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Christmas Eve New Moon In Capricorn

Symbiosis by Ciaran Shaman

 When the serpent awakens, there's no going back...

It's quite interesting really, the fact that so many lunations have occurred around a major holiday or seasonal transition--particularly this year. We had a solar eclipse on Thanksgiving, and now a New Moon on Christmas eve. Just last year, a Lunar eclipse occurred the day before winter solstice--featuring a truly spectacular formation of planets, igniting the "cardinal climax". A part of me feels this is an important symbolism--indicating a shift occurring that is fermented by the archetype of these holidays. Christmas is the most profitable of western celebrations--raking in the cash like nobody's business. On a mundane level, could this indicate that the way we "celebrate" these traditions is about to change? Could it foreshadow another economic shift coming soon? I suppose we'll have to wait and see. On the more energetic plane, it's obvious these lunations are somehow "reconfiguring" consciousness on a much deeper level than we are presently aware of. Some say this is a reprogramming of human DNA--and certainly if you believe much of the "channeled" material from the Pleadians and the like, then this seems a perfectly valid reality--but I can't say that I really know for sure.

It is perfectly plausible that we are mutating as a species--perhaps our dimension, as an isolated entity, is changing form. Due to the holographic nature of the universe, each part reflects the whole--we are but the cells of the earth, and thus, as she changes, so do we. Prior to the lunar eclipse of December 21, 2010--another eclipse occurred just days after the summer solstice on June 26, 2010--containing once again, an incredibly dynamic configuration, with the lunar eclipse conjoined Pluto at the head of the cardinal climax alignment. I wrote about these synchronicities, however optimistically, last year in Cracking The Cosmic Egg. For me, this was what seemingly fueled my experimentation as an astrology blogger--something I am just now really connecting with, while simultaneously struggling to find my "authentic" writing style, moving past various blockages--and learning to bridge hemispheres within my mind. It this this bridging of hemispheres, I find so fascinating.

If you divide the zodiac into two segments, using the summer and winter solstice points, tropical Cancer and Capricorn respectively[1]--we have this symbol of eastern and western--literally the self and the "other". I feel my own process is mirroring the very shift we are experiencing on a global level. I've been involved in a relatively powerful "healing crisis" for many years, peaking this past year, and everything has involved this experience of complete surrender combined with my own research and study in an attempt to "figure out" what's "wrong" with me. I've come to realize that nothing is wrong, I'm perfect, I'm whole, and complete--but why am I in pain, why do I often suffer?

Through this experience, I've found immense empowerment from walking that thin line between the rational and the irrational--the intuitive and the logical aspects of my mind, and each has served me in the process of healing and "figuring it out". I''ve come to realize that pain and suffering are not bad, it is only our judgements of the experience which make it so. Contrary to what many choose to believe, pain can be a healing reaction--it means that the body is attempting to heal from some imbalance.Our suffering is our attachment and judgement of pain--when we become victims of pain as opposed to allies, instead of seeing it as a teacher and guide.

When we are sick, we feel "bad" because our body is communicating to us that it needs to correct something, it needs to reach homeostasis. Perhaps we could modify our language a bit. Instead of simplistic value judgements such as "good" or "bad", we simply say functional or dysfunctional. What does this mean? Functional means that something is operating according to its design and intention. Dysfunctional means that a particular system is being used against this original programming--and thus, imbalance occurs.

This imbalance is an indication that we are not conscious of the needs of that system--that we are, however unintentionally--working against the very life of that entity; but, is this necessarily bad or negative? I suppose such a statement is completely relative to one's perception, and each experience--whether functional or dysfunctional, is valuable and provides growth and evolution for a much deeper part of the psyche....the soul.
The experience of pain holds the potential to bring to light, the true nature of ourselves--it can redirect the ego to an awareness of the needs of the body. While we are in pain, we actually have an opportunity to see clearly--lucidly really, the power of dysfunction and ultimately, the beauty of functionality. As we deviate from the plan, the original intention, we become aware of its genius--its true nature and purpose--and as a result, we come to find reverence and appreciation for the system the way that it is.

Despair by Alex Grey
You see, we suffer because of our ideas about what we think is right or wrong. We are conditioned to be victims of life--not responsible co-creators. Many give their minds freely to the consensus--to mold, to shape, and to dictate their reality for them. We are told that when we get sick, that we are a victim, that something is trying to get at us--usually this perception lends the blame toward some pernicious natural organism, such as when we "catch a cold".

The western world wholeheartedly accepted germ theory[2] without question--how logical it is, that there are organisms, parasites, predators--just like "out there" in the real world, which seek our destruction--which seek to annihilate us. But, what if that predator was not "out there" as we are led to believe--what if it lied within each of us, within our very minds and cells, as potential? When I say the world is perfect, i mean it--it is, it's beautiful and it functions.A counter argument to that statement might go something like, "What? Don't you see the chaos of the world? Don't you see all the problems we're faced with, socially, economically, politically? Don't you see how fucked up everything is? Yes, I see it, although--recently, I don't look for it unless it's put into my face. Those problems "out there" in our supposedly "civilized" world are not the by products of natural intention--they are the result of a collective ideal, fueled by the mind and ultimately by the ego. They are the result of an ideology about how things should be, based on assumptions and mental speculation.

Gaia by Thompson Carey
It is ideas which move the world, they provide the spark, the fuel for social change. Individuals who partake in such collective rituals are acting upon an impulse, an emotional stimulus ignited by ideology--they are moved by an idea, an archetype, which resonates with some aspect of their identity. It is ideas and archetypes, which provide the motivation for change which results into action. Of course this could all be boiled down to the conundrum of the chicken and the egg. My answer is neither, because for me, the idea had to exist first--the template, the system, the design had to be put into place before it could be constructed. Such ideas bring to mind the theory of Morphogenesis, but whatever we choose to label it--it is the very foundation of something which is required prior to the completion of the entire structure. The structure has a design, it has an intention--and there is a natural plan embedded within that being which informs us of its functional use.

So, for me, I am in pain, I am experiencing this healing crisis, because I was unconscious of the needs of my body--and then I embraced an idea, a theory, about how to "fix" my pain and suffering--which led me to....of course, more suffering.  Never did I consider to ask, "What does my body actually need?", "How was it designed to operate in the first place?" "Can it correct this imbalance on its own, with the right tools?". Put simply, If I fill my car up with, say, mud, how far would I get? What if I used olive oil instead of car oil? What would happen? Probably dysfunction. I was conditioned by a culture which concerns itself more with what people are putting into their cars, then their own bodies. If we are that unconscious about what we're putting in our bodies, what about what we allow into our minds? Wow, that explains a lot--but is there something wrong with being unconscious? Only if we judge it--both consciousness and unconsciousness are relevant, each provide the chiaroscuro of life--the depth provided by the interrelationship of light and dark.

