human beings, we greatly rely upon a community of others to accomplish our goals, and to ensure our survival. We are all connected to each other, and none of us is truly on our own. Open your eyes to the greater web and network you belong to, and realize that there is probably far more support out there than you've realized. This can create a "unifying" type of energy, and a powerful unconscious drive to seek the support and safety of a larger tribe, community, or organization. Aquarius is also an archetype of acceleration--meaning that this Full Moon can greatly quicken and energize stagnant energies, moving things faster and ideally, more efficiently.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon reads:

"Man tete-a-tete with his inspiration"
A man literally head to head with realization and creativity.

For the Sun:

"Children on a swing in a huge oak tree"

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Moon In Cancer 2012

New Moon @ 26 Cancer 55'
July 18, 2012--9:24 PM Pacific
July 19, 2012--0:24 AM Eastern

Are we there yet?

This month's New Moon provides quite a shift and change of scenery--since we've been experiencing a powerful influx of Gemini lately, the New Moon in Cancer brings in some entirely new archetypal dynamics. We are still in the midst of Mercury's retrograde cycle, until August 7th--however, this New Moon provides loads of new energy potential and is perfect for planning highly significant changes of focus and direction in the future. Wait--what? More planning and waiting?  The key aspect configuration within this lunation is an extremely striking T-square--formed by an opposition with Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn--so in other words, we are equally dealing with some rather intense and unstable energy patterns here. While coinciding with Mercury's retrograde cycle, this dynamic aspect structure could provide some challenges if not dealt with consciously. The first half of this year was incredibly fermented by the retrograde archetype--and it has probably felt like the world was turning backwards--into rather spontaneous and uncontrollable directions. With this Mars and Uranus opposition, which is rather exact, we may feel a compulsion to really break free of certain restraints and restrictions--which could also lead to argumentativeness and disputes with others if one is not cautious.

This particular configuration also occurs between planets occupying the cardinal signs of the zodiac, so there will be a strong inclination to radically transform solidified structures in our lives--and to truly liberate ourselves from the demands and restrictions placed by others. Further amplifying this construct, Uranus turned retrograde on July 13 (through December 13), just one day prior to Mercury going retrograde as well. So, while it may feel very compelling to make some drastic sweeping changes at this time--because we just can't wait any longer--do keep in mind, this is really more about brainstorming, reflecting, and adjusting than it is about taking decisive action right away. This New Moon presents us with a lot of pressure, which each of us will respond to in varying ways--however, also keep in mind that we are free to take our time here, to really consider options and choices over the next few weeks. There is also a highly creative process that is occurring now, allowing for entirely new ways of doing things to reveal themselves. Collectively and individually, this New Moon brings with it, the realization that something needs to change--that is for sure. At this particular juncture, there is no doubt that there needs to be a critical restructuring--however, we don't need to commit just yet. What is required with this lunation is more a process of nailing it down, and allowing ourselves to make some decisions, which is much welcome after a period of possible intense indecisiveness.

Keep your mind open, sense and feel your way through these seemingly uncertain and turbulent times. There is a powerful transition taking place within all of us, and we can utilize the higher potential if we are more receptive and patient. The asteroid Pallas Athena conjoins this configuration through a conjunction with Uranus in Aries. There may be some sudden and seemingly ingenious new ideas floating about that could strike when we least expect it--so it would be best to remain completely open to radical ideas and progressive realizations. Mid August through October will be a very energizing and far more productive window of time, since we will be clear of the retrograde frenzy which has swept the collective consciousness for roughly the past eight months. Use that time for implementing and launching certain plans and projects that have been simmering for so long on the back burner--you will find less obstacles and challenges standing in the way.

Use any or all frustrution with current circumstances as a powerful creative catalyst which can inspire instead of irritate--and keep emotions from getting carried away. We are reminded here that there is far more potential than we are currently imagining for ourselves and for the world--so break out of the mold, shatter those moribund preconceived notions, and embrace the coming tide of change and transformation which awaits just around the corner. Mars in Libra trines Jupiter in Gemini, and both are sextile, along with Venus in Gemini, to Mercury retrograde in Leo--consider ideas and perspectives from others, they may be incredibly helpful and reveal things you never thought possible. This may imply adjusting our perception of certain relationships, or reconsidering insight and feedback from the past that we may have shrugged off without considering its importance. Collectively, it will be interesting to see what will unfold once Mercury goes direct, especially on the political front. This New Moon feels like a leaky damn, with one crack too many. Once August comes around, watch out for the flood, it's going to be big. For the world, that simply means out with the old, in with the new. For us as individuals, just another step within a creative process--ok, well more like a leap.

 So, just to reiterate, this lunation is ideal for strategizing and formulating various plans of action, and to get clear about the next steps that need to be taken. While many of us will feel just plain fed up with the way things are right now, the next few weeks will assist in bringing to light the best possible course of action. Also, the most critical changes that will take place during Mercury's retrograde cycle will occur entirely within ourselves--with a process of powerful deconditioning. Embrace the potential to really break free of deeply ingrained patterns and limitations which have been holding you back. Another interesting consideration is the fact that we are currently experiencing the peak of solar activity, via several coronal mass ejections. Along with Mercury retrograde, this could possibly accentuate the possibility of mechanical breakdowns and electronic malfunctions--so just be more aware of this. According to astrologer and founder of Matrix Software, Michael Erlewine, high solar flare activity often leads to many changes and transformative processes within ones identity, which can feel as if things are more uncertain and unstable than usual. To quote a facebook post, or blog from Micheal's page:
"One of the more difficult to detect (wake-up-to) signs of real change is the ennui or the dissatisfaction of assessing who I am and where I am at. One day I am just humming along in my little self-driven universe and the next I have somehow fallen out of it. There I sit once again, left high and dry while the tide of my current life apparently has decided to go out for a spell. What went wrong?

This then is where the gag reflex ‘not-to-panic’ comes in. My previous tendency was to madly try to cover up or over my emptiness, the nakedness I feel when I run out of satisfaction or happiness and come to a linear stop – the end of a line. How do I manage to forget each time that life is cyclical and not linear? Somehow it all just goes void and there I am, seemingly without a clue as to what has happened. When solar flares emerge, this experience of void-ness is very likely to occur at some point in the cycle of change."
Michael describes these times as a sort of time-out if you will, in which we are needing to deeply access who we are and rediscover a new path and direction for our lives. Mercury retrograde equally corroborates this advice as well--so don't feel guilty for possibly needing more down time lately, these changes are natural and cyclic.

The sabian symbol for the new moon reads:

27 Cancer: "A storm in a canyon"

This is a rather perfect image to describe the current solar storm activity, as well as the rather unsettling aspect configurations surrounding this lunation. While often chaotic and unexpected, a storm works to break things up and bring about a renewal of energy. A canyon is a natural formation often carved by a river over millions of years. Both a storm, and a canyon, give the sense of a natural disturbance which works to break apart some preexisting structure or formation.


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Monday, July 2, 2012

Full Moon In Capricorn 2012

Full Moon @ 12 degrees Capricorn 14'
July 3, 2012
2:52 PM Eastern
11:52 AM Pacific

This month's Full Moon occurs in the tropical sign of Capricorn, closely conjunct that heavy and powerful god of the underworld, Pluto. This brings some dynamic attention to the Uranus/Pallas and Pluto square, which became exact last Sunday. This Full Moon brings a powerful urge to create big changes, to shift gears, and to restructure things in entirely new ways--it also brings a steadfast pursuit of truth--a tearing to the heart of things to find out what's really going on. The sign of Capricorn is usually quite determined to reach its goals, and with this configuration in the mix, it finds itself more rebellious than usual, and less tolerant of the "status quo". At the same time, all this energy fully supports that bottom line--cutting through all the crap to get to what's real. Be mindful of power tripping, pessimism, coldness, harshness, and simply rebelling for the heck of it--without any consideration of the bigger picture.

Mars finally enters Libra the day of the Full Moon, drawing more energy into the Cardinal Axis--and we are likely to feel slightly more momentum and energy going, as Mars moves out of Virgo, the sign of its retrograde cycle. While this is a much welcome change, Mars still isn't entirely comfortable in Libra, the sign of its traditional detriment--which really means that, impulsions to jump forward must contend with the concessions of others. While Mars is in Libra, there is more requirement for feedback, permission, and alternate perspectives--which requires a lot more negotiation and compromise than usual. Blazing trails these days may not work out so well for the lone wolf, so keep your mind open to the possibility for more co-creative ventures. Also, don't forget that we're currently in the midst of Mercury's retrograde shadow, with the actual retrograde beginning July 14th. So, in other words, don't fret about making those big decisions right now, even if it feels as if there's some heavy deadline to meet--because, for the most part, that urgency probably isn't what you think it is.

