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Kosmic Horizon: July 2013

July is rather stimulating and exciting for several reasons. The astrology this month is truly supportive of an increase in activity, creativity, and motivation. The month begins in the midst of Mercury's retrograde back track through the sign of Cancer. We're deeper in our emotions and a little less in our heads now--feeling our way through and guided by intuition. Unless Mercury touches a sensitive placement in your chart, this retrograde shouldn't be as aggravating or confusing as some other cycles since Mercury isn't passing any significant planets, so this is a more mellow time to tune in to get comfortable and intimate with ourselves.  Some of us may feel the need for more "down time" which is really appropriate at this time--we may also feel compelled to make changes around our home or living space. As long as you avoid purchasing really expensive equipment or making drastic renovations, you shouldn't encounter any serious issues.

Mercury Retrograde invites us to test things out, make revisions, and adjustments--but this should flow more smoothly and feel more like we're dealing with elements a little closer to home. Don't be afraid of taking action or allowing yourself to do what you need to do now--just be cautious and remain flexible because Mercury Retrograde allows us to find a different strategy; our old ways of approaching things may need to be changed or adjusted. Also be mindful that whatever you desire to push forward with may need to be corrected or may have some critical elements missing. A lot of energy has been building lately and we're reaching a crescendo as the month progresses. In fact some really significant and amazing planetary contacts are taking place this month, all of which will leave a lasting imprint and can be successfully utilized if handled properly.

The majority of the energy this month is creative and emotional. Because the water element is so prominent we're drifting through subtle realms just beneath or beyond our conscious perception. We have more access to emotional depth and feelings that otherwise allude us. We can peer more deeply into realities that underpin and construct the illusory world we interact with. These realities may incite revelations and excitement, or may overwhelm us with frightening prospects. Escapism can also be a prominent theme this month, compelling us into alternate or more appealing realities. In moderation this shouldn't cause any problems, and could actually help excite our imagination. If you find yourself numbing out more than usual you may need to get clear about what you're wanting to avoid.

July 1st The Sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn and then Squares Uranus in Aries on July 4th. The month kicks off with a jump start; immediately we're confronting and energizing the need for a profound metamorphosis. We begin the month on a powerful note accelerating us toward new vistas and building some muscle and strength by challenging ourselves to move past stagnation. The first few days there's a bit of intensity and if we push too hard we may come up against some resistance or opposition. Look deeper within yourself before projecting blame on outer circumstances; this will help clarify what isn't working or happening for you and why.

July 6th The Moon gets sandwiched between Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Cancer which could generate enthusiasm and motivation--or anger, frustration, and anxiety. This is best channeled inwardly and intimately. Funnel this energy around the house--look for projects that you've already started or put into motion and have at it, things could go in unexpected directions. The collective vibe could stir up hostility with certain people, so be on the look out and try your best to avoid sensitive material so as to not push any particular buttons.

July 7th Venus trines Uranus and Saturn goes stationary direct--creativity and unique self expression gets energized; forge new frontiers fueled by the passion of the heart. Saturn turning direct means that we have more structural support and backing in our endeavors. Since Saturn turned retrograde on February 18th we've had a chance to process and digest a lot of deep and uncomfortable material--like that stuff we usually don't enjoy looking at or experiencing. We also got a chance to catch up and put ourselves back in alignment with personal responsibilities. We can start to get a little more serious now because with Saturn direct we're not just practicing anymore, we're doing the real thing. Conquering the depths certainly isn't easy, but if we're focused and determined and ready to put in the hard work, valuable rewards await.

July 8th The New Moon occurs at 16 degrees of Cancer--Nostalgia, daydreaming, and self reflection are key elements of the new lunation cycle. Creative brainstorming gets a boost as well as the opportunity to rework visions that we've put aside or thought were long gone and impossible to solidify. Stretch the limits of your perception and go within to find what really matters to you the most. Idealism is strong and there's nothing wrong with it as long as we realize that the ideal is only a rough template we use to make our own design.