"Enlightenment is not about imagining figures of light, but making the darkness conscious"
-Carl Gustav Jung

People suffer from disease because their bodies have begun a mutation, because it is not properly nourished according to its original design and intention. That's right, nature is so intelligent that it can readily adapt to any situation--it can completely transform itself from one thing to another as a means of adaptation. Our minds can change, our bodies, our personality, our very cells--change and mutate based on the environment in which it is enmeshed. Everything is in constant change, endless mutation. Yet, amongst this mutation and adaptation--there appears, from our perspective, to be a solid template--a system put into place which provides the foundation, the root of all forms. If you eat synthetic foods and drugs on a constant and repetitive basis--it's likely to result in a  dysfunctional reaction within a perfectly functional and natural organism. I'm not saying that drugs, fast-food, and microwave ovens are "bad"--but based on the result--they're dysfunctional forms of nourishment.

"Well, what do I eat then?". Well, the real question should be, "How can I functionally nourish my body?". Do we ever consider the notion of nourishment and what it means? When we eat food, what is our intention? "I'm hungry". Well that's perfectly reasonable....but why are you hungry? We're "hungry" because our body is sending us a message, it needs nourishment! We mistake such feelings as something which has to do with "us", our egos, and our minds. We are satisfying our minds, we are fulfilling a desire--an urge, and an idea based on our conditioning. Many of us are conditioned to believe that nourishment comes from a happy meal, or that "reward" comes from ice cream and cookies. We never stop and consider the reward of a fully functional, and fully nourished body and mind. Again, I'm not saying that Ice cream and cookies are "bad"--if we are fully nourished, then occasional splurges are likely to have little to no harm on the body--because it can adequately adapt.

"That is why, on all accounts, we have so little time for philosophy. Worst of all, if we do obtain any leisure from the body's claims and turn to some line of inquiry, the body intrudes once more into our investigations, interrupting, disturbing, distracting, and preventing us from getting a glimpse of the truth. We are in fact convinced that if we are ever to have pure knowledge of anything, we must get rid of the body and contemplate things by themselves with the soul by itself."
-Plato, The Last Days of Socrates.

Now, you might be thinking, "What does this have to do with astrology?". Well it seems that this is the very foundation of the theme we are dealing with on a global level, it is the nature of the beast which confronts humanity. When you look out at our apparently dysfunctional civilization, consider that we are simply unconscious of our needs, and the needs of the planet herself. With all the "choas" and problems we experience, consider them signals, a form of communication from nature to us. When humanity experiences pain, much like an individual, it is because something is trying to reach homeostasis--it's trying to heal from imbalance. We can learn a lot through this experience--through our collective pain, if we are open to it. Systems evolve through time--which is governed by the planet Saturn--who is Kronos= time. Time sets up the structure, the template, through repetition and consistency. How did humans evolve into being? What have we done, consistiently, through time, to our bodies so that it functions properly?

Trees Got Soul by Chris Dyer

For physical nourishment, we ate food--real organic whole food, we got real sunlight, we breathed air, and drank fresh, clean water. Think about how simple that is--if it was invented in the past 200 years or so--invented by an idea, then it likely didn't evolve through time, with us, our bodies--there was no consistency with that substance throughout our evolutionary process. When we introduce such a substance--like putting mud in the gas tank--there's likely to be some malfunction, something dysfunctional eventually results. I doubt the car feels any pain, but it experiences something similar, albeit a bit more primitive.Our creations and our technology have consumed us--we have allowed ourselves, as a collective, to forget the original intention. Our creations are not "bad" or "evil" in themselves--but it is prudent that we learn to balance the creations of the mind, with the creations of the natural world-- the synthetic and the organic.

Yet, for whatever reason, humanity needed to awaken this "new" aspect of the mind, it needed to stimulate its potential into being. This "higher mind" is represented by Uranus, who is Prometheus--the great awakener, and.....trickster. This archetype is embodied in the serpent, the kundalini, the electrical energy which fully stimulates human potential and awakening. Consumed by the magnificence and power that this potential ignited within us, enveloped by hubris--we embraced it without question, we allowed the archetype to take over, and we slipped into unconscious passivity to the god of intellect and technology--we embraced the idea that our power to co-create, to alter nature, meant that we had dominion, that we had power over it.

This pattern of unconsciousness continues, with each new archetype that emerges--we are swept away and captivated, we loose all sense of boundaries. The question is this, how long can we go on as an unconscious species? How long can we last holding complete disregard for the needs of our bodies, minds, the planet, and all her share her domain? My guess, not too long. It seems, fortunately however, that  nature is far ahead of us--and astrology is map to this divine plan and great unfolding. It seems we have a choice now, we are at the cusp of a major shift in our perception--we can choose the path of life or the path of destruction. To live consciously, or to slip further into unconscious passivity to collective hubris.

This month's new moon falls within the sign of Capricorn, in the wake and shadow of Pluto--God of the underworld. It occurs less than 2 degrees of conjunction with the Lunar Eclipse of June 26, 2010--which contained a new template, a new design, for consciousness. This template has received several activations over the past year or so, and it appears this new moon symbolizes the awakening of this potential within us....our entry into the year 2012--which looms as this inescapable beacon of change. Is this the anticipated "enlightenment" and "liberation" of mankind? I don't know, but I do feel that it is indeed the point in which our world will begin its climb toward global homeostasis--the collective consciousness must balance out and equalize. This process can be appear "painful" for some, and can lead to suffering, because pain is a message, it brings awareness--it is a healing reaction. I invite us to not fear this notion--I invite us to instead embrace our inner genius and potential, to get conscious of our needs and the needs of nature, and to begin to nourish as opposed to destroy the systems we have chosen to evolve within.

Disease does not destroy the body, it is lack of proper nourishment which mutates the body--transforms it from this world into another, the inorganic realms. Only the mind and the ego choose the path of destruction--nature chooses assimilation. However, we have a choice, and we can--not of our own volition--but of our conscious surrender--embrace a different ideology, the ideology of nature. It starts by waking up to our needs, and taking steps toward the support, nourishment, and sustainment of those needs. We can choose to support the needs of the earth mother, Gaia, and the needs of other sentient beings. But, how can we nourish others without nourishing ourselves? How can see clearly through eyes which are disillusioned, distorted, and mutated? The universe is offering us a new perception, it is assisting us in opening our true eyes, our true vision--and embracing our role as the responsible caretakers of planet earth.

The sabian symbol for the new moon reads: The human soul receptive to growth and understanding.

Here we stand, at this gateway on Christmas Eve, the collective soul of humanity, the authentic over-soul, awaiting its true incarnation--to jump in and to grow and understand. Growth occurs through tension, through challenge--which allows evolution to progress from one state to the next. According to Blain Bovee[3]:

"Receptivity is deeper than mere inquisitiveness; it addresses something primal in human beings, touching what it means to be human: openness
--Receptivity, however, is not passive. It is the openess of human exploration, like that of an arctic explorer transversing a vast, open landscape".