Another useful tip: Don't take yourself, or anything too seriously for the next few weeks--a lighter and more humorous apporoach will make things a lot more easier for everyone involved. Life is to be experienced--sometimes enjoyed, yes, but never really endured--ideally anyway. The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon reads:

"A fire worshipper" (13 Capricorn)

And, for the opposing degree of the Sun:

"One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb" (13 Cancer)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mercury Retrograde In Leo 2012

Mercury Retrograde In Leo
July 14-August 7, 2012

Every three months we have to contend with good old Mercury retrograde, the most well-known, and sometimes, dreaded of all astrological cycles. Why? Well, because, Mercury retrograde is quite ubiquitous , yet sneaky--you never know when or where it'll strike, and it usually does, when you least expect it. That's why it's important to be aware of it, to some extent at least--and to equally have but a modicum of understanding as to its nature, intention, and function. We've experienced quite a bit of retrograde activity amongst the inner planets the first half of this year--and just as Venus retrograde comes to a close, we are greeted by yet another, albeit more common, Mercury retrograde cycle. While Venus is much more subtle, energetic, and even quite spiritual in its effects, Mercury retrograde always manages to place our attention more towards the nuts and bolts of our tangible reality. The dark side: Mercury retrograde is notorious for throwing that cosmic wrench into our plans and expectations, so, the best advice, is to be aware of this and to simply allow yourself to be more flexible. On the physical level, Mercury retrograde can often, and most commonly, bring up all sorts of mechanical malfunctions--so again, as long as we're aware of this, we can choose to see this as the natural cycle to deal with such things, and try our best to not get so stressed out when certain things go awry. The purpose? To shed light on what needs to be adjusted so that it runs more smoothly in the future, and to bring our attention dynamically to things that have been neglected or overlooked.

The light side: Mercury retrograde actually gives us a break, in the sense that while we find ourselves in the midst of this cycle, we can choose to relax more and not take things so seriously. During Mercury retrograde you will find yourself way ahead of the game if you can understand that this is not an ideal time for moving forward with really important matters--in fact, it's the most dreadful time to find oneself aggressively pushing forward in an attempt to make things happen, or to be particularly attached to a specific direction or outcome. This means that we are likely to find ourselves more in a state of revision and reconsideration at this time, and the best thing we can do is to simply allow this process to happen, and try our best not to fight it. While Mercury is retrograde, the normal flow of cerebral energy is inverted, and so naturally, this has a "turning back" effect, in the sense that we are more in a state of reflection and introspection. With so many prominent retrograde cycles lately, these have obviously been very dominant themes already.

One other important consideration about Mercury retrograde is that it tends to challenge, and allow us to question, certain ideas and informational fragments we've been holding on to. So, naturally, this is an ideal time keep your mind wide open to new bits of knowledge, awareness, and input. While this has also been a prominent theme related to other planetary cycles coalescing at this time--Mercury retrograde, by nature, inherently reveals that we will never know it all, and that there are natural cycles in which this becomes increasingly clear, and brought more to our attention. I personally look forward to these cycles, because for me, there is always a new understanding about the world awaiting to reveal itself each time Mercury goes retrograde. This can lead to a process of adjustment so that we can fit this new awareness into our reality, which is why it is important to remain flexible while this happens. Overall, Mercury retrograde allows us to go back over things--and especially projects and plans we've been working on, so that we can find any kinks or loose screws that could potentially trip us up later on.

 Additional Mercury Retrograde Tips

  • Practice impeccability: be very clear and sincere when communicating with others--you may need to go over or repeat things more than once to make sure there isn't any confusion or miscommunication.

  • Double check all transactions and dealings, especially when it comes to money, and especially if the process is electronic. Don't just trust that things will work out or function as usual, it doesn't hurt to pay extra attention.

  • Go over things in your mind that you know need to be fixed, adjusted, or serviced--cars, computers, appliances, etc--before and during the retrograde. Mainly anything that you consider to be important for things to function more smoothly, or could be costly if broken down.

  • Avoid making serious or major agreements, such as signing contracts, or making big business dealings/decisions. Take this time to reconsider other options before jumping into action right away.

  • Keep an open mind when dealing with others, especially when it comes to opinions or advice--there may be much to learn that you didn't know or understand before. Practice humility and receptivity.

  • Be patient, just know that things are not going to flow or move as they usually do--so practicing patience by remaining calm if things "go wrong" can reduce a lot of unnecessary stress, anxiety, or confusion.

  • If you find yourself coming up against resistance in an attempt to make something happen, try backing off by allowing things to work out on their own.

  • Focus mainly on the "Re" prefix: any activity which incorporates doing something over, or making adjustments--all such activities are highly favored and will be successful: Revising, reworking, reassessing, revamping, reconfiguring, resettling, reverting, refurbishing, reapplying, reassembling, reassociating, reattaining, refocusing, remembering, regrouping, reclaiming, repairing, reducing, replacing, reconnecting, rekindling, etc......

  • Keep a sense of humor, and approach things from a more playful mentality--this is the natural time to experiment without much attachment to the outcome. Allow yourself to be guided more now; you will be surprised with where things lead you and how they end up.

Mercury Retrograde In Leo

While Mercury goes retrograde in Leo, there's this collective revision and adjustment of personality and creative self-expression. Other common themes inherent to Leo is our innate human need and desire for simply enjoying the moment, letting it all hang loose, and indulging in a little fun--you only live once, right? Well, maybe we live more than once, but life is limited, finite, and as they say: If there's one guarantee in life, it's death--and taxes, although I'd say even that can be evaded in someways. Anyway, While Mercury is retrograde in Leo, this aspect of life is likely to come to our attention in one way or another, and allow for some pertinent adjustments to take place. Perhaps we've been taking things way too seriously lately, and need to loosen up, and enjoy ourselves a bit--and perhaps our own unique personal style has become stale, rigid, and routine--well, it's time for spicing things up a bit. Conversely, perhaps way too much time has been spent living in the present, and indulging in immediate desires and gratifications. Mercury retrograde in Leo could knock some sense into the whole situation, or seriously rain on your Leonian parade. Which ever end of the spectrum one falls--creativity, the enjoyment of life, and how we share ourselves dynamically with others--takes center stage.

Mercury retrograde in Leo redirects our attention toward the development of entirely new and creative directions, not only in our own personal style, but also in the way we navigate our own lives. The first half of this year presented us already with a tremendous amount of adjustment, revision, and direction changing--re-routing consciousness toward the awareness of entirely new potentials within ourselves and within the world around us. This retrograde cycle can be seen as a powerful bridging point, and one that will guide us playfully and creatively toward solidifying that next major step or possible breakthrough in our lives. We may find ourselves hesitant now, since before things have really only been visualized or speculated--but after this cycle is over, there will be a powerful jolt of momentum, allowing for a lot of movement and productivity we've all been waiting for. Obviously, this process will vary quite considerably for each of us, and will manifest in varying levels of significance or impact--but overall, we will all feel this energy in some way or another--and most definitely within the collective.

Take this time to deeply reflect on the past several months leading up to this point, and look for patterns within your own individual process. What's been holding you back now? What's keeping you from being who you want to be? While Mercury is retrograde in Leo, it's best to test things out, play with various ideas a bit more--and see how they feel and radiate within the core of your being. When Mercury goes direct, feel free to step out, take center stage, and utilize your innate willpower to assist in creative actualization. Allow this retrograde to be the vehicle towards a stronger utilization of talents and abilities, as well as a powerful manifestation of potential. The effects of Mercury retrograde manifest during both shadow periods, as well as the retrograde itself. Whatever transpires during the initial shadow, will likely be reworked and further developed during the actual retrograde--and finished up or completed at the final shadow.

Mercury Retrograde In Leo 2012
06-27-2012    01 Leo 26'     Enter Shadow
07-14-2012    12 Leo 33'     Stationary Retrograde
08-07-2012    01 Leo 26'     Stationary Direct
08-22-2012    12 Leo 33'     Leave Shadow

*Saturn in Libra goes direct on June 24, 2012--and Venus in Gemini on June 27th. Mid August, after Mercury leaves the final shadow, till around October, will be the most propitious window of time for launching new projects and endeavors, especially if you want things to have more stability, consistency, productivity, and reliability.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Moon In Gemini & Summer Solstice 2012

New Moon @ 28 degrees Gemini 43'
June 19, 2012
11:02 AM Eastern
8:02 AM Pacific

This is the second New Moon to occur in Gemini this year--the last was a Annular/Partial Solar Eclipse on May 20th. This New Moon also occurs just one day prior to the Summer Solstice, and so this reading will reflect the nature of both events--as the energies surrounding this New Moon will carry over for the next three months of the Summer season. The Gemini archetype is extremely active at this time, and we are likely feeling this impulse quite strongly. In addition, Jupiter is joining the party, moving into Gemini on June 11th. All of this activity in Gemini places immense emphasis on the mind, and each of us will respond to this influx in varying ways. We will likely feel more mental and or intellectual at this time, as this energy ignites our innate human curiosity and inquisitiveness--driving us deeper to understand the world that surrounds us. Traditionally, however, Jupiter is not quite at home in Gemini, the sign opposite its rulership--placing Jupiter in detriment. Jupiter is an explorer, it likes to expand and visualize, whereas Gemini and Mercury inherently attempt to confine and classify data and information to see how it can fit with a consistent picture or understanding of reality.