July 9th The Sun conjoins Mercury Retrograde igniting an entirely new process that will develop over the next three months until the next Mercury Retrograde cycle. What begins now is likely a rehash of past unresolved material and we get to see through to tying up all the loose ends. This could deal with past projects or specific relationships. This cycle allows us to cross into familiar territory with a renewed vision and perception. This also brings us into the more "constructive" phase of the Mercury retrograde cycle where we can begin putting things back together since we've pin pointed all the weak spots.

July 13th Mars enters Cancer--Now that Mars is in Cancer the emotional and imaginal realms are more empowered. We may feel a tidal wave of emotions encircling us allowing for the expression of deeper material we've been holding back or that we've been avoiding. As Mars approaches Jupiter there's a rising impetus to take action or to resolve situations from the past--to change the way we handle certain experiences.  Leading up to the Full Moon on July 22nd we begin a process that can assist in rewiring our brains by imprinting or recording new approaches to experiences we've previously encountered. There could be a lot of confusion with these energies because a part of us may feel the need to take action "out there", but in reality this is all pointing us internally, to how outer experiences imprint themselves upon our subjective inner world. Look for experiences that are comprised of a rehash of familiar material and how you can adjust your attitude towards it.

July 17th
This is a rather significant day correlating to an interesting configuration. We've been feeling a lot of energy building, which will continue to do so, but this day marks a significant crescendo as Jupiter brings a water grand trine into sharper focus. The emotional and intuitive realms take center stage infusing the collective with an emphasis on subtle dimensions. Psychic channels amplify leading to an increase in insight, imagination, or an exaggerated idealism. Go with the flow but maintain conscious control so that you don't get swept up and lose all sense of direction. Also be weary of falling into stagnation because grand trines tend to entice us to settle with what is and then nothing gets done; make use of your insights and perceptions. Discern from what's authentic and what's just overstated sensationalism.

Dream activity has likely increased for many of us and the days surrounding this date will correlate to some significant insights and shifts from the unconscious. With Mercury Retrograde in opposition to Pluto and forming a grand trine with Chiron and the North Node in Scorpio, we may also find ourselves amidst some deep karmic experiences and situations. We're dealing with a lot of unresolved material that could have prominence in the form of dynamic dream symbolism and outer events involving specific people.

In addition Uranus turns stationary retrograde--Collectively we've been radically defining ourselves in entirely new ways, forging into places we normally fear to tread. Naturally, we've encountered some resistance along the way, especially with authority figures that would rather maintain the status quo--our actions may be threatening to their overall security. As Uranus turns retrograde we get a chance to process and digest all the head-way we've made so far. That means settling in and adjusting to the new landscape we fell into as we danced off that precipice. Uranus Retrograde helps to strengthen our new image by adding some more unique twists and alternations. We'll find ourselves feeling less pioneering and more focused on the trail we previously blazed until December when Uranus turns direct.

July 20th Mercury turns stationary direct and Mars forms a grand trine with Neptune and Saturn--With Mercury stationary direct we're slowly reverting the energy into forward motion after having been more internally focused and directed. We slowly transition from extreme subjectivity to a more confident forward flow. Mars, Neptune, and Saturn form an exact water grand trine giving us confidence and impetus to implement all that stuff we've been formulating and constructing in the ethers. What may have seemed impossible, abstract, or less accessible now has the potential for more concreteness and solidification. We may additionally find ourselves feeling more certain and clear about what exactly we desire to put into motion--and at this point, if it feels right, do it!