The challenges of the world do not demand that we fight "what's wrong" or that we aggressively stamp out disease and dysfunction--they invite us to step up with openness and receptivity to await the experience and message encapsulated within the divine unfolding of time. If we experience pain, it is our bodies way of telling us something--it is attempting to reach homeostasis. How can we hear the pain and message of the earth, of humanity, if we are blinded by our own ideas--if we are consumed by a fabricated and synthetic ideology?

The western Christmas celebration began as an extended ritual ignited by the Winter Solstice. Our "holiday" traditions and customs originate from the northern latitudes, specifically the region of Siberia. In these extreme northern regions, the Sun literally disappears for three days. To these ancient peoples, this was quite a statement, as living without electricity, the Sun was the primary source of light, heat, growth, and nourishment. On Christmas morning, the Sun would remerge, and the promise of Spring, of new life, was made. From that point onward, the Sun would no longer descend, but would continue to rise forth, and the days would get longer. There's a whole shamanic custom and celebration which evolved from this phenomena--it is the root of all Judeo-Christian interpretations of Christmas[4]. Many of these customs involved the sacred consumption of the Psychedellic mushroom known as Amanita Muscaria,  the "red and white" spotted shroom.

I can't speak from experience (with this particular entheogen), but from my own studies it is apparent that the experience, when properly prepared for, provided a complete "death" and assimilation of the mind, the ego--and a rebirth of self.  The sacraments were collected on winter solstice, hung to dry--often upon the pine trees they symbiotically grew beneath. On Christmas eve they were distributed by the shaman, accompanied by reindeer and a sleigh. The shaman would descend, like the sun, down the chimney of a yurt--a small house or hut, as the door would be blocked in by the snow. The shaman would guide individuals through this experience, and upon waking, or perhaps, coming to normal consciousness on Christmas morning--the Sun would return, and the light would emerge once more.

The Resurrection of Santa Claus by Jimmy B
The winter solstice is the gateway to death and the potential of new life, to Time, to Saturn and Kronos. Our creations, our intentions set at the Spring Equinox, have manifest fully into time, into form--they have crystallized. It is here that we can see clearly, we have the claryvoiance to percieve the bigger picture and our place within it--and we go within, we reach ourselves--we seek the light within. Just like the ego, the soul is bound in time and in form--it is, in a way, encapsulated by Saturn to carry out its intention.

To quote Bovee once more: "The sense of one's identity, the ego structure, is described in Buddhist psychology as being made up of heaps or bundles from the Sanskrit skandha, bound together, forming a containment vessel through which the sense of existence is created. In other words, the soul can grow and understand only through the bundled vessel of the self.".

This brings to mind the succession of planets, each a gateway----an organ of consciousness and of perception through which the soul is bound while in incarnation upon the earth plane. Indeed, the earth itself is bound in time to the solar system. We expand into the full experience of life, within the proper boundaries of the vessel, the vehicle of the soul. No component is more relevant than the other, and nothing is truly seperate from the whole--even though each fragment appears to be isolate, each piece works together, and each needs nourishment just the same. The root archetype of the holiday tradition is the resetting of form, of structure, of the system, of the body, and of the vessel which carries us through the illusion of time. Our bodies are vessels, and so is the earth--all are systems we must nourish, support, and sustain as each is connected holographically, each a piece of the whole.

Peeling Bodies by Chris Dyer

The new moon squares Uranus, now recently direct in motion sitting on the Aries point--we can see more clearly how we can break out the dysfunctional pattern and follow the original intention--set at the big bang, the first degree of Aries, the spring equinox point. The new moon trines Jupiter in Taurus, expanding our connection to the natural world--in wide opposition to Saturn, who sextiles the new moon--asking us to commit to our relationship to the other, to solidify that connection deeply within ourselves. Mercury conjoins the North Node in Sagittarius, square Mars in Virgo--we are invited to embrace the vision, to follow our authentic voice within, and to put it in motion in order to assimilate all the fragments into the whole. This new moon and winter season is about changing form, it's about conscious mutation--which we can do if we trust the tickster, Uranus, as he guides us toward the activation of human potential--but we must follow with consciousness and unconditional love--not judgement.

This is a time in which we must embrace fully the experience, we must consciously surrender through complete receptivity to the great unfolding of time. On Christmas morning, the Sun rises from darkness--the light returns to permeate the world with the promise of new life. Synchronistically, Jupiter turns direct this Christmas--just after the new Moon--at zero degrees of Taurus. Jupiter invites us, toward forward benevolence and expansion--to embrace with open arms, the process which awaits us. There is no rush, no urgency, no fear--there is only the moment, there is only the great unfolding . There is a much greater system than the ones we play with in our civilized world--there is the earth matrix. This system works, it's been tried and tested for billions of years, and we can trust it. Every system, simply reflects, the greater the system of the earth--and the universe just the same.

The more we heal, nourish, support, and sustain these organic systems--the more balance, equilibrium, and integration will come to our man-made systems rooted in ideology. But, can we surrender our hubris, can we let go of our minds, so that we hear the message--to allow the light to pour in and permeate our very cells? This is up to our own freewill. The system works, it's ready--all we need to do is show up and be receptive. As the sun returns, and Jupiter fully expands into the moment--we simultaneously open up, we let in the light--we embrace the conscious mutation of planet earth. Look around at the beauty and magic of the world, allow your inner child to awaken, that part of you which always saw the world with wonder. It is through these eyes, these eyes of receptive curiosity, through which we can see clearly, how to truly change.

Happy Holidays.

Notes & References

[1] In my article, Cracking The Cosmic Egg, I noted how the winter/summer solstice axis was symbolic of the spinal column within the human body--and compared this symbolism to the the backbone of the DNA double helix structure. The eclipses, lunations, and planetary alignments have directly pointed to this structure as the being significant--placing immense emhpasis upon the cardinal degrees of the zodiac. Regardless of our speculations--these alignments most definitely foretell of a major shift occuring on a global scale, effecting everything within our matrix.

[2] It might be a shock, or perhaps a slight trigger, for some to hear the notion that Germ theory is a theory, not a proven fact. It is a most logical and rational explanation for why we get sick, however, deeper study into this matter reveals many flaws within the theory itself, as well as an alternative perception, more logical in my opinion, which emerged from the work of notable, yet undervalued scientists Antoine Bechamp, a professor of physics, chemistry, medical chemistry, biochemistry, and toxicology-- and Gaston Naessens, a French-Canadian biologist. Louis Pastuer, who is credited with the "discovery" of germ theory, has been revealed to be a fraud in many ways, and is documented having denounced the entire theory upon his own death bed. The truth behind sickness, disease, viral, and bacterial infections lies within the concept of Pleomorphism--which is an organisms ability to change and mutate based on the external environment it is enmeshed with. From an occult or astrological perspective, this is precisely the nature of archetypes themselves--each is inherently multivalent, holding the ability to change and transform, and containing a multitude of symbolic meanings. Needless to say, Germ theory is rather profitable for the modern allopathic healthcare paradigm--as the fear of "catching disease" keeps the populace returning to consume the latest drugs and weapons which will protect them from illness. For more information see the following links for further references:
Video of Somatids:

[3] The Sabian Symbols  & Astrological Analysis: The Original Symbols Fully Revealed, Blain Bovee, 2004.

