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I view the horoscope as a map of potential, a map of destiny, and a guide to optimum nourishment for the body, mind, and soul. As a map of potential, the horoscope reveals what you are here to become. As a map of destiny, the horoscope reveals what you must do to heal the past and step forward into the future. As a guide to optimum nourishment, the horoscope reveals your own unique path to health, wholeness and vitality. I encourage a trust-based, freewill astrology. That means that the unfolding of the moment contains always a higher road if we so choose to respond to our desires and impulses for change, transformation, and evolutionary ascension. Are you trusting? I may be able to help.

If you are interested in a personal astrological reading, please contact me directly by email at to set up an appointment. Below are the services I currently offer....

90 Minute Natal Reading $165
There is a purpose for your existence, and there is a reason your life unfolds the way that it does. This is recommended for clients new to evolutionary astrology or those solely interested in a reading of their natal chart. I will look at the overall evolutionary intent for this lifetime as described in your personal horoscope. Through the hypothetical lens of reincarnation and the imprints of early conditioning, I will gradually develop an understanding of why you are the way you are and where your soul intends to go. 

90 Minute Forecast Reading $165
Astrology is a powerful ally when faced with a crossroads, crisis or significant life change. The sky contains potent information and provides you with a higher view of where you are and where you're headed. This reading will focus on your natal horoscope and its relationship with current and upcoming cycles using a synthesis of transits, secondary progressions, solar arcs or any other techniques necessary to best guide you in the moment. 

90 Minute Relationship Reading $185
Relationships can be challenging. With evolutionary astrology, you can gain a better understanding of the core evolutionary and karmic dynamics between you and those you are in relationship to. In this reading, I will analyze up to two natal charts, the synastry between the charts, as well as a combined composite chart (a chart constructed from the midpoints between the two charts). Please provide accurate birth data for both charts.

30 Minute Oracle $75
This quick reading is designed to guide you in the moment using pertinent transits, solar arcs, or secondary progressions. I can also address specific questions, either personal or technical related to your natal chart.

All consultations will be conducted via phone or computer using GoToMeeting software. All readings will be recorded and will include the audio from our conversation, as well as a visual screen of the charts as I am discussing them. After the consultation time has been set, I will e-mail you the call-in details prior to our appointment. Payments may be processed through PayPal or via check/money order sent through the mail. 

*All readings require accurate birth information (preferably from a legal document). I will need your birth date (mm/dd/yyyy), an accurate birth time (as listed on a birth certificate), and the location of birth (country, city, state). The accuracy of your reading is dependent on the accuracy of the birth data provided. If you don't have a birth certificate or your birth certificate does not state the birth time, check out this link for tips on how to obtain one.

Client Reviews/Testimonials

“Chad’s reading was amazingly in-depth. I did a full two hour reading with him that focused on my natal chart and then upcoming events. I found the experience insightful, considerate, accurate about what has been going on in my life, and fascinating as it relates to where I may be going. Chad answered questions, explained terms, and loaded me up with info. I highly recommend him.”
--Dana K., Chicago, IL

"All day yesterday and into today, there have been so many pieces of the reading that keep popping into my mind and I am eager to listen to the recording and do some journaling/processing on it. I am also noticing this more grounded space internally as a lot of what you said was very affirming and confirming for me."
--Jeanne Rubin, Carlsbad, CA

"I was fortunate enough to be referred to Chad and was extremely pleased with the level of depth and clarity he provided in my reading.  Chad has a tremendous intuitive perspective on how to interpret a personalized consultation.  I would highly recommend Chad to anyone seeking spiritual insight."
--Jason Carter, Orange County, CA

"I have really enjoyed my readings from Chad. I find Chad to be very neutral, insightful, and receptive. He was able to fit in a substantial amount of information in the time we had and found different ways to explain anything I didn't understand. The content of the readings themselves had a great impact on me. I resonated very much with the perspective and information Chad shared, which supported me in being more at ease with myself just as I am. I felt heard, witnessed, and comforted. Thank you, Chad for sharing your gift."
--Stacy Wong, San Diego, CA

"Amazing reading! Detailed, accurate, deeply insightful, and packed with information. Evolutionary astrology is a perfect tool for decoding the blueprint of an individual's psyche. An aspect of lunar nodes can be especially helpful to one on the mission to self-discovery. Chad's readings are not about prediction, for me personally they are more about uncovering my psychological patterns and blind spots, ultimately that is of most value."
--Natalia Iksar, New York, NY

"Chad is highly intuitive and is able to eloquently share his knowledge of evolutionary astrology. He put me at ease and helped me piece together hard issues that I've struggled with in this life and past lives as well."
--Mindee Crum, Denver, CO

Methodology: Evolutionary Astrology

I practice within the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm. Evolutionary Astrology focuses on the soul's "karma" and evolutionary intent--what you're here to learn and become. Within this paradigm, we entertain the hypothesis of reincarnation. Naturally, this involves an analysis of the soul's journey throughout its many incarnations. I am not a predictive (fortune telling) astrologer. Astrology has numerous applications and approaches, but my approach is essentially choice centered. I believe this empowers the individual to utilize his or her own free will and innate creativity, placing the future directly in their hands. 
Each astrological dynamic has many possible or probable manifestations which are entirely dependent upon an individual's current awareness and past choices or decisions. During a reading, I will not tell you what will or will not happen to you, but rather interpret the current and future archetypal energies at work within your own psyche and suggest ways to constructively use them to your advantage. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then I look forward to serving you. 

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