However, these two archetypes can work together. The Jupiter/Sagittarius archetypes reminds Gemini/Mercury that there is always more to the puzzle than the pieces right before it--essentially providing the fuel and impetus for its inherent inquisitiveness. Jupiter in Gemini allows for a freeing and liberation from the distortion that comes as a result of attaining a particular bias, opening the psyche to a greater awareness and viewpoint. When one is solely focused on certain pieces and fragments of a particular perception of reality, we can't quite see the forest for the trees. Jupiter in Gemini can allow for more input and more pieces to suddenly fall into our lap--but only if we're open to it. The more we cling to a limiting set of beliefs or ideas now--the more confusion and cloudiness is likely to creep in, and we can very much end up overtly idealizing things way out of proportion. This is a time for a greater perspective and understanding rooted in common sense and rationality. If you find yourself a bit flustered, or feeling anxious, just remind yourself to quit taking things so seriously--in fact, if there's one prominent feature to Gemini, it's a playful lightheartedness.

With the previous Gemini influx we've been experiencing, this New Moon in itself, allows for a greater digestion of input, and a means for exploring and experimenting with information. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in Cancer square Saturn retrograde in Libra. We are challenged to feel our way through thoughts and ideas at this time, and to also become more receptive and open to input from others, which may very much challenge our sense of security and safety. This also allows for a powerful solidification of a stable knowledge base and foundation from which we can work and draw from in the future. Jupiter and Venus retrograde conjoin the South Node in Gemini--there is a strong reservoir of experience from the past that we can pull from now--in fact, this is likely a time where our memories and past lessons are playing a more prominent role in our current understanding.

Pay attention to your dreams, there is a lot of processing going on within the collective unconscious--this is tantamount to a collective mental purging--filtering and dumping out stored information. With Venus retrograde, many of our dreams could deal with people and places from our past--in this life or another--and this process has likely been quite noticeable for the past few weeks--and will likely continue throughout the Summer season. Jupiter and Venus retrograde on the nodal axis form a T-Square with Chiron in Pisces. Gemini is a sign of duality, and Venus deals with the Anima within, which is a Jungian term to describe the primordial female archetype. Chiron allows for a balancing and stabilizing of Anima and Animus--however, if negatively expressed, we can experience a confusion or crisis of sexual identity with these forces. Equally, this could allow for a stronger connection to the feminine and even masculine aspects of our being, to see where either of these two polarities are in imbalance and in need of integration. This could also provide the impetus to find hidden gifts within the parts of ourselves that we perceive to be flaws, wounds, or disowned constructs.

Another side to this energy is a strong feeling of uncertainty and indecisiveness--feeling pulled into two antithetical directions. This New Moon, and Summer solstice, provides a powerful opportunity to find a reconciliation and a greater clarity on a particular direction or viewpoint. The New Moon occurs at 28 degrees of Gemini, which makes this an Anaretic New Moon--which means that it occurs within the last two degrees of a sign. Prominent anaretic placements mean that "something is about to explode"--and this New Moon signifies a very significant shift and transitional type of energy. Obviously we can interpret this in many ways, and if this lunation conjoins a prominent natal placement in one's horoscope, there could be a powerful breakthrough or transformation as a result. Now, I'm not "into" politics--I pay attention to certain things going on, but I am not that invested emotionally or intellectually in the whole political side show. With that said, we can anticipate this Summer to be--well, quite interesting on the global political stage, and we can equally anticipate a lot of shifts and changes to take place.

For me, these signatures feel as if things are indefinitely changing in the way we perceive politics on a collective level. In the New Moon/Summer Solstice horoscope, we see Uranus and Pluto within minutes of a square (exact on June 24th). Everyone has been talking about this aspect, and I'm sure many of you are well aware of its nature, so I will spare repeating what it means too much here. This configuration has been historically shown to correlate with massive revolutionary uprisings which includes the whole arsenal of public protests and demonstrations. The root of this archetypal configuration is basically a collective obsession with "change", and if people are unable and unwilling to change and transform themselves, they will project it on to something or someone else. In my perception, the world stage is a reflection of our own psyches collectively, and in reality, what we don't like up there is equally within each of us. This Summer is likely to ignite and kick off the potential of this cyclic mingling between Uranus and Pluto--which will further expand and amplify many of the movements that have already emerged, such as Occupy Wallstreet, etc.

In the U.S. there is an upcoming election this November, and so logically this Summer is a prelude and transition to that event. In looking at the astrological configurations it is clear what the universe is saying: Things are not what they seem, and the old ways are not going to work anymore--we need to start looking deeper, and to apply more critical thinking if anything is ever going to change. Now we can all interpret that statement in our own way, and through our own personal bias and perception of reality. In my opinion, the whole template we've been working with is corroding--and I don't think change is going to take place within the current model we've been working with. We are being asked to explore new dimensions of existence and of being--and to throw out the old moldy ways of doing things. In looking back at the mid to late 1960's, we must understand that what happened then is not the solution now--it's outdated. The ideas and revelations which developed at that time need to be critically challenged and transformed--we must take things to the next level. Relying on the "good old days" just isn't going to work, and is not going to lead to effective change.

So what would that look like?Well, I'm not quite sure, I'll leave it up to the unfolding to figure it all out. All of these configurations lend quite well to a powerful creative potential--and it is this creative potential that is really a big theme to this New Moon and Summer Solstice. It's time to really think outside of the box, and to equally trust your feelings about new input and information, to discern what's really going to work, and what's just plain delusional. With Venus retrograde as a major player in all this, and with Jupiter in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces--there is a lot of idealism floating around, which can cloud common sense and judgement, or it can challenge the mind, popping it wide open to the influx of higher insight and creativity floating around in the ethers. Question everything now--Questions yourself, and most of all, question reality on all levels. This Summer holds the potential for a powerful spiritual and creative revolution of sorts, and there is a lot of potential energy ripe and ready to explode. Keep your mind wide open to new, innovative, and unusual ideas about life--this is a time to experiment, and to equally break out of rigid concretions.

Sabian Symbol

The New Moon occurs at 28 degrees Gemini:

"The first mockingbird of spring."

Here we get the sense of new beginnings, as spring brings with it new signs of life, and new potential for growth and development.  Equally, a mockingbird can actually mimic the songs and sounds of other birds, insects, and amphibians--which hints to the notion that what we perceive may not be what we think it is, or it may not originate from what we assume is the real deal. In another sense, this images asks us to deeply question our assumptions about what is or isn't possible. Perhaps one's goals are too lofty and idealistic--or perhaps too limiting, static, and confining. The mockingbird is a symbol of mutability, flexibility, and transformation. We also get the sense of taking on and playing a different role or persona, which allows for a critical adaptation to the surroundings of the environment. This symbol speaks to us of a new process in the works, and a powerful mutation within the day-to--day surroundings.

The Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice
June 20, 2012
4:09 PM Pacific
7:09 PM Eastern

As I stated above, the energies of the New Moon and Summer solstice will coalesce with each other. This Summer is going to be quite interesting in a collective sense, and there will likely be much going on politically, socially, culturally, and economically. The Sun, of course, sits at zero degrees of Cancer, but this year, it also conjoins three rather interesting midpoints: Mars/Pallas, Mercury/Venus, Mars/Uranus. The two midpoints involving Mars can lead to sudden and unexpected initiative and action, rooted in a strong desire for change. The asteroid Pallas also cojoins Uranus in Aries, and so we can anticipate this Summer to be fermented with a strong surge of rebellion and a demanding of truth, justice, and liberation from restraint. In our personal lives, we are likely to feel this very strongly--a powerful urge and desire to break free and to further align ourselves with truth and authenticity. This is the most ideal time for breaking out into new and spontaneous directions--however drastic or subtle. It symbolizes a powerful tipping point, as certain things will no longer be tolerable, and many will likely feel a strong urge to do something about it.