[4] See, The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross by John Allegro and Astrotheology and Shamanism: Unveiling The Law of Duality in Christianity and Other Religions by Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit.

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Mars Retrograde in Virgo 2012

Mars Disarmed by Venus and Three Graces by Jacques Louis David, 1824.

Mars Retrograde in Virgo
January 23, 2011-April 14, 2012

Unlike Mercury retrograde, Mars retrograde is more subtle in its collective influence, correlating with a longer range process--impacting us on a physical and emotional, rather than mental and cerebral level. With that said, however, Mars retrograde is an important cycle to acknowledge, especially if you are considering the launch of a major project, business, or enterprise. Where Mercury deals with the mind and communication, Mars governs the initiation of physical action (Aries), catalyzed by deep emotional desire and impulses (Scorpio). Retrogrades often bring us "back" to things from the past--back to certain people, places, and situations. Perhaps this "going back" allows us to complete some karmic loop--tying up loose ends, completing unfinished business. More often, however, these retrograde cycles (especially among the inner or "personal" planets) redirect our attention to a specific area of our lives, so that we can make some adjustments and improvements--which, once the planet goes direct, we are able to implement and make use of.

It is often said that when Mercury is retrograde, that we should hold off from "moving forward" with important projects, plans, or business. In my experience, this has held true, because whatever you are moving forward with is inherently incomplete--it is a natural cycle in which the universe supports revision on all levels. Does this same principle apply to Mars retrograde as well? Somewhat, but not entirely. Whatever is initiated during Mars retrograde will likely dissipate energetically at some point in the future, after the retrograde is complete--it may not completely fail, but it is likely that things will not turn out as you expected, or initially intended--and this can sometimes lead to the explosion of repressed and unresolved anger due to attachment to a specific outcome. New ventures are often plagued with irritating setbacks and annoyances--it is generally advised to wait until Mars is strong and direct before implementing something entirely new. Used constructively, Mars retrograde allows us a process to strengthen or reinforce a preexisting structure we have already set into motion--whatever begins under this cycle will likely not be long lasting, but that doesn't mean it wont be rewarding. We may feel more compulsive/impulsive under this influence--but it is a conscious and objective analysis of these feelings that will provide the edifice for healing and integration at this time.

The inversion of the outward and penetrating influence of Mars provides us an opportunity to understand more deeply, what's really at the root or heart of our desires and impulses. We are all evolving and growing throughout the life experience, and as we go throughout our day, we are acting upon desires which emanate deeply from within the psyche. Normally, we are not conscious of why we feel compelled to do this or that--but while Mars is retrograde, we are provided an opportunity to go more inward and to allow ourselves time to stop and access the deeper motivations for why we do what we do. A specific understanding of what is being reinforced will come through an analysis of the house position(s) that Mars will retrograde through in the natal horoscope, or birth chart.

Be mindful of eruptions of anger due to frustration--it is very common that people find themselves pushing forward completely with something, doing everything they can, until they somewhat implode. This can be an excellent time to consciously express anger, to deal with it, and find therapeutic outlets for it. Anger is an extreme manifestation of self-assertion--which is a mechanism 
within the psyche that allows one to establish boundaries. Anger often results because we are not actively asserting our territory and boundaries directly, letting things slide until the frustration builds to a boiling point, and we lash out. Mars retrograde is a cycle which equally allows us to reinforce boundaries, particularly involving the themes inherent to the house it is currently transiting in the horoscope.

It's important to understand that Mars retrograde is not an omen urging us to completely hold off from moving forward, or that we should avoid taking action--it simply means that whatever you begin, especially an entirely new venture, will not last as long as you think or believe it will--so simply take that into consideration, however it applies to your situation. For example, I once started a massage school while Mars was retrograde, and I had signed up for a full 1000 hour program. I never finished the entire program, because the school ended up going out of business that same year--I received a little less than half the training I anticipated--but, do I regret going, or "moving forward" with it? No way, this particular school was far more than massage training, it was a healing experience which completely changed my life (Mars was retrograde in my 6th house).

I can't imagine where I'd be if I hadn't gone, but it did dissipate energetically, and it did not turn out as I had originally anticipated. However, it did help to reinforce my own healing abilities--I learned entirely new modalities, methods, and philosophies which completely altered my outlook. Through the experience, I also learned ways of strengthening my boundaries--incidentally, I acquired a strong foundation for Tai Chi as well as having the experience of deep emotional release through holistic counseling. Just to note, Mars went retrograde right on my 6th house Transpluto, and in opposition to my natal Jupiter, ruler of my Midheaven--and transiting Jupiter was crossing my Ascendent. The primary motivation was the completion of the entire program, but the outcome was the brief accumulation of entirely new tools, training, experience, and perspectives.

Similar to Mercury retrograde, we may also experience technical or mechanical failures at this time; however, this is usually only when Mars is activating a personal planet, point, or major angle in the birth chart. If that same placement were active by other transits, then Mars retrograde will be much more eventful--otherwise it indicates a time of minor reassessment and strengthening--Mars retrograde is certainly nothing to dread or fear in and of itself! According to astrologer Lynn Koiner:
"During this cycle, never buy anything mechanical unless it is heavily insured! Office machinery and computers easily break down. A friend who owned a word processing service found this period to always be a disaster. During one retrograde cycle, the printer, the back-up printer and the rented printer all failed to work. When they finally got one that worked, the mailing labels printed but there was no ink! I often notice that the world needs a brake job when Mars in retrograde."
Mars will be retrograde in the tropical zodiac sign of Virgo, between 23 and 03 degrees.  On a surface level, this relates to an impulse to strengthen and reinforce overall health and well-being, and also one's "work"--how we are of service to the greater community. Here we can make many adjustments to various bits and details--and we can really gain an understanding of all the intricacies of a particular situation. It is likely that aggressive forward motion at this time may be hindered or bogged down by various details and fragments. In Virgo, Mars retrograde gives us the motivation to put things in order, and to compartmentalize various pieces so that their is greater unity and sense of wholeness.Take this time to find ways to fully assimilate and strengthen each fragment. Just because Mars is retrograde we shouldn't feel frozen by inaction, but rather, inspired to practice and repetitiously train ourselves so that we are more connected and ready for what we desire to put into motion. Once Mars goes direct, we will have more experience and confidence which will better support our future success.