July 22nd The Full Moon occurs in the tropical sign of Aquarius, Mars conjoins Jupiter, Venus enters Virgo, and the Sun enters Leo--This Full Moon generates a lot of momentum, passion, and enthusiasm since Mercury turned direct two days ago and Mars and Jupiter team up in Cancer. We've had the chance to explore our emotions quite a bit and to straighten out some rough edges in our psyche. Forward motion and direct action is favored since now we find ourselves back in the driver's seat along with a surge of confidence. Hopefully, if we've done the work, then we're ready to let everything fall into place but we have to take the reins ourselves. That means we need to put forth effort to make anything happen. Trust what unfolds, push yourself, but don't push too hard. Know your limits and boundaries.

July 26th Venus opposes Neptune--They say that both God and the Devil are in the details--so if you're going to do it, do it well. Don't get caught up chasing illusions, try your best to discern what's really valuable and what's just a mirage. Just when you think you've got it all pinned down and everything is accounted for, things start drifting into some alternate dimension. Enhanced receptivity opens the potential for truly "higher" insight and awareness; if you can't figure out what to do with it, just consider it and take in the experience.

July 27th Mars opposes Pluto-- If something isn't moving in the direction you're wanting or if there's some external resistance to your efforts see where you can compromise and lay off a bit. Pushing too aggressively might not work out too well, but then again, doing nothing may generate a bit of frustration. We might find ourselves feeling a lot more aggressive in pursuit of a desire to establish or protect our security. Do what you feel is absolutely necessary and simply let things fall into place in their own timing.

July 29th Grand Sextile (Star of David)--The month ends with a strikingly powerful configuration of planets. The abundance of sextiles and trines incite an influx of highly creative and visionary energy. A powerful conduit is created that infuses the collective mind with a catalytic force that excites water and earth signs primarily (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces--as well as Aries). This has a crystallizing effect, in that it allows a lot of disparate elements to come together in harmonic accord and integrate into some kind of physical formation. This massive closed circuit of energy gets channeled directly into Uranus in Aries forming a T-square with Jupiter and Pluto. This incites the power of the individual to be a creative conduit of transformation. This is an incredibly harmonizing and balancing energy field--and the preponderance of feminine/yin signs means that we must remain mostly receptive in order for this energy to permeate us individually. This has the potential to bring a lot of differing elements together. Towards the end of the month see how you can harness this energy to become a creative catalyst of change. Many themes and issues presented at this time will develop and carry through to next Spring when Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto meet up again.

In conclusion, the month of July is truly extraordinary and has the potential to set a lot into motion. The end of the month is far more conducive for more aggressive forward action, since Mercury Retrograde has us in a state of reflection and reassessment. The configurations this month invite us inwardly to understand that there really is very little difference between our inner and outer landscapes. That means we're likely to see a lot of connections and synchronicity. We have the opportunity to notice that transcendent realities can be experienced in our common day-to-day routines--that life as we experience it is truly symbolic of something far more complex. What is your reality saying to you? Pay attention, there will be signs and signals all around you. Have fun with this; flow with it and allow yourself to be guided by your feelings, hunches, and intuitive insights. It's truly rare that the universe opens itself up like this, allowing us a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the cosmos. Realities are merging, fusing, and coalescing--and while the veils are thin get a glimpse of all you can.

Conscious travels.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Friction and Flow: Jupiter In Cancer

Jupiter enters the tropical sign of Cancer on June 25th, where it will stay until July 16, 2014. Jupiter has been in Gemini since last summer--the sign of its detriment. Jupiter doesn't mesh too well in Gemini; it's a strange and confining world to Jupiter who seeks to expand into outstretched extrinsic horizons. Jupiter seeks meaning, truth, and the bigger picture. Gemini, and its ruler Mercury, seek quite the opposite: a distillation of raw undigested hard data. The result is often a frustrating complacency with a mediocre awareness of what lies ahead. This has been a period of time that presented us with a lot of information, ideas, and facts that appeared quite disparate. It's like putting together a giant puzzle without the picture of the end result from which to guide you.