The Mercury/Venus lends quite well to artistic/creative pursuits, which will also likely play a very critical role on the world stage somehow--you know how truth and beauty are closely aligned. This Summer is going to kick off several years of much political and cultural instability, transformation, and upheaval--it is quite likely that things are going to be quite different from this point onward. We have already seen much of these energies play themselves out, but things are really going to get kicked up a notch right after the Solstice. The Summer Solstice represents a sprouting forth and emergence of processes that began at the Spring Equinox. Our lives very much parallel the Solar cycle itself, and whether we're conscious of it or not, we are bringing forth new creations into reality each and every year. Take a look at what emerges now, because this is the time to shape it, mold it, and solidify it into something tangible and real. On the day of Summer Solstice, the Sun reaches it's highest point in the sky, and also happens to be the longest day of the year. This Summer is likely to set many things into motion, and will provide plenty of fuel and momentum to take needed action, and to make drastic and lasting changes. Drop that old, moldy, and stale routine--open yourself to the influx of transformational change, and let in some much needed fresh air.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Partial Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius 2012

June 04, 2012
6:12 AM Eastern
4:12 AM Pacific

"The Archer's strategy, in a word, is to live life as an adventure. He must surrender all notions of safety. He must willingly set aside any idea or opinion as soon as he sees himself hiding behind it. He must go unhesitatingly forward, expecting miracles, forever ready to perform that classic Sagittarian masterstroke: the leap of faith."
-Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky

The Annular/Partial Eclipse of May 20th culminates into a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 4th--just one day prior to the Transit of Venus on June 5th/6th. With this strong emphasis in Gemini, we are greatly influenced by the mind--and likely feel a strong impulse toward the acquisition of greater knowledge and information. The Solar Eclipse, square Neptune, also had the potential to plunge consciousness into a fit of existential crisis, confusion, and intense paranoia--and equally, to allow for the expression of deeply rooted emotions, letting it all hang out. Primarily, it seems these symbols offer the opportunity to transcend our limitations, related mostly to ideas and preconceived notions. Venus retrograde conjoins the Sun, in opposition the Lunar Eclipse--pulling us toward the past in all its multitude of forms--"past lives", past relationships, old connections, memories, situations--and also, the uncovering and resurrection of talents and abilities left dormant or long forgotten. We are likely to find ourselves involved in all sorts of karmic time loops, for reasons that are probably beyond all rational understanding.

Mars in Virgo forms a rather prominent T-Square to the Lunar Eclipse, adding a bit of potential conflict and stress. Trying to attain absolute perfection is in itself, a futile attempt--whatever it is. We are imperfect beings in an impermanent and (if you haven't noticed yet) imperfect world. Don't get stuck beating a dead horse--leave it alone, and let it rot. What awaits us here, at the brink of this Eclipse, is the opportunity to see our attempts not as entirely pointless and futile, but rather, apart of a larger co-creative process we may never fully comprehend or understand--and in reality, we don't need to. As humans, we offer our experience, our creations, and ultimately, we offer our awareness to the universe at large. This Eclipse is, needless to say, expansive--it offers the message of needing to be totally open, vulnerable, and naked to the unknown and the unfathomable dimensions of existence. If this Eclipse is prominent for you (mainly by a conjunction to a significant natal placement or angle of the birthchart)--it invites us to take some risks, step out of the comfy and predictable, and to take on an uncharted horizon--and to also find some practical applicability for various thoughts, ideas, theories, or opinions.

In Carlos Castaneda's The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, Don Juan reveals to Carlos the four "natural enemies" one must defeat to become a "man of knowledge". These can be summed up as: Fear, Clarity, Power, and Old Age. It is the first two which concern us here. In Don Juan's own words:

"When a man starts to learn, he is never clear about his objectives. His purpose is faulty; his intent is vague. He hopes for rewards that will never materialize for he knows nothing of the hardships of learning."
"He slowly begins to learn--bit by bit at first, then in big chunks. And his thoughts soon clash. What he learns is never what he pictured, or imagined, and so he begins to be afraid. Learning is never what one expects. Every step of learning is a new task, and the fear the man is experiencing begins to mount mercilessly, inyeildingly. His purpose becomes a battlefield."
"And thus he has stumbled upon the first of his natural enemies: Fear! A terrible enemy--treacherous, and difficult to overcome. It remains concealed at every turn of the way, prowling, waiting. And if the man, terrified in its presence, runs away, his enemy will have put an end to his quest."

Carlos asks.....

"And what can he do to overcome fear?"

"The answer is very simple. He must not run away. He must defy his fear, and in spite of it he must take the next step in learning, and the next, and the next. He must be fully afraid, and yet he must not stop. That is the rule! And a moment will come when his first enemy retreats. The man begins to feel sure of himself. His intent becomes stronger. Learning is no longer a terrifying task."

-- "But won't the man be afraid again if something new happens to him?"

"Once a man has vanquished fear, he is free from it for the rest of his life, because, instead of fear, he has acquired clarity of mind which erases fear. By then a man knows his desire; he knows how to satisfy those desires. He can anticipate the new steps of learning, and a sharp clarity surrounds everything. The man feels that nothing is concealed.
"And thus he has encountered his second enemy: Clarity! That clarity of mind, which is so hard to obtain, dispels fear, but also blinds."

Hmm, I wonder how this could apply to humanity at this time, at our current juncture of "evolution"?. As I stated above, this Eclipse occurs the day before the Transit of Venus--which has an indefinite effect on the evolution of our current scientific paradigm. It seems that, intellectually, and scientifically, we have achieved this illusionary sense of "clarity", as the current consensus paradigm seems to uphold this idea that we have somehow conquered our fears of the irrational realms of the psyche and of nature itself. In regards to clarity, Don Juan continues:

"It [clarity] forces the man never to doubt himself. It gives him the assurance he can do anything he pleases, for he sees clearly into everything. And he is courageous because he is clear, and he stops at nothing because he is complete. If the man yields to this make-believe power, he has succumbed to his second enemy, and will be patient when he should rush. And he will fumble with learning until he winds up incapable of learning anything more."

"What becomes of a man who is defeated in that way, don Juan? Does he die as a result?"

"No, he doesn't die. His second enemy has just stopped him cold from trying to become a man of knowledge; instead, the man may turn into a buoyant warrior, or a clown. Yet the clarity for which he has paid so dearly will never change to darkness and fear again. He will be clear as long as he lives, but he will no longer learn, or yearn for, anything."[Castaneda, The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way Of Knowledge, 83-85]
Upon reflecting on this Eclipse, I was reminded of this passage from the first of Castaneda's books. I feel it speaks for itself. This Eclipse invites us to keep in mind that we never truly stop learning. Just when we think we've made it to that final point, that end-all higher perspective, we realize that the rabbit hole just keeps on going--and going, and going. Neptune turns direct shortly after this Eclipse, allowing us to peer a little more deeply behind the veil of illusion--to see further into the mechanization of the numinous. Mercury forms a trine to Saturn retrograde in Libra--if we've done the required reading and necessary critical thinking, a lot of things can seemingly come together now. This also lends well to staying practical in the midst of such expansive visionary tendencies.

The sabian symbol for the Lunar Eclipse reads:

"The groundhog looking for its shadow"

I'm sure we're all familiar with this symbol. Traditionally, on Groundhog day, if the groundhog "sees" its shadow and is frightened by it, it foretells six more weeks of cold winter weather. Conversely, if it's cloudy out, and there is no sunlight to cast a shadow--then spring will arrive early that year. Groundhog day occurs on February 2, while the Sun is in tropical Aquarius, a sign associated with foreknowledge and visions of the future. The 1993 film Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray, was the story of a man who awoke each morning on the same day (Groundhog day), over and over again--trapped in a ceaseless time-loop. Each day he would retain his memories from the previous day, but everyone else in his reality would go about, the same as usual. Bill Murray's character, Phil Connors, is a self-centered meteorologist, who eventually opens his heart, and is transformed into a compassionate and humble individual. Throughout the film, Phil's darker tendencies escalate, and he even attempts to kill himself several times, which actually works, that is until he wakes up the next day alive. After a while though, the constant repetition gives way to a sort of spiritual awakening and transcendence of his personal perspective and to a greater awareness of the needs of others.

On a spiritual level, the film suggests going through something over and over until one is able to completely transcend it. If encountered with such a phenomena, one is likely to feel like a victim at first, but that will only lead to more and more of the same thing. It seems the movie has a powerful message about life itself as a spiritual journey, and reveals that through repetition we learn to eventually let go of who we think we are--leading to complete transformation. The symbol of Groundhog Day itself, suggests anticipation of the future, of changing events or circumstances, and of planning and preparing objectives and goals. Now, in opposition to the Lunar Eclipse, the Sun's symbol reads:

"Two Dutch children talking"

 Interestingly, the Groundhog day festivities, in Pennsylvania, are spoken entirely in the Pennsylvania German dialect--and supposedly anyone in attendance whom speaks only English has to pay a penalty of a nickel, dime, or quarter for every word spoken--throwing it into a bowel at the center of a table. Perhaps these symbols together suggest learning another language, whether symbolically or literally--or learning to speak a common language. We get a sense of facing one's shadow, over and over until a new dawn emerges. Combined with the other symbols inherent to this Eclipse, we get the sense of needing to expand beyond self-interest and familiarity--and to be receptive to foreign and unknown levels of reality and life experience. Never stop learning, never cease growing, we're all here for a reason--and while it may not make much sense at times, even feeling rather futile--there is a greater process at work here, which is completely beyond our individual imaginary perceptions.

Technical Details

This will be a partial eclipse of the Moon, occurring at 14 Sagittarius and 14 minutes. The Eclipse will be primarily visible from the Pacific Ocean, including Hawaii, New Zealand, and central and eastern Australia. Other areas of visibility will include Japan, eastern Asia, and Antarctica--those on the Western coast of the US will be able to view some of the eclipse, however, the Moon will set before it is complete.