If we move forward with less serious or major projects at this time, Mars retrograde will provide us a process of trial and error. If you are not attached to a particularly "successful" outcome, you can use this energy to strengthen certain abilities through consistent and dedicated effort. As they say, "If at first you don't succeed, try try again"--this is a major theme of Mars retrograde. We mustn't take it too hard if something does fail or even fizzles out at this time--take the opportunity look deeper at the reasons behind it all, and how the unfolding is actually supporting your overall growth and development. Under the influence of Virgo we may find ourselves, or others, rather critical--or making perfectionist demands. Be mindful of this, as you can constructively use this criticism to chisel and shape something to more closely resemble your ideals before taking drastic action--just remember that absolute perfection is an illusion. This particular cycle of Mars retrograde in Virgo could be an excellent opportunity to really connect with something, to get more in the moment so that we can focus on things we would normally overlook in a zealous attempt to move forward.

The constructive use of this energy is to reinforce what is already there and to make it stronger--and to also reinforce or reconsider the boundaries we have set up within a certain aspect of our lives. We may feel impulsed to go after some new opportunity leaving something else behind; however, instead of dropping the whole thing, one should be encouraged to understand why they feel compelled to do so--to look at what isn't working, and how one can go about changing it. This is the time go back and look at the deeper motivations behind our actions, and then to make the appropriate adjustments based on those realizations when Mars turns direct in motion. This "going deeper" while Mars is retrograde, exemplifies its co-rulership of Scorpio, the sign governing self reflection catalyzed by external circumstances. While Mars is direct, our focus is more on the vibration of Aries--but, while Mars is retrograde, it opens the door to a much deeper dimension.

Whatever begins now, whether it's a new experience, relationship, or opportunity--is likely a stepping stone of some kind--it is possible that it will not last as long as we envision it--but if we can accept that, we will have less attachment, and thus less frustration, when it dissipates into the background. This does not mean that the experience is meaningless, it is simply a fleeting opportunity which allows us to reinforce a specific aspect of our lives and to secure our personal boundaries. We may meet entirely new people at this time, and these relationships often feel "fated", as though we have known them before this life. It is possible that, much like Venus retrograde, Mars retrograde is some kind of karmic gateway, in which people from "past lives" reemerge. We may actually even rekindle past relationships with people from this life. Most often, these meetings are relatively brief--but sometimes they can last quite a while--but regardless of where on the timeline such individuals come from, they will assist in redirecting us in a different direction that will have a large impact on our life.

In conclusion, the effects of Mars retrograde are generally more subtle and carried out over a period of roughly three months. Hold back on launching new ventures--this is a time to store up your energy and to redirect it on things that need reinforcement. Sometimes this cycle correlates to sluggish movement in projects or plans that have already been put into action--but if you look closely, you will find that there are things that need further support and strengthening. Its effects will be most influential if it is transiting a specific planet, point, or major angle in the horoscope, and especially if that same placement is being activated by a transit or other indicator. Overall, keep an open mind, be open to revision--and watch out for people and experiences which could very much, however briefly, redirect and alter your life.

Mars Retrograde Cycle 2012
11-18-2011  03 Virgo 41'    Enter Rx Zone (Shadow)
01-23-2012  23 Virgo 06'   Stationary Retrograde
04-13-2012  03 Virgo 41'   Stationary Direct
06-19-2012  23 Virgo 06'   Leave Rx Zone (Shadow)

Monday, December 5, 2011

SolarScopes December 10th-16th 2011

 Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse
December 10, 2011
6:36 AM Pacific
10:36 AM Eastern

This month's Full Moon is a total Lunar Eclipse, occurring Saturday December 10th--it will be visible on the western portion of North America, northern Mexico, Hawaii, Micronesia, Malanesia, Polynesia, Australasia, Asia, eastern Africa, Iceland, and the majority of Europe. This Eclipse takes place within the tropical sign of Gemini at 18 degrees and 11 minutes, closely conjoined the south node of the moon's nodal axis. Over the past few weeks the collective energy has had us adjusting our own unique individual lens, resulting in a broader, more expansive, and all-encompassing perspective. Look deeply at where you're gaining more awareness, where something has become more apparent, and how you can see more clearly where to make the next few steps.

Perhaps you've received a vision for the future, or something you would like to set out to achieve or manifest within your life. Mercury will be retrograde until roughly Dec 14th--but keep in mind that it takes another week or so for Mercury to pick up speed, and leave its shadow. This last phase of the cycle has us finishing and tying up loose ends--various obstacles inhibiting forward motion are likely to move out of our way after this...well, some of them at least (Mars is about to go retrograde soon). Mercury retrograde often presents us with a new way of looking at things. How have you altered your outlook, and what new perspective have you attained? Be open and humble to a different way of looking at reality this next week--Mercury's energy is still going strong.

This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is ruled by Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius--we are now letting go of old ideas and outworn beliefs to make room for the new awareness and insights we are receiving from the universe. Here we find ourselves walking that delicate balance between the the factual, logical, and rational end of Gemini--versus the intuitive, empathic, and holistic end of Sagittarius. Ultimately we are to "trust our vibes", but not to the extent of discounting the apparent laws and workings which construct our dimensional matrix--follow intuitive clues to come to rational conclusions that make sense, but that also help create the larger picture of the whole. See how you can practically implement your recurring visions or ideas, to integrate them into a productive work outlet, or perhaps to better enhance overall health and well-being.

The lunar eclipse invites us to look at ways to enhance our ability to digest information and experience--release and surrender whatever is taking up unneeded space, or assimilate it so that it fits with the current system and structure. Look for how you can create more ease and comfort within an existing system--how things can become more automated so that everything runs more efficiently--more smoothly.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse conjunct the nodal axis, creates a T-Square with Mars in Virgo--we are being pulled into the vibration of the upcoming Mars retrograde cycle (Jan 23-April 13, 2012). As this frequency gets stronger, we are encouraged to become more mindful of our impulses and desires--to stop and check in with what we are feeling and why, as opposed to simply jumping into action. This inversion of the outward and directive influence of Mars, allows us a process to understand what truly motivates us beyond the superficial and apparent perception of our impulses. Needless to say, it would be wise to take your time with things, take it all step by step--check in with yourself, and what you're desiring to create now--what's the real agenda?

If you feel rushed to complete something or "make something happen", go deeper with it and see what's truly the source of urgency, and whether or not taking impulsive action would be self-serving. We are being gifted the opportunity to create and bring something into manifestation over the next few months--but we don't need to make it all happen in one swoop--careful, conscious, and controlled construction will truly benefit us now.