Intuition and a sense of higher purpose can become blocked because the mind gets too much in the way with its own agenda of "figuring it out" instead of allowing a more inductive process to unfold. However, in looking at the brighter side of this transit (of which Jupiter is so good at doing), we've had an opportunity to collect and dissect a copious amount of information, and by now we're likely to have a lot of material in which to draw from and make sense of. Jupiter in Gemini can assist in simply enlarging our information base, as well as helping to improve all forms of communication. And yet, that bottom line, that deeper meaning and understanding is just so hard to come by; we just can't see the forest for the trees.

Towards the end of June Jupiter makes its way into Cancer. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, which means that it's more comfortable and supported to express its inherent nature. Whereas Gemini deals with the mind and intellectual faculties; Cancer is a realm of feelings, sensations, and deeply seated emotions. Fortunately, Jupiter is quite comfortable here, which means that it can assist each of us in getting more in touch with our sensitive nature and to deepen our trust and love for those around us. From the end of June until July of next year, Jupiter in Cancer is providing opportunities to connect more deeply with our roots: close friends, family, and loved ones. Here we are provided doorways into dimensions that are supportive, nurturing, and healing. Jupiter in Cancer is a positive ray of light amidst the turmoil and instability we find ourselves in as a society. At a time when things are so uncertain and unpredictable, this transit offers a sense of hope and greater connectivity.

Collectively, there will be a strong pull toward experiences that provide a sense of comfort, warmth, and nostalgia. There will also be a greater sense of patriotism and pride for our home land or place of origin. On a subtle psychological level this transit is rather pleasant, light, and acclamatory. It generates a powerful collective bond urging us to cohere and deepen a connection with our tribe, kin, or family. It also supports us in understanding ourselves from a deeper and more profound level. Jupiter, as the planet of perspective, revels in a sort of self-psychological analysis, igniting the potential for a greater digestion of the abysmal workings of our own psyche. We can encounter or confront deep material in an open and gentle manner. We can also access feelings and emotions that are otherwise less accessible. Jupiter in Cancer is an excellent time to explore our sensitive inner world, and to trust that the universe will provide the right connections and experiences conducive to this process.

While this is a rather favorable place for Jupiter to be, it's transit through this sign won't exactly be a cakewalk. While traveling through Cancer, Jupiter will involve itself with some rather intense and extraordinary aspect configurations; and upon entering this sign we're in for some very big changes. On the political level we're already noticing this develop and build, but we really haven't seen anything yet. Once Jupiter enters the picture we'll receive a massive amplification of these energies adding further fuel to the fire that's already blazing. Jupiter's primary objective is inflation, by taking in more experience and awareness into reality. As long as we're open to this we'll be a lot more in synch with these energies. If we're receptive to stretching ourselves beyond the familiar and comfortable elements of our lives, we can ride this coming wave with more ease and joy.

For those of us who find ourselves awake and aware of the world around us, it's likely apparent that many elements of our culture have deteriorated into a mechanized assembly line dishing out the same old crap. It's as if all originality and creativity has been sucked dry leaving us with this sense of searching and longing for deeper meaning and purpose. Just when all seems bleak, lost, and hopeless; the universe comes in to help fertilize our creativity, activating new potential and alerting us to uncharted horizons. Whatever has outlived its usefulness needs to pass on; we need to just let it go. It isn't going to get any better. The world hasn't run out of creative solutions, it's just that we've become attached to "what works" and what's predictable. If anything is certain these days it's the fact that the unpredictable has the upper hand. For some that's an unsettling prospect, while for others, a call to adventure.

Let's just keep that in mind while Jupiter travels through Cancer. We're experiencing a bit of friction and flow, and such a fusion generates a powerful creative influx. If you've felt stuck, stagnant, lost, confused, or just plain bored; you can jump on the coming wave and go for the ride. Move with your hunches, instincts, and feelings--trust your inner intuitive awareness to guide you through this passage. The more open and receptive we are now, the more successful we'll be in channeling all of this into positive and constructive efforts. Jupiter's transit through this sign is an incredibly significant marking point and one that's bound to be historically as well as personally memorable.