Penumbra Eclipse begins @ 8:48:09 UT
Partial Eclipse begins @ 9:59:53 UT
Middle of Eclipse @ 11:03:13 UT
Partial Eclipse ends @ 12:06:30 UT
Penumbral Eclipse ends @ 13:18:17 UT

Friday, May 18, 2012

Transit of Venus 2012

An anthropomorphized depiction of the Transit of Venus June 6th, 1761, conjoined Mercury--By Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr. First published in Atlas von hundert Charten 1712 & reprinted in Grossen Atlas 1716.

A Transit of Venus is a rare astronomical/astrological event which occurs along alternating cycles of 129.5, and 113.5 years. For the most part, the Transits of Venus occur in pairs, eight years apart. For example, the last TOV cycles (I will be using the abbreviation 'TOV' for succinctness), occured in 1874 and 1882. The most recent TOV event occured on June 8th, 2004 at 17 degrees tropical Gemini--the second of the pair will occur June 5th/6th, 2012 at 15 degrees tropical Gemini. So....what is it? Visually, from our perspective, a TOV is when the planet Venus literally passes over the Sun, causing what is known as an occultation--which is similar to what happens during a Solar Eclipse, when the Moon passes over the Sun, blocking out its light momentarily. Unlike a Solar Eclipse, however, Venus is much smaller in its apparent diameter from our geocentric perception, because, it's further away than our neighboring moon--so instead of a large black object blocking out the Sun's light, we see a tiny dot drift by--not enough to really notice without foreknowledge--but certainly unique enough to get Astronomer's and Astrologer's panties in a twist of anticipation. If you're into Astronomy and observing astronomical events, then this is an experience of a lifetime--because the next TOV cycle won't occur until Dec 11, 2117.

Some More Technical Jargon

If you want to get really technical with the TOV and the Sun/Venus synodic cycle, I will have to recommend Nick Anthony Fiorenza's excellent and thoroughly detailed article on the TOV cycle here, complete with excellent visual diagrams.

Only Venus and Mercury will produce this type of phenomena, because they are the only planets to lie within the Earth/Sun boundary. A TOV is the byproduct of a very complex, yet, beautifully precise and symmetrical cyclic process. The phenomena results from the Sun/Venus synodic cycle, which is a cyclic conjunction (alignment) of the Earth, Sun, and Venus. These conjunctions result in essentially two different flavors, known as Inferior or Superior conjunctions--which additionally correlate to the phasal relationship of Venus to the Sun. Just like the Moon, Venus has New and Full phases. An Inferior conjunction is when the Sun and Venus appear to conjoin, and Venus is on the side facing the Earth (New Venus). A Superior conjunction would occur when Venus is on the non-visible side of the Sun, away from Earth's perspective (Full Venus). A quick glance at the following visuals should help make this clear.

 A TOV is a unique Inferior conjunction, because it is additionally in line with the ecliptic--the path that the Sun appears to make as it moves through the sky. Just as the Sun forms the Ecliptic, Venus has its own path, which intersects or is angled with the ecliptic, creating what are known as nodes, which are meeting points along the circle--and there are two--a north and south node.Whenever the Inferior conjunction occurs, and is aligned with either of these nodes, a TOV event occurs--which as I stated earlier, only happens twice within alternating cycles of about 130 and 113 years apart.  In a nutshell.

My pocket astrologer tells me that this year's TOV will be visible in northwestern North America, Hawaii, the western Pacific, northern Asia, Japan, Korea, east China, Philippines, east Australia, and New Zealand.

Image courtesy of HM Nautical Almanac Office
For those in North America, we will not be able to see the transit in its entirety because it will be setting with the Sun while still in progress--for central Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and east Africa, the TOV will already be in progress as the Sun rises. For precise viewing times based on your location, click here. Also, for information on safety precautions when viewing the TOV, please visit

The Gemini/Sagittarius Axis

For the past two thousand years, the north node of Venus has been in the tropical sign of Sagittarius, while the south node has been in tropical Gemini--and thus each TOV to occur in the past two millennium have alternated between these two signs. The last occurred in Sagittarius (1847 & 1882). The recent pair (2004 & 2012) takes place in the sign of Gemini, at 17 and 15 degrees respectively. This is because each pair will alternate between North and South Node alignments every century, and will repeat in roughly the same vicinity every 260 years. So, essentially, the last TOV to occur in Gemini was 1761 & 1769. Yea, it's pretty confusing. So before I go any further here, let's "define" the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius a bit:

The Gemini archetype essential deals with information gathering, and governs all forms of communication either verbally or written. Gemini is the acquisition of facts, details, ideas, and knowledge--usually without much attachment to the end result--making Gemini inherently inductive and subjective. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is the construct of the "monkey mind", this is the aspect of our consciousness whose job is to make sure everything is in place, that the system is running smoothly, and to let us know otherwise. When given too much command, this monkey mind keeps us constantly on high alert--and we are taken out of the moment, and into a cyclic and seemingly endless mental loop--which has us constantly fixated on whatever stimulus is within our immediate environment, so that it can acquire more information about it, which essentially lets us know that things are all and good, and there's no threat to survival. Gemini primarily governs the concerns of the immediate environment, and its rulerships include: books, teaching, public speaking, writing, analysis, research, primary education, intellect, learning, literature, mechanics, mathematics, studying, translating--essentially anything that can help make rational and logical conclusions about the immediate and apparent reality.

Sagittarius, on the other hand, deals with the dispersion as well as synthesis of information--which makes it inherently objective and deductive. Sagittarius deals with the bigger picture and the larger perspective--taking us out of the immediate, and focused on the more all encompassing point of view. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is the construct of the "higher mind", which is a more zen-like state of consciousness expansion--which lends more to experience, that is, being, as opposed to doing. It is from this more heightened and objective viewpoint, in which we can make sense of the information gathering impulsed by Gemini and Mercury. Sagittarius governs expansion, moving beyond the immediate and familiar, which lends its ruler-ship to all forms of travel and exposure to foreign experiences that are beyond, and which challenge, Gemini's rational safety net. Sagittarius rules all forms of "higher learning", which today incorporates "higher education", such as college, and all forms of spiritual and religious institutions--as well as the spreading of ideology on a large and global scale. Sagittiarus primarily governs the concerns of the larger whole--the holistic understanding of the unity and intelligence which pervades our limited and individualistic perspective. Because of this, the Sagittarius archetype is concerned with the essential truth, the final conclusion which sums it all up into a concrete and unified understanding. In our reality, Sagittarius crystalizes itself as laws and legal matters, exploration, faith, foreign affairs, importing and exporting, ideals, philosophy, abstractions, politics, preaching, wisdom--basically anything that can "sum up" the immediate experience and to place it within a larger of more cohesive framework.

Now, in looking at historical events which transpired around these cycles, it is very clear that the theme of Gemini/Sagittarius is undoubtedly fermented.  However, trying to make rational sense of what the TOV actually "means", is a bit challenging, and rather quite mind boggling. Of course, there are a few ideas floating around, but after studying this subject for quite some time, I've refused to confine it to any specific meaning. One could argue that great "discoveries" are unveiled to the world, leading to an "improvement" in our daily lives, and a more encompassing perspective of the world. This certainly seems to be the case. However, I must make something clear here. I don't completely believe in history--well, at least the historical narrative as we understand it, and are given today. But, it is interesting that the cycles of the TOV through these two signs has literally correlated to the creation of History itself. The TOV cycles began occuring in Gemini/Sagittarius around the supposed "birth of christ", around 60 AD.

Interestingly, the TOV of 60 AD took place at the heart, or very center of the Sun (most events skim either the top or bottom of the Sun--so this is an extremely rare occurrence). The time of Christ is said to correlate with the creation of our modern day calender and dating system. We could also look at this time as the beginning of "History" as we understand it, that is--our current linear perception of historical events as plotted along the Gregorian calender. This system began a process which further segregated humanity from the natural timing and rhythms of the planets and stars, confining perception to this sort of synthetic mimicry. History was mainly written by the elite and ruling class of the time--which meant, those who were educated and could actually read and write. So, needless to say, we can assume some sort of bias and a distortion of certain facts were involved here. It is interesting though, that throughout the cycles of the TOV within Gemini and Sagittarius, that these abilities (reading and writing) have become more accessible and widespread throughout the world over. I would argue, however, that the "elite" still control our perception of history to this day--through the creation of a consensus version of the nuts and bolts pertaining to certain events that the majority of the population readily accepts as "fact".

Regardless of this, however, if one were to merely look at these events through an archetypal lens, we can get the gist of its significance--as a symbol for a shift in the collective consciousness. Looked at quite simply--Venus pertains to our ability to relate to others (Libra), as well as our inherent values and what we identify with (Taurus). It seems that, inevitably, while the TOV occurs in the signs of Gemini/Sagittarius we are collectively focused more upon mental pursuits, and thus verbal and written communication/philosophy/mathematics are placed upon this pedestal, and seemingly have the most influence in shaping the world. We just seem to value these things above all others. Gemini and Sagittarius are all about communication within our immediate environments, and on a larger global scale. Key inventions and ideas are developed and brought to the general public at these times, which have greatly impacted our every day existence in modern society. What follows is a brief and general outline of what are considered significant historical events, as they are accepted within the consensus perception of history, beginning with the 12th century. Many of these events, works, discoveries, or inventions are expanded upon or transformed at a proceeding TOV cycle.