Technical notes:
The total lunar eclipse occurs at 18 degrees of tropical Gemini and 11 minutes, conjoined the south node of the Moon's nodal axis by an orb of 03 degrees and 47 minutes--putting the Sun in direct opposition conjunct the north node in Sagittarius. This configuration activates Mars in the United States horoscope (Sibly), ruler of the 4th and 5th houses. Transiting Mars makes a square to the eclipse position on Christmas Eve December 24th--and again around June 8, 2012 after going direct from retrograde motion. There is also a New Moon on Christmas Eve at 02 degrees Capricorn and 34 minutes, forming a Grand earth trine configuration with Jupiter in Taurus and Transpluto in Virgo. In March of 2012, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto form an earth grand trine at roughly 9 degrees of their respective signs--having met in wide orb in November of this year. Transiting Jupiter will conjoin the degree of the eclipse in early May 2013--activating its inherent potential.

Many of the themes and issues surrounding this eclipse are part of a much longer dynamic process which will unfold over the next year or so. This will be more influential, of course, if the eclipse touches a specific planet, point, or angle in the personal horoscope--and will correlate to shifts and changes regarding the themes inherent to its house position.

Dec 10th through Dec 16th 2011
We will be feeling the full peak effects of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Friday and Saturday nights (Dec 9th-10th)--but mostly Friday.Watch out for "new connections", fated encounters, or simply pertinent information you likely need to receive. Over the weekend there may be a lot of "impulsive" energy flying around--be mindful of this, especially in regards to the uprising of anger stirred up by ideological debates. If you can't simply agree to disagree, it might be best to just walk away, or not become engaged; however, it may be tempting and difficult to resist. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse occurs at 6:36 AM Pacific/9:36 am Eastern--the energies are ripe for methodical and mental projects.

The Moon goes void early Sunday (Dec 11) morning from 2:25 am to 5:26 am Pacific and  5:25 am to 8:26 am Eastern. The Moon will be in Cancer all day Sunday--the collective energy is likely to be more sensitive, emotional, and focused on maintaining security. Sunday may feel very impulsive, with lots of energy coming from differing directions--it's a good day to get stuff done as long as you can remain focused and not allow yourself to get distracted. Later Sunday night favors intensity and looking beyond surface appearances.

The Moon is in Cancer all day Monday (Dec 12). Be mindful of moodiness and irritability--people may feel very impulsive, at the expense of the needs and concerns of others. Don't assume, ask and connect so that you can be more clear. It may be challenging to pin down just what you want and need today, but don't panic, just feel your way through it.

The Moon goes void Tuesday (Dec 13)  morning around 8:05 am Pacific/11:05 am Eastern and enters Leo around 1:48 pm Pacific/4:48 pm Eastern. While the Moon is void it is best to lay low, avoid making important decisions--go deeply within and connect to yourself and your needs. Today is a good day for creativity and receiving sudden or spontaneous information. This energy will likely carry over to Wednesday (Dec 14), which should feel relatively light, playful, and perhaps more care-free than usual.

Thursday (Dec 15) should feel productively harmonious--and we may be able to make realistic use of our creativity today as long as we're mindful of excessive idealism. The Moon goes void around 5:20 pm Pacific/8:20 pm Eastern, and enters Virgo around 7:58 pm Pacific/10:58 pm Eastern. Toward the latter part of the day the collective energy may feel spacey or unclear. The evening favors taking it a bit easier, staying close to stable patterns or routines--if you are unsure of something today, don't press the situation further.....sleep on it.

The Moon is in Virgo all day Friday (Dec 16) closing in on a conjunction with Mars. Friday is an excellent day to organize, clean, or compartmentalize things--you may feel an ability to go much deeper with it than usual. The intensity of Mars in Virgo is likely to increase throughout the day, peaking late Friday night, and so...there will likely be a lot of heightened mental energy. This is an excellent night to work on something that requires focus and sustained energy, as you will be able to direct your attention on all the little pieces and details.

Stay tuned for my next article for the last quarter Moon, Saturday December 17th.

SolarScopes via tropical zodiac
The Lunar Eclipse opens a portal to the past--to some far off distant memory--to memories of long ago--things historical and ancestral. This portal opens deep in our minds, and with it--a simultaneous impulse into the future--a tunnel to the stars expands before us. We are beckoned to the past, something "retro" to extract its essence and to creatively enhance its potential to benefit our future state. The aftershock of some distant event is culminating in the now. Making creative change to enhance the future. Consciously and methodically actualizing our desires--fueled by the vision of tomorrow.  Consolidating ideas, information, theories, and all hypotheses'---slowly putting them into action to further serve ourselves and others.

Sun sign horoscopes are generalized readings which interpret collective energies as they are perceived through the multivalent lens of the zodiac. Imagine light permeating a prism as it is refracted into a multiplicity of colors. Each frequency perceives the inherent nature of a particular lunation differently. These are written for specific archetypes within the tropical zodiac, but are not limited to simply "Sun signs", and can also be accurate in describing individuals with a particular archetypal dominance in their personality, as revealed through the natal horoscope itself.

There's probably a lot information overload going on--so many different perspectives to ponder. Your outlook has, or is about to change quite considerably, and your going to embark on an adventure to make some use of it. Sometimes our ideas about the world around us need to be adjusted, or just cleaned out entirely. If you're stirring up anger or defensiveness in others while trying to communicate old ideas--it might be time to consider how you can possibly adjust them, or make them sound more appealing. Sometimes, however, you're just ahead of the times, and so if you mindfully share your thoughts and discover the reasons for truly doing so, you'll have a better perception of what catalyzes it all to begin with.

Take a deep breath--breathe in slowly--take it all in. Absorb whatever is coming at you through that tunnel. You may feel that you finally have a better idea of what you need--most, if not all the pieces are in your hands--now it all comes down to how to make use of them, how they all fit in...and where. Take a moment, relax, and take it all in--there's no need to build the whole castle in one day--there's plenty of time. Besides--you arn't really sure how to go about it all anyway--so allow yourself to go deep, and ponder those feelings and urgencies--something new is brewing and you can make it all happen--just trust your creativity and let it all unfold. It'll feel like you didn't do a thing in the end.

Your changing the way you perceive yourself and the way you interact with others. It's time to make your connections work for you to better support and sustain you somehow--to build a strong foundation for the future. It's natural for it to feel this way--there's always tension between your needs and those of others; however when we all work together, harmoniously--it's amazing how powerful and strong a structure we can create--it's all just a matter of humbled egos mingling in mutual cooperation. It takes two, so you know, don't give too much unless the other end is just as passionate as you are. Let go of that complex idea you have of yourself, open your mind, and let others mirror to you just how simple it really is--each part reflects the whole....nothing exists in isolation.

A chaotic past descends into the memory vaults, and simultaneously, a future emerges--more sharper and available to your perception. What was once a mystery, is becoming more easier to grasp--all is becoming more tangible and less abstract or confusing--so trust that you aren't "going crazy" after all. You can direct all of this into integrating and healing yourself; there still might be a lot of work to do, but at least you have a better understanding of where to begin. The gears are probably moving about now, and it seems you have a few ideas in the works, so trust you're being gifted with the specific guidelines--all you have to do is follow their lead.