Jupiter's Path Ahead

As Jupiter moves into Cancer it will progressively form a water grand trine with Neptune and Saturn. These grand trines have been forming throughout the month of June, so we're all quite familiar with this energy. When Jupiter enters the picture it magnifies and anchors this process, allowing us to further solidify the intangible by creating a more secure and rooted foundation. Many of us may be experiencing vivid, powerful, and profound dreams--as well as clear and dynamic creative visions. We're also itching for some kind of change or breakthrough in our lives, no matter how large or small; we all need something to shift. This grand trine isn't going to push us, but will inspire us in many ways, so stay receptive to what emerges from the depths. Look for insights coming from within yourself, and trust your instincts and hunches. This is a time when our inner voice is just a little bit louder than usual.
July 29, 2013

At the end of July Jupiter joins in on an extraordinary configuration of planets. This is an incredibly harmonizing and energizing force field. Water and Earth signs will be the most effected by this structure. This provides an optimal balance between hard and soft aspects--a blending of friction and flow. I'm calling this structure the Creative Catalyst of Change, because it provides a plentitude of exciting creative energy and the momentum to make use of it. It'll be very interesting to see what emerges from this on the collective level. With a T-square between Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter as the centerpiece of this configuration, we're bound to see a lot heating up. It seems the best advice in handling all of this energy is to consciously flow with it. That means that we need to be grounded and strong in our own personal center. If we're firmly rooted and directed toward something, we can allow this creative influx to permeate and flow through us without carrying us away.

Jupiter will be within orb of a T-square with Uranus and Pluto throughout the Summer of 2013, and so there's likely to be a lot of action leading to big changes and breakthroughs. As far as all the current political tension goes, it's only going to amplify, so be on the alert for that. We're entering a very fertile time of innovation and creativity within varied creative and scientific fields. This Summer will set off a process that will gradually unfold and develop through to Spring of next year. Again, that means that we're all going to feel an increasing sense of pressure to bring fresh air into our lives. Jupiter turns retrograde in November of 2013, and enters back into this T-square again in January/February of 2014. It will turn direct in March of 2014, and form a more precise T-square in late April of 2014. See this summer as a critical starting point, and get ready for a powerful clearing of the house!

Jupiter will begin a series of trines to Chiron in Pisces beginning in late August. Jupiter and Chiron will be slowly forming a water grand trine with Saturn in Scorpio through to next spring, coming into sharper focus in May of 2014. Jupiter trine Chiron opens us to resplendent healing opportunities. New dimensions and doorways will be emerging, allowing us to find the support needed to effectively heal several aspects of our lives. This is also an incredibly powerful aspect opening up psychic and intuitive channels, creating a collective surge of increased awareness and numinous perception. Beginning with the water grand trines in the Summer of 2013, we're in a rather lengthy process that's incredibly conducive for the development of our higher faculties. In May of 2014 the Jupiter, Chiron, and Saturn grand trine allows us to mend our relationship with authority, structure, and discipline. This also symbolizes a collective process of healing and integrating "the father " or "divine masculine" archetypes within each of us.

This is an an exceptionally relevant theme in our current era, because we're living in a time of increased paranoia and distrust of authority. This is all perfectly warranted given the actions of governments, political leaders, and the big businesses and corporations--surreptitiously shifting the edifice of our society from behind the scenes. Pluto in Capricorn draws our attention to the corrupt and corrosive elements of our power structures and systems, and it's just a natural time for renovation and revolution. With that said, however, I'd invite each of us to look deeper at the root of these issues, because in reality the external elements of our society only reflect our internal state. In other words, we're not really victims of greed and the corruption of power; that's an illusion and a convenient scape-goat that allows us to abdicate our own responsibility.