November 26, 1145--11 Sagittarius (conjunct Uranus)
November 23, 1153--08 Sagittarius (conjunct Neptune, Mercury, and Jupiter--opposition Pluto)

The image above is a Bas Relief from the Temple of Ankor Wat, entitled The Churning of The Ocean of Milk

  • The 12th Century brought the onslaught of the Crusades, where Christians and Muslims fought for the "Holy Land". 
  • The University of Paris is founded in c. 1150 (Oxford is founded in 1163).
  • In c. 1136, construction of Abbey Church of St. Dennis, which was the first prototype for the Gothic Architectural movement, is begun by Abbot Suger--and consecrated in 1044. In 1149 Abbot Suger wrote an account describing the building and design of St. Dennis. The visual impression or resonance invoked in the Gothic style of architecture relies upon the interplay of strong dualities or opposing constructs.
  • Abelard wrote Sic et Non (Pro and Con) in c. 1130, which is considered an early manifesto of Scholastic Philosophy. God's creation of the world was seen as a literal fact, and it was believed that true connection to God could only take place through logical and ordered reason, and through the faculty of rationality. This was entirely antithetical to earlier traditions, which saw that connection to the divine was an emotional or somatic experience.
  • In 1150, The Troubadours (lyrical poets) flourished, Leonin is a composer at Notre Dam, and Adam of St. Victor wrote hymms with St. Bernard of Clairvaux. 
  • Zen Buddhism reaches Japan from China
  • Perceval, the story of the Grail, is written by Chretien de Troyes and other French authors--transforming the King Arthur legends into stories of "Courtly love". (Some, however, place both Lancelot and Perceval around 1270).
  • In Cambodia, the city and great temple of Angkor Wat are created by the Khemer dynasty--today, the temple is considered a symbol of Cambodia itself, appearing on its national flag.
May 25, 1275--11 Gemini (conjunct Uranus--opposition Mars)
May 23, 1283--08 Gemini (conjunct Vesta)

Dante and Beatrice, by Henry Holiday, 1884 (Painted just two years after the Transit of Venus of 1882)
  • In the 13th century, at age Seventeen, Marco Polo sets sail on a journey to Asia in 1271, which was supposedly the inspiration for Christopher Columbus. Marco Polo is believed to have greatly influenced European cartography, which paved the way for later explorers.
  • In 1274, The Mongols invade Japan, supposedly fulfilling a prophecy made by Nichiren, a Buddhist Monk.
  • In 1273, Thomas Aquinas writes Summa Theologiae (Summation of Theology), this work is seen as an attempt to synthesize the dualistic Gothic thought presented at the previous Transit of Venus, and is essentially a reconciliation of Abelard's Pros and Cons. 
  • By 1275, Scholastic philosophy is at its height. The scholastic philosophers attempted to bridge the ideas of Aristotle, and the "received" teachings of the bible.
  • On or around May Day of 1275, Dante meets 8 year old Beatrice, just one year younger than himself--she becomes his muse and inspiration throughout life. His courtly love for Beatrice continues until they meet again nine years later. At their second meeting, Beatrice, accompanied by two older women, walk by Dante on a street in Florence, and upon acknowledging his presence, Dante is filled with overwhelming joy--and consequently, inspired to write his first sonnet La Vida Nuova. Many scholars dispute the actual existence of Beatrice, claiming that the numerological coincidences are just too much to be true, such as Dante's life orchestrated by periods of 9 years. From an astrological perspective, Dante would have met Beatrice while Venus was just about the turn retrograde, during the initial shadow period. Whether true or not, this period marks the creative spark that fueled Dante's later works, such as the Divine Comedy. The Transit of Venus would have occured roughly 24 days after their first meeting, and the second Transit of Venus occurred one year prior the second meeting and the creation of La Vida Nuova.  Interestingly, Courtly love was popularized from the works written on the Grail Quests, published by French authors at the previous Transit of Venus. 
  • In 1279 Beijing becomes the Capital of China, and Tibet becomes assimilated into the Chinese Empire. 
  • The first eyeglasses are made in Italy in c. 1286.

November 26, 1388--13 Sagittarius (conjunct Ceres and Juno)
November 23, 1396--10 Sagittarius (conjunct Mercury and Uranus)

  • In the 14th century, the development of mechanical clocks, leads to the precision and timing we schedule our lives around today. Each hour became a fixed and finite construct within a 24 hour period. Today, it's hard to imagine there was a time when, time itself, was less definite and more fluid and mutable--quite a shift in perception. This also presented a major schism, separating our notion of time away from astronomical cycles toward a more abstract mathematical concept. 
  • In 1386, the Salisbury Cathedral Clock is constructed--and still works to this day, it is claimed to be the oldest functioning mechanical clock in the world. 
  • Geoffrey Chaucer, heralded as the father of English literature, completes Troilus and Criseyde, and also begins writing the Canterbury Tales at some point in early or mid 1380's. Chaucer's work is credited with the shaping of vernacular literature--building upon the work of Dante--who interestingly, was inspired at the previous Transit of Venus--and was one of the first European writers to promote literature in the vernacular. Vernacular literature was written for the "common people", in other words, not written in Latin, and was accessible to those who weren't versed in the language. At the time, Latin was the language of the elite, educated, and aristocratic--Chaucer's tales can be seen as a pivitol landmark in making literature, and subsequently, education available to a much larger audience throughout Europe.

May 25, 1518--13 Gemini (conjunct Mercury and North Node--Square Jupiter in Virgo)
May 23, 1526--11 Gemini (conjunct Uranus and Mars--Square Chiron conjunct Neptune in Pisces)

The Storming of the Teocalli- by Emmanuel Leutze, 1848

  • Just prior to these TOV cycles, Christopher Columbus sets sail on his infamous 1492 voyage to "Japan", which incidentally, leads him to the Bahammas Archipelago. Although not the first to actually discover this region of the world, this contact created a permanent connection between Europe and the Americas (or the "New World"). 
  • Magellan, for the first time, circumnavigated the world, proving the earth to be round. This event is credited with finally overthrowing the delusional and fashionable idea that the earth was "flat"--leading to what is now considered a major paradigm shift in western perception and a collective knowing that the earth is actually round. 
  • The Protestant Reformation begins in 1517, led by Martin Luther, and the ideals of the Northern Renaissance. Martin Luther taught that the word of God could be found from the bible itself, as opposed to the Church and Roman Catholic doctrine. This lead to the translation of the Scriptures from Latin, to the languages of the common people (Vernacular scripture)--Luther taught that in order to understand God, one needed to study and acquire knowledge--and believed that "God's knowledge" should be accessible to all. This also led to the vandalism of many churches, and the stripping down and simplifying of Church decoration.
  • Hernan Cortes, proceeding Christopher Columbus, and along with an armada of eleven ships, arrives in Mexico in April 1519. This is indeed one of the most interesting events of this period. The discovery of Mexico introduced to the world a large bulk of common foods we enjoy today, and which made their way into various cultural recipes (tomatoes, cocoa, potatoes, peppers, sugar, maize, pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes, kidney beans, pineapples, strawberries, persimmons, peanuts, alligator pears, cassava, quinine, copal, balsam, turkeys--and although not edible, rubber). Additionally, the Conquistadors, while of course hell bent on converting the Mexican people to their religion, were also extremely enticed by the large reserves of Gold they found there, which made Spain incredibly rich, well, for a while. The sacred texts of Mexica predicted that Quetzalcoatl would return from the East in the year 1 Reed, exactly when Cortes arrived, and so they believed he was actually a god. Similar to the colonization of North America, the native peoples of Mexico had literally never seen white people, ships, or even horses--imagine what that would have felt like, and taking into consideration the prophecy made, the armored conquistadors would have truly been seen as Gods. This was what brought Catholicism to Mexico, and led to the destruction of many sacred texts and monuments, and a permanent alteration to their culture forever.
  • As a result of Spanish contact with Mexico, chocolate arrived in Spain in 1528 in the form of cocoa beans, or cacao--a substance we would indefinitely associate with the goddess Venus. The Spanish nobility mixed the beans with sugar and spices, supposedly Cortes's own idea, leading to the western ideal of chocolate we have today--it was kept secret from the world until the following Transit of Venus a century later.
  • Around 1518, Baldassare Castiglione writes The Courtier--considered one of the most important works of Renaissance literature, and one of the most widely circulated texts of the 16th century--it was published in 1528. 
  • Roughly four years prior to the Transit of Venus of 1518, Nicolaus Copernicus circulated a manuscript known as Commentariolus  (Little Commentary) to close friends and colleagues--this was the prototype for On The Revolution Of The Celestial Spheres, his master work--which was published roughly forty years later in 1546. This is considered the epiphany which ignited the scientific revolution, as well as the birthing of modern astronomy. The "Copernican Revolution", as it is now known, led to an entirely new paradigm and worldview for the western world. The earth was no longer the center of the universe, and was now envisioned to encircle the Sun, leading to the death of our geocentric worldview--and the rise of the materialist scientific paradigm we know today. This period also signified a significant schism which further segregated astrology from astronomy. For western civilization, this very idea is considered the genesis of our modern world view--completely displacing human perception forever.
  • Some historians also claim that Australia was first "discovered" by a Portuguese expedition in 1521.