Whatever failed, broke down, or slipped away likely wasn't what you needed after all--at least it wasn't functional they way that it was, and now that you know what's not working, you can apply yourself to areas that will be much more fruitful. Use this time constructively to finish sorting out all the ties you keep carrying around with you--you can see much more clearly now who or what is taking up all the space. This is a time to strengthen and consolidate your strongest talents and abilities, and channel them into something that will allow you to prosper in the future. Don't rush now, while things may appear rather accelerated, you have plenty of time. Within this whirlwind of possibilities grab only what's essential and let the rest move on with the wind.

It may be a challenge in getting clear on where you're going exactly--it hasn't felt like you've really been in control of things. You have plenty of time to revise your public image, it's all a matter of sifting through various ideas, options, and possibilities--especially now that you can actually see them. Embrace this more panoramic perception, look at where everything fits in. You can use this time to really enhance yourself and your potential--and to work out all the kinks in your presentation style. You don't need to throw away the whole thing, especially if you feel impulsed to do so--look deeply at where you can consolidate all the pieces and make something else entirely. Your life direction is going to change--move with it, and you'll find it all less difficult to manage.

Gaining a new vision may come about with the sacrifice of another, more outworn, perspective. The less attached you are to this process, the easier it will all flow along with ease. It's likely you've realized that there are many things you've yet to discover, to experience, and to pull into your conscious awareness--remain open and humble to all transmissions as they head your way. Over the next few months you will be guided deeper into yourself and your shadows like never before--here you stand upon the precipice, awaiting some form of assimilation. Trust, have faith--surrender, you're not exactly in control now, but that doesn't mean succumbing to can choose to step deeper into the dark, and like a warrior, go where you've never been before.

It's time you let go of that old mental programming--especially the bits and pieces that you allowed others to throw upon you at some point. It's likely you can see it all--as if you have some form of x-ray vision, able to pierce deeper to detect all surface motivations and agendas. It's time to allow yourself to link up with a powerful force, network, or structure much larger than yourself--through mutual cooperation. You can find a very creative way to better support yourself through the influence and power of something co-created. You're walking a fine line now, so be mindful of how much you give, and how much is taken--allow yourself, through a sort of osmosis, to move in and out of the eternal connectedness of the universe.

Now that you're more aware of where other people are coming from, you can make more sense of yourself and where you currently stand. There's always a clash between interests when we involve ourselves with others on some intimate level--relax, it's all apart of the game. You may feel compelled to link up with like minds and forge your way ahead now--but take it slow--no need to rush it all. A strong and supportive structure requires careful and conscious construction, so start with each piece and soon enough you'll be halfway done. You need to get clear on some information first, especially coming from sources whom you consult--it's a bit scattered now so take this time to make sense of it all--trust your judgement and intuition, you're quite talented there.

The past few weeks have likely had you focusing on ways to make yourself more useful--maybe at work, or maybe around your living space. Now that you have more perspective, it's probably more clear that you need to expand beyond the "known" and familiar and make your way into entirely new territory. What you learn along the way may even have the impact of enhancing your skills and over-all knowledge--allowing you to become much more effective at what you do. A powerful healing or integrating of what was once a scattered array of fragments is possible, but you'll have to rely less on the practical limitations of the world you see before you, by trusting your inner guide. Easier said than done for you Capricorn ;-)

It's possible that you've been experimenting with an entirely new way of creating your reality and actualizing your desires. Now is the time to really trust your inner child, think of it all as a big game--don't take it too seriously. There's a lot of pieces that still need to be put together, but it's likely you've received a much clearer creative vision of where you need to go next. You're playing with the delicate process of mindful co-creation, so don't think you have to do it all alone--and that may involve a process of possible ego-deflation. The vision is yours, this is true, but it may not all fall into your lap, leaving you to make it all happen alone. Look for ways that you can implement your creation through the support, feedback, and assistance of those who you truly mesh with, and can deeply trust.

The floor beneath your feet may have been a bit unstable these past few weeks, and your perception has likely changed in the way you perceive the whole foundation--and your place in it all. You're living situation, or place you find most comfortable, is in the process of deep transformation, so have trust--sort through all the stagnant bits and pieces and maintain what's truly essential. You're likely to make some new connections soon which will help things further, or perhaps a certain relationship will provide some much needed awareness about your motivations and desires. You may feel compelled to really start moving forward with others in some direction--but be mindful that there's still some work that may need to be done. Don't feel rushed or pressured just yet, and if you can be mindful of your real agenda, and be receptive to needs of others--you'll avoid a lot of conflict and confrontation.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

SolarScopes December 2nd-9th 2011

With Mercury retrograde, I am experimenting with this SolarScope concept, and so you will notice it changing quite a bit until it feels right to me. I don't usually like Sun Sign horoscopes--well, I've never been comfortable with the image of astrology they create. Astrology is profound, incredibly deep, and wonderfully insightful. Sun Sign horoscopes, are--well....vague. Perhaps I am to accept that, on some occasions, depth and profundity aren't always warranted or even desired. I will also admit that I've found them, occasionally, to be surprisingly accurate--perhaps not life changing, but there is a modicum of solace they've provided for me. Without further ado--here is my latest attempt at Sun sign astrology--let's see how this unfolds.This latest incarnation of "SolarScopes" will be presented once a week, at the New, First Quarter, Full, and Last Quarter Moons.

First Quarter Moon @ 9 degrees Pisces 52 minutes

We are in the upward swing of the New lunar cycle--we are accumulating a new process now--there is hope, there is a shining ray of opportunity which beckons each of us. The First Quarter Moon meets us with a slight boost of momentum on December 2nd, as the Moon opposes, and the Sun Squares, Mars in the early morning hours--however, the Moon goes void at 10:06 am Pacific, and will stay there until Saturday Dec 3 at 5:51 PM Pacific. This is a long one folks--in Pisces, let's not fall to pieces over it. Over these two days be mindful of a sense of--well, possible hopelessness about something that is likely beyond your control. Whatever plans you've made are likely to change, especially now that Mercury is retrograde--be extremely flexible and open to revision. If used wisely, we can connect more with ourselves, or our spiritual center at this time--an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the moment.

It will be best to surrender to this energy--embrace the idea that there's absolutely no rush now, take it easy and go with the flow. If you find yourself feeling more inner directed, follow that cue--it will lead you to a much safer space, where you can ride out the storm. Be mindful of making commitments, signing contracts, setting big plans, or making large purchases--things just aren't clear yet, so don't push it. We are in eclipse season, there are a lot of changes and transformations brewing just beneath the surface--trust your suspicion that something is about to shift, bringing some much needed fresh air.

The Moon enters Aries Saturday evening, and meets up with Uranus around 7:01 PM Pacific--this is a definite shift and acceleration of energy--follow your bliss, desires, and creativity--as long as they don't get you into too much trouble, Saturday night is set up for the unexpected.