This grand trine invites us to look at our wounded relationship to the divine father, which goes back far into our collective memory to the advent of our current patriarchal society. We're emerging upon a critical threshold that's really a balancing of masculine and feminine archetypes within the collective psyche. Before we can effectively bring balance we must heal our relationship with the divine father, and realize that true authoritative love exists deep within each of us. Authoritative love is the enforcing of rules, boundaries, and restrictions that comes from a place of true love and an authentic desire to protect others from the dangers inherent to our world. In our current western culture there are very few effective models for this which is why this is such a challenging process for many us. The Jupiter, Chiron, and Saturn grand trine gives us the collective opportunity to find ways of healing our relationship to the divine father by seeing our current situation as merely a reflection of our relationship to our own inner authority.

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June 25, 2013: Jupiter enters Cancer
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August 07, 2013: Jupiter opposition Pluto
August 21, 2013: Jupiter Square Uranus/Trine Chiron
November 06, 2013: Jupiter Stationary Retrograde
December 12, 2013: Jupiter trine Saturn
January 31, 2014: Jupiter opposition Pluto
February, 05, 2014: Jupiter trine Chiron
February 25, 2014: Jupiter square Uranus
March 06, 2014: Jupiter Stationary Direct
April 20, 2014: Jupiter forms exact T-square with Pluto/Uranus
May 14, 2014: Jupiter trine Chiron
May 24, 2014: Jupiter trine Saturn
July 16, 2014: Jupiter enters Leo

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Solstice 2013

This summer presents some of the most extraordinary astrology. There's a powerful harmonic resonance surrounding this solstice, leading us toward the potential for greater shifts and changes. Of course, as powerful and impressive as it all is--nothing will come of its own accord. We must navigate this passage consciously, and remain open and receptive to the coming influx to ultimately allow for change to take place. In the northern latitudes, the Summer solstice is the longest day of the year; the sun reaches the highest point in the sky. This high point is symbolic of a fulcrum of energy potential and a sprouting of intentions planted at the Spring equinox. The Sun beams from this sky-born pedestal--pouring light, heat, and energy upon us--and because the Sun is symbolic of consciousness, the full expression of ego (the self, as in the I am), there is a blossoming of personality, individuality, and often a high point for the mind.

As the Sun enters Cancer there is a greater fascination with the deeper realms of the mind--the subtle diaphanous images and visions that float like wisps of smoke upon the inner eye, the realm of imagination. We all daydream from time to time, often wishing for some alternative scenario for our current lives or future. As we project these dreamlike visions from the deepest reaches of the mind, we are putting out an energy into the cosmos, and subsequently the universe arranges itself to match the frequency that we project. That doesn't suddenly teleport one to the French Riviera while sitting in a cubicle, but it often brings about synchronicities in various arrangements, or opportunities that seemingly match the feeling or resonance of our imaginal wanderings. This Summer presents us with bountiful opportunities to bridge our visions with reality. As the Sun enters Cancer on Summer solstice, it is slowly entering into a water grand trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Saturn in Scorpio, as intense and penetrating as it's been, is also about solidifying our desires in practical and pragmatic ways. When combined in harmonic accord with Neptune, we have the chance to bring those truly transcendent, abstract, and numinous visions into tangible constructs.

That means different things for different people--but whatever it means for you, look for ways to make something happen, something you really wanted but never believed was possible for you. Hold that vision this solstice, make it as clear and visible as possible; really believe in your ability to bring it about. While we do this, we must also be conscious that we're dealing with Saturn, and that means that we can't exactly take any shortcuts; but if we're willing to put in the hard work and effort, and are equally willing to trust in the power of the universe to assist us, we have an amazing opportunity to go really far. You may even find yourself feeling a little invincible, or just more capable and confident to carry something out that you may only have dreamed about before. Trust in yourself and consciously work to support your desires to make truly lasting changes for your future. This is a delicate balancing act that requires allowing ourselves to dream, but to equally condense and distill our visions into practical and applicable forms.