December 7, 1631--15 Sagittarius (Along with a Full Moon in Gemini Dec 8th)
December 4, 1639--12 Sagittarius (conjunct Transpluto, Jupiter, Mercury, and North Node--opposition Ceres)
Portrait of René Descartes- by Frans Hal (circa 1598-1650)

  •  In 1628 William Harvey discovers the circulation of blood, and along with William Gilbert, publishes Treatise on Terrestrial Magnetism and Electricity.
  • Coinciding within a day of a Full Moon in Gemini on December 8th, the first Transit of Venus of 1631 seemingly foreshadows the dawning of overt rationalism to the western world--one of Gemini's greatest attributes. 
  • Galileo is called before the Inquisition in 1633 for his researches and confirmation of the Copernican theory of heliocentricity--which as we now know, began its quiet circulation at the last Transit of Venus. 
  • Springing from the "scientific revolution", ignited a century prior, this was the first Transit of Venus ever recorded by Western astronomers. 
  • With man no longer the center of the cosmos--the western ideology shifted toward the realization that the world could be understood based on logical and orderly principles--and thus the very forces of nature, once only known through a mystical, subjective, and romantic lens--could now be controlled, calculated, and predicted. 
  • Roughly ten years prior, the Mayflower, carrying British colonialists, lands on Plymouth rock, and similar to the Transit of Venus of the 16th century, results in the colonization of a new land--and the subsequent invasion and slaughter of the native peoples. 
  • Chocolate, which was brought to Spain by Cortes at the previous Transit of Venus, is introduced to French nobility when (according to one theory) Spanish Princess Maria Theresa is bethroned to Louis XIV--this leads to the "chocolate craze" of 1650 in France, influencing eroticism in art and culture.
  • In 1637 Rene Descartes published Discourse on Method--the origin of the infamous phrase, "I think therefore I am", or as he would have actually said, "Je pense, doc je suis". Discourse is seen as one of the most influential philosophical works in all of history. He also publishes Geometry that same year--which is the origin of the Cartesian corrdinate system. 
  • Harvard is founded in Cambridge, Massachussets in 1638.

 June 6, 1761--15 Gemini (conjunct Mercury)
 June 4, 1769--13 Gemini (Square Neptune in Virgo)

The Boston Tea Party- From Young Folks' History of England, Charlotte M. Yonge

  •  In 1759, Voltaire publishes Candide, which is considered his "great work", and is the most widely circulated text in all of French literature.
  • The Transit of Venus in 1761, led to the creation of the AU, or astronomical unit, which derives from the distance of the Earth to the Sun. This opened an entirely new paradigm, in which astronomers could now accurately measure and define the universe.
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau publishes The Social Contract in 1762, which essentially contains ideas similar to those found in the American Declaration of Independence--this also greatly influences later revolutions throughout France.
  • This period correlates to the birthing of the Industrial Revolution, which began just prior to the TOV events themselves. This was mainly ignited by the "invention" of Electricity in 1752.
  •  After arriving to the United States in 1755, the first chocolate factory opens in 1765, leading to accelerated production. Chocolate drinks were associated with intellectual discourse and gambling, and were touted as an alternative to tea due to heavy taxation--drinking coffee and chocolate became a patriotic duty in America, as a result of the Boston tea party in 1774--which, incidentally, led to the American Revolution. Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying: "The superiority of chocolate, both for health and nourishment will soon give it the preference over tea and coffee in America which it has in Spain."
  • In 1768, Captain James Cook, sets sail on his infamous voyage to Tahiti, to record the Transit of Venus of 1769--this led to the supposed first contact with Australia and its indigenous inhabitants. (Interestingly, as noted above, some historians claim that this was not the first contact with this region of the world, and that a Portuguese expedition had previously discovered Australia within the time-band of the 16th century TOV in 1521).
  • The United States Postal Service is established  in 1775. 
  • Uranus is discovered in 1781
Dec 8, 1874--17 Sagittarius (New Moon--Trine Uranus in Leo and Chiron in Aries--forming a striking Grand Trine with the TOV)
Dec 6, 1882-- 14 Sagittarius (conjunct Mars--Square Uranus in Virgo)

Image by KMJ
  • In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell is awarded a US patent for the Telephone, and thus a new paradigm of long distance communication is born. 
  • This period is associated with the commercialization of the light bulb--a symbol we now associate with "good ideas". Miniature incandescent lamps, now commonly seen on Christmas trees and suburban housing around the holidays, were first recorded in 1882.
  • In the late 1830's Quantum mechanics begins its pivotal development--and in 1877, one of its founders, Ludwig Boltzmann, declares that the energy levels of a physical system could be "discrete"--this is a pivotal turning point in the development of Quantum physics.
  • In 1878, the Phonograph is patented by Thomas Edison, after its creation in 1877. This was the first invention to reproduce recorded sound. 
  • The refrigerator is invented in 1876
  • In 1881, the California Gold Rush begins (a frenzy and fervor quite similar to what impulsed the Spanish to conquer Mexico at the TOV of the 16th century)
  • Greenwich Mean Time and time zone are established in 1884.
  • The process for creating Milk Chocolate is invented by Daniel Peter in Switzerland in 1875, bringing to symbolic culmination, its transformation from a drink to a confection in the 1830's.
Now, the last TOV occured in 2004, which was the same year that Facebook was launched and made accessible to the public. Youtube is unveiled in 2005, and both Twitter and Wikileaks in 2006. Ever since the TOV cycles of the 17th century, technology has seemingly accelerated in its evolution beyond belief (Uranus was discovered just after the 18th century TOV cycle).  This is quite an interesting realization, in light of the fact that our last TOV of this cycle occurs in the year 2012. There are a lot of theories about 2012, most of which center around the idea of the end of the world--or more abstractly, the end of history. Using the Chinese lunar calendar (the I-Ching), and a heroic dose of psylocybin Mushrooms, Terance McKenna concluded that 2012 was when humanity will be released into this sort of, "Transhistorical space". McKenna developed Novelty theory, and postulated that after 2012 the world would be perpetually saturated in endless novelty and "innovation". Interestingly, in the 80's, McKenna concluded that, at the time, we could have no concept or understanding of what this would look like around the year 2012. Well--now we do. In my opinion, McKenna was the most in tune with what 2012 was all about--it's not the end of the world, but rather, the end of history and time itself, and in a way, the death of accentuated individuality. So far, the most influential new creations are co-created by groups of individuals, and are leading to co-creative processes at an accelerated rate. 

From this perspective, our world is going to become more and more saturated with technology and inventions--and will be created and manufactured faster and faster. Today, right in synch with the TOV cycles of 2004 and 2012, global communication happens in the blink of an eye. Back in Chaucer's day, it was a breakthrough that the common person could read a book, none the less write one--and now your average Joe has merely to turn on his I-pad or Nook. The fact that I am able to publish my own material here, and share it with thousands of people instantly on my personal blog, reveals just how complex this process has become. Of course, this whole perspective is not just described by the TOV cycle itself, and there are many other astrological factors involved here (specifically the mutual receptions of Uranus and Neptune). So the next question would be, where is all this going? I can't really answer that exactly. While these inventions have certainly made life "easier", they have equally segregated humanity from nature, and have eradicated our awareness of functionality. I would say, ideally, 2012 marks a synthesizing point--a clash between our primal ancestry and the emergence of transhumanism. If we continue at this pace, it seems that human beings will, inevitably, become machines. Most people these days are plugged into some device, and since the recent invention of smart phones and ipods--everyone is completely immersed in this technological feast and orgy.

The Transit of Venus Horoscope

It seems we are entering a collective backlash to this accelerated process, and interestingly, the TOV of 2012 squares the planetoid Chiron, forming a rough T-Square involving Mars. Now, Chiron was discovered in 1977; and a lot of interesting things occurred around that time. One of the most interesting, was this greater collective awakening to the earth, to the body, and to the cosmos. Chiron holds the "key" to the system--that is, the physical matrix which supports and sustains us. It represents the tending to the basic needs which nourish the system so that it functions properly. Chiron is also the threshold between the organic & "inorganic" worlds--between the living and the "dead". The outer planets, those beyond the Chironic point, are the layers beyond the seen or visible world. Uranus, the first archetype we encounter beyond this threshold, is the vibration which begins the mutation of organic matter into inorganic material (what all natural systems within the Chironic point would perceive as toxic i.e. radiation, synthetic drugs and chemicals, microwaves, wifi, GMO foods, etc.). 