Sunday the Sun meets up with...uh--Mercury retrograde. Don't panic! It'll be ok--well I don't know that, but I'm sure things will work out just fine. Something, or someone from the past may emerge--allow yourself to be receptive to receive whatever message or teaching is offered. If you can be humble enough to accept the notion that you don't know everything yet--you'll likely find something truly rewarding, if not educational.Watch out for minor irritations or disruptions, don't let them stir up too much anger--and if so, be mindful of where you channel or direct it.

Monday should feel a bit smoother, more aligned, and more balanced. It's a good day to get back in the routine--well maybe not entirely, but you'll be feeling less scattered and confused. Late Monday night is excellent if you need to focus and make progress with a project--with Mercury retrograde, keep in mind that you probably won't complete it just yet, but you can at least go over the details and see what needs to be adjusted. The Moon enters Taurus on Tuesday around 6:34 am Pacific. We may feel more connected to each step today, methodical, but also expansive--spending some time outdoors or within nature will likely be rewarding--there's a strong appreciation and adventurous thirst for the subtle, simple, and naturally beautiful.

The energies of Tuesday are likely to carry on over to Wednesday--overall this is an excellent time to take things step by step, perhaps making some progress with something you've been working on. Thursday the Moon goes void around 3:40 pm Pacific, and enters Gemini around 6:52 pm Pacific. Towards the latter part of the day be mindful of mixed, foggy, or unclear communication. If you need to convey something important, make sure you state things as clear as possible--and again if necessary. Thursday favors mental pursuits, but more dealing with flexible and imaginative brain-storming--it'll be best if you're less attached to what you receive.

Mercury retrograde is quite influential Friday, so again, be open to all the possible faults and short-circuits the universe reveals to you. If you can open your mind to new solutions you'll experience much less pain or frustration. Stay tuned for my reading on the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse which occurs Saturday December 10th!

It can be irritating not knowing where you're going, especially when you're usually so sure about what you're after--going deeper within will probably be more useful now than ever. Keep your focus on the vision, the plan, and that ray of light pouring through those clouds with that beautiful, yet elusive, silver lining. Keep playing with that idea, vision, or perception--a few more adjustments and you'll likely get it just right. Your whole outlook is changing, so keep those mental flood gates wide open--an influx awaits.

 You're normally so good at keeping a slower pace, but you may be feeling a bit more--accelerated than usual, as well as more enmeshed with others than you'd like to be. Sometimes we need to see where others stand--what they think, feel, or embrace in their own little bubbles, and through comparison, we can make more sense of our own position. It might not make sense yet, as if everyone is just a carefully placed distraction to keep you from what you want--but just allow yourself to be open to the notion that there's far more than you've thought of on your own.

Oh Gemini, just where are you going? You probably thought I'd be able to tell you. Your life direction just seems a bit fuzzy, and you're not sure which hat to wear--you might not have even tried any on yet. Don't feel pressured to "figure it out", even though you're usually so good at it. Feel your way through this, trust, have patience. There's also more than meets the eye in your personal and professional relations--be open to the assistance and possible feedback of others, as well as a renewed outlook, or even rekindling of a certain relationship.

Luckily for you, you're an emotional creature, more comfortable with subtle impulses and intuitions. Let that tiny little voice guide you now, allow it to show you a new horizon, even if it isn't entirely clear or even in focus just yet. There's a lot of pieces that still need to be put together to make the whole picture complete--and if you can embrace each fragment, one by one, it'll surely come out a masterpiece. Take your time. There's a lot of adjustments to be made to your usual routine, whether that be at work or with a daily regimen--keep playing with it.

Feeling your way through the crowd might be a little overwhelming, but trust that you're being guided toward the proper assistance--as they say, two heads are better than one. You may be finding yourself more connected to revising the way you express and actualize yourself--getting more in the process--allowing it to take over. Don't feel rushed to complete anything just yet, your just experimenting, you shouldn't feel the need to fully commit or even pin it all down--don't take things too seriously now, just play the game, you're so good at it!

When it's difficult to pin down the intentions of others, it's likely the universe is simply reflecting back, the truth that you're not quite clear with your own. There's a lot shifting and shuffling beneath your feet, but trust that impulse and desire which will guide you to modifying the whole foundation. Something from the past emerges now, and with it a renewed perspective on where you really fit in--where you feel really connected and rooted in the ground. Oh Virgo, a little dust never bothered you, and once it's all settled, things will be back to feeling more safe and secure.

You might not know what to think, decide, or commit to--perhaps an endless array of thoughts are seemingly flying around in mid-air. What a perfect opportunity for bringing in some balance--and there's plenty of options now to throw up on those scales. Don't fret over making the final decision just yet, your flirting with your mind--and once you get clear about the pro's and con's you'll be able to get things going and back in order....just as you like it.

So much is changing in what you identify with--especially regarding the ways in which you support yourself. Keep an eye out for new creative ways to fuel the pump of adundance, and a different perception of how you can make things happen. When you aren't clear with what you want, it's best to just try some things out. Go inside yourself now, really get into the process--let it guide you to a new horizon within. You're being given an opportunity to find out just what makes you tick--take it one step at a time.

You are who you are, but right now it feels as if you can be whoever you want to be. Something is changing in the way you put that first foot forward--but don't feel pressured to commit to any particular image. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't, so trust that you can play and experiment with the whole look. Something new is on the horizon, and you may be feeling more adventurous and expansive--more connected to your basic nature than usual. Trust your impulses now, something is about to emerge. Don't limit yourself, just have patience and watch it all come together just as you imagined.

You're more comfortable with the tangible, and right now it feels as if you can't hold on to much. Something hidden has perhaps, or is likely, to reveal itself--maybe from the past, or maybe from those deeper recesses of your psyche. It's ok, trust the process, and can't exactly control this one--so why beat yourself up over it? Keep an eye out, even though you might not see it just yet--there is a force so much greater than what you see before you, and it beckons. Follow your hunches, not your mind.

Things are speeding up, but maybe not moving forward--wow, what a contradiction. It's ok, you probably need this time of cross currents, use it creatively. You're likely desiring some companionship, or perhaps just some adulation of some kind. This is the perfect opportunity to expand or refine your network, find out who or what really matters most. You're usually not used to doing things the "normal" way, so enjoy this process--experiment, try something different. Follow the road to ingenuity, it might even be lucrative.

A new direction is revealing itself--but at the same time, you're not feeling too sure about who you are, or which hat to wear. Keep an open mind--luckily for you, you have more faith than most. Use this time constructively to get more clear about where that horizon truly leads. Don't feel pressured to know exactly just yet, it's a process--you're experimenting with the whole structure, and whatever fails now wasn't on very solid ground to begin with--so make the appropriate adjustments and move on.