Just before the Summer Solstice, on June 19th, the Sun and Jupiter conjoin at the 28th degree of Gemini. The Sun conjoins Jupiter every year, but this particular conjunction is really quite unique because it occurs at this highly significant degree of Gemini. In addition, it is also an occultation of Jupiter, which means that Jupiter will actually pass behind the Sun. We could say that Jupiter gets literally swallowed by the Sun, and these two fiery wanderers fuse and melt together, momentarily merging their identities. As two of the largest bodies of our Solar system are coming together, we can anticipate this feeling of immense grandiosity occurring within us and especially within the mind-field. Occurring at the anaretic degree of Gemini, we must be conscious that we don't mentally burn ourselves out in the process. What is occurring here is a powerful merging of possibilities--a sort of multidimensional crossroads. It feels as if quite a bit is coming to a boil, things that have been brewing and stewing for quite some time. This is a critical turning point, pushing us to condense a lot of material into something more manageable and simplified.

The word solstice literally means sun stand still. This is because as the Sun reaches the Summer solstice it's literally moving higher and higher from the horizon; as the Sun reaches this climax mid June it stops ascending and begins descending toward the Autumnal equinox. The opposite occurs during the Winter solstice. With Jupiter and the Sun melding together, and the Sun slowly reaching its high point of the year, we will also experience this peak effect in our own lives. What is peaking for you now? What high point have you come to? We are expanding and blossoming into some potential within us. That means that this energy is about to explode like a miniature big bang, and all the scattered bits and pieces will eventually organize and coalesce into some truly extraordinary formations as the Summer progresses. So what are you wanting to expand yourself into? Let yourself dream, but also be practical so that you don't go out too far, fragmenting yourself, unable to bring it all back in.
Summer Solstice
June 20, 2013
10:04 PM Pacific
7:04 PM Eastern

In the solstice chart there are five main points of interest. These will be subtle themes that will get carried out throughout the next three months. The first is the Jupiter/Sun conjunction I described above--adding expansiveness, optimism, and a culmination of ideas into our own individual process. The Moon in Scorpio inconjuncts this conjunction--which means that while there's this big thing going down on the surface attracting most of our attention, we mustn't lose sight of what's going on behind the scenes, in the shadows. Personally that means having to make compromises between inner and outer needs, visible and invisible realms. Mercury, Venus, and Vesta are conjoined in Cancer adding an intense focus upon something that we're really passionate about, something that supports, sustains, and nurtures our soul. The Sun/Jupiter conjunction forms a water grand trine with Neptune and Saturn--urging us to allow the creative force of the universe to work directly through our minds to bring about tangible creations through discipline, surrender, and an intuitive awareness.

Lastly, Mars and Athena in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces. This provides a tremendous drive and passion to uncover the truth behind the wound, whatever that is for you. Through research, logic, and a dissemination of information, we have the potential to discern the reality of some area of pain for us--by using the power of the intellect to uncover the truth of its origins to ultimately create a strategy for a healing process. In addition it pushes us into a sort of multidimensional awareness of reality; there is tremendous impetus and desire to unlock a perspective of our surroundings that we don't perceive with our usual senses. On the collective level, this challenges us to look at events from a perspective that transcends the limitations of pure logical analysis and to see our world through a more complete holistic picture. If we really go with this, we will strengthen the connection between the mind and higher faculties.

In addition to the personal changes we're all experiencing, we are going to witness some truly remarkable historical and political events on the world stage this Summer, many of which are already in the works. This is because the configurations occurring right now have been shown to correlate throughout history with truly significant cultural shifts and turning points. Without pointing to anything specific, I will just say that what we've witnessed so far in the media is really only just the beginning of something that is building up. This Summer is really a kick off of events that will unfold over the next few years. This is all being led and directed by the Uranus/Pluto square, pointing us all, ideally, toward social change and cultural reformation. As we navigate this Summer just keep in mind that you have more power than you think; trust in yourself and in your ability to step up and take charge of your life. There will be a lot of strong emotional and sensational currents surrounding us; but we must be conscious enough to resist the temptation of getting swept up and losing our sense of individuality and identity.