Wherever Chiron transits in the horoscope it tends to pierce open our "wounds" or vulnerabilities--to bring our attention dynamically to what needs nourishment and support based on its needs. To do this requires knowledge of the system, how it works, and how it functions based upon its design and intention. This system thus creates stability and reaches gradual homeostasis through time--through repetition and consistency governed by Saturn/Kronos. The square from Chiron indicates the existence of a blind spot at our current juncture of "evolution", indicating that the origin of these collective wounds will be difficult to trace--especially if we include Neptune in all this. Pallas Athena conjoins Uranus in Aries, square Pluto conjunct the Moon in Capricorn. There will be many new ideas and solutions that will be conjured by the "common" people, that will have the influence of completely altering the very foundations of the entire system and structure. Mercury, ruling the TOV, sits in an exact opposition to the Galactic center of the galaxy--perhaps indicating a higher dimensional transmission is taking place.

Lascaux cave painting-Image by Prof saxx

Transpluto at the anaretic (29th) degree of Leo, forms a T-Square with Juno in Scorpio and Jupiter conjunct Ceres, and Lilith in Taurus. The most influential paradigmatic shifts of this era will center around the uncovering of the true relationship between mind and body--and the secrets of health via proper nutrition which is rooted in an understanding of an expanded knowledge of natural intention, and revelations pertaining to our ancient ancestry. These signatures have a wild and primal feel to them, connecting us to our most raw and natural roots; these will have a great influence, surprisingly, upon many paradigmatic works as well as the creation of art. The Moon conjunct Pluto reveals our current potential to completely destroy the very foundation of the earth, and we are, in a way, given a choice to return to the wisdom of Gaia, or you could say--emerge into another form, not in this dimension. Essentially our choice is to return to the wisdom of the body and the planet, or become assimilated into the inorganic realms--so I guess you could say, that would be our gradual "Ascension" into the 4th density. At this time in history, the ideal would be a collective synthesis of scientific rationalism and archaic primal mysticism. The sabian symbol for the TOV reads:

"A woman suffragist orating"

This is quite an interesting symbol, perhaps the woman is the Earth herself, demanding our collective attention. Suffragist derives from suffragette, which is a 'female supporting the cause of a women's right to vote'. Orating relates to Oratory, which is the art of formal public speech. This symbol suggests the image of a woman, demanding attention and focus through a formal verbal dialogue. 

Personal Application

Please see my article on Venus retrograde for an expanded understanding of the Venus/Sun synodic cycle, and it's impact on the individual natal horoscope. Basically, the Venus retrograde cycle has the most significant impact, individually, when it is either stationing retrograde, or stationing direct over a significant natal placement. So, what happens if the Transit of Venus itself takes place at a significant planet or point? Well, a similar principle would equally apply--only it is likely to be much more "paradigmatic" than just the retrograde influence. This could involve the processing of immense "karmatic" issues in an individuals life, leading to extraordinary shifts and changes of perspective. This could also involve a process of making highly influential new relationships with others who indefinitely play a significant role in all of this. The specifics of this process will, of course, vary based on the individual, and their unique natal configuration. The events are likely to unfold over a peroid of several years, whenever there is some kind of trigger by either a transiting, progressed, or directed planet. Below are some examples in regards to the 2004 Transit of Venus:

*Due keep in mind, however, that the Transit of Venus in 2004 occured in wide opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius--which greatly amplified its influence. In other words, in these examples, the positions in which the TOV occured, were simultaneously activated by Pluto, which lends quite a bit to transformational changes--especially if occurring on a major angle of the horoscope. With that said, it is also apparent that significant events transpired whenever the TOV position was activated, and so for me, it undoubtedly played a significant role beyond Pluto itself.
Mel Gibson- Roden Rating: B

The TOV of 2004 conjoined Mel Gibson's South Node at 17 degrees of Gemini, also situated on the midpoint of Jupiter and the Part of Fortune. That same year, Gibson released Passion of the Christ, which raked in over $600 million during its theatrical release, stirring up quite a bit of controversy along with it--it is credited as the highest grossing non-english film ever made--and at the time, the highest grossing R-Rated film in history. Interesting how this film connects us to the past (The infamous and paradigmatic story of Christ), when we consider his South Node, and the TOV/Venus retrograde symbolism. The same month that Venus crossed this area again, in July of 2006, Gibson is arrested on DUI charges (Driving under the influence=Gemini South node?) which led to his infamous anti-semitic statement that "Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world". Now, that sounds more like the Gemini south node. Interestingly, on the exact day of the incident (July 28th), the transiting Moon in Virgo was square the nodal axis. Take note that Transiting Pluto in Sagittarius (1994-2008) had recently crossed his north node, which was a time of considerable religious and political ideological tension in the collective media.
Oprah Winfrey- Roden Rating: A

Oprah Winfrey experienced the TOV conjunct her natal Jupiter at 16 degrees Gemini (Involved in a Grand Air Trine with Mercury and her Midheaven). In September of 2004, she ended up giving away 276 brand new fully loaded Pontiacs to her audience members, priced at $28,000 each. On the day the show aired, on September 13th, the transiting Moon was Square the Jupiter/TOV position. Jupiter is all about expansion, and sometimes, grandiose generosity. When she unveiled her surprise, Oprah was jumping up and down screaming: "Everybody gets a car! Everybody gets a car!". That same year, Oprah films an episode of her show entitled, Oprah's Christmas Kindness, where she traveled to South Africa to raise awareness of young children stricken with poverty and AIDS. Visiting schools and orphanages, Oprah gave Christmas presents to 50,000 children. From this, Winfrey invests $40 million to establish the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. The show ended up raising over $7 million from supporting viewers around the world. Additionally in 2004, Forbes international rich list announced Winfrey to be the world's first black women billionaire in world history, and also from 2004 to 2006, she was listed as the only black billionaire on the planet.
Tiger Woods- Roden Rating: AA

The TOV of 2004 conjoined Tiger Wood's natal Mars retrograde in Gemini. In November of 2003, he became engaged to former Swedish model Elin Nordegren. In October of 2004, they were married in Barbados, with transiting Vesta Square Mars. In November of 2009, The National Enquirer publishes a story that Woods was having an affair with Rachel Uchitel, a New York City night club manager--a claim which she denied. Transiting Mercury was in opposition to Mars, and the secondary progressed Moon was within one degree of square to the same position. Two days later, Woods crashes his Cadillac into a firehydrant, a tree, and some hedges--on his own street. In late November, Woods announced that he would not be playing in any other tournaments in 2009, due to his injuries. In December 2009, Woods releases a statement admitting to "transgressions", and over the next several days, over a dozen women claim to have had an affair with Tiger. On Dec 11, 2009, he released a statement that he would be "taking an indefinite break from professional golf"--the secondary progressed Moon was now at 17 degrees of Pisces. Over the course of several months, various companies withdrawal their sponsorship with Tiger including Gatorade, AT&T, and General Motors. On August 23, 2010, Tiger and Elin officially divorce--transiting Mercury retrograde is at 18 degrees Virgo, square his natal Mars retrograde--and Solar Arc Neptune is within orb of an inconjunct with Mars as well. Mars retrograde, in symbolism, has an indefinite "burn out" effect, with which things begun under its influence eventually fizzle out.
*Additionally, Tiger began his professional career as a golfer in 1996, the same year that his secondary progressed Mars turned direct.

Now, obviously, we're not all wired like celebrities--and planetary cycles only set off, or push our natal potential into motion. Here are two private case examples:

Jenine experienced the 2004 TOV just one degree from her descendent (7th house cusp) at 18 degrees Gemini. At the time, she was living in Maryland, with a well paying teaching job, and a relationship. She explained that although her life was stable, she felt stagnant and unhappy with the way things were. That summer, right after the TOV itself, Jenine's life completely changes direction. After living on the East coast her entire life, she lands a job in California, and relocates where she currently resides. She ended her relationship shortly after. Everything happened all at once, and she said that things just worked out and it all just came together. Jenine describes this time as the most pivitol turning point in her life, and the start of an entirely new chapter. She met her current husband roughly a year later, and they were married in June of 2007. On the day of their wedding, transiting Jupiter and the Moon conjoined her Ascendent, striking an opposition with the TOV placement.

Ann experienced the 2004 TOV conjunct her Ascendent, within one degree, at 16 degrees Gemini. Early in 2004, Ann decided to close a mini spa she had operated for 12 years, explaining that the work lacked meaning for her, and that it had become boring and frivolous. In May of 2004, she gave birth to her daughter. She decided to move in with the man who fathered her child, and so ended up selling her house that August, and moving her three children (she has two boys) 2 1/2 hours away into the city. She has since left her daughter's father, and now lives in the country with her children and two cats. She equally describes this time as a significant turning point and new chapter.

*In all of these cases, there were, of course, other significant astrological factors activating these horoscopes, but again, it is obvious that the point in which the TOV occurred was a sensitive zone thereafter.

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