The biggest challenge this Summer is to allow yourself to expand into several directions to ultimately obtain a more comprehensive experience and awareness; but again, to remain aware of the tendency of going too far out and getting lost and fragmented. Uranus in Aries is a powerful focal point urging us to have a clear and direct intention so that we can properly distill our energies and channel ourselves into very specific aims. Our most powerful ally will be our inner voice and intuitive awareness. The water element is really speaking loudly, drawing our attention toward the more subtle and impressionable aspects of consciousness. Trust in your power to lead and have faith in the innate intelligence of your inner voice and gut instincts. The astrology this Summer is truly supportive of bringing some incredible shifts into our personal lives, and with the right determination, intention, and focus truly great things will be within our reach that are otherwise less available.

Conscious travels.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Supermoon In Capricorn 2013

Wolf Moon and The Pantheon 
copyright Anthony Ayiomamitis.

Full Moon @ 2 degrees Capricorn 10'
June 23, 2013
4:32 AM Pacific
1:32 AM Eastern

This is the largest Full Moon of the year. Now popularly referred to as a Supermoon, June's full Moon coincides precisely with the Moon's perigee--its closest approach to the Earth. That means the Moon will appear slightly larger, and will have a much more powerful influence and effect upon the planet. And just to make it all the more expansive and grandiose, Jupiter sits in direct opposition and conjunct the Sun. We may experience a highly powerful and critical culmination of energy with this lunation as it correlates to a significant shift and blossoming forth. Jupiter at the 29th, or anaretic degree of Gemini, gives us a sense of immense anticipation, excitement, and expectancy. Looming behind the Moon and blinded by the intensity of its light, we find Pluto in Capricorn. Perhaps a great structure, strategy, or ambition takes hold and solidifies as a concrete possibility as opposed to a fanciful speculation. A bout of intense indecision begins to wane, and suddenly, new paths emerge with more clarity.

This feels powerful, exuberant, and optimistic. There is momentum and a strong sense of purpose emanating from these vibrations. What do we do with this all of this? Where do we go? Open your mind to the possibilities and then allow them to funnel and organize into a single point of clarity that supports the bottom line. What's the point? What are you ultimately wanting to accomplish? That needs to be clear because Jupiter, while expansive, doesn't always have a practical strategy. Allow this Supermoon to fully illuminate a path that can be developed and worked upon. That means no attachments to the ideal and an openness to alterations as you feel your way through. While there's excitement, there needs to be caution, practicality, and restraint. Dig deep and find what feels authentic to you--what's real and truly supportive.

Study and analyze the precipice before you: take measurements and notes; double check your work. This isn't the time to be a fool, just diving in without consideration. As we approach Mercury retrograde in Cancer, we'll have plenty of time to settle in to see how it all makes us feel. If we've been open to change and transformation this full moon is really supportive and offers a helping hand. If we've been resistant we may feel an increasing sense of pressure or suffocation. Either way something is going to give and its going to open up more space for healing, love, and trust--if we allow it. Let the light shine in; don't be afraid. Whatever you've been hiding needs to be revealed and it wants to be noticed so that it can be accepted and integrated. Look around you, open your eyes, and have the awareness to see what's normally hidden away. Our shadows are being revealed along with all those blind spots and vulnerabilities. Let it all into your consciousness and just let it be.

Mercury, Venus, and Vesta conjoin in Cancer, generating a burning intensity and passion fueled by the hearts authentic desires. Go there, to that fountain of endless joy, bliss, and creativity. When in doubt, use this center as an effective barometer of what's in alignment for you. When activated, it feels like a flutter of ecstasy, just bubbling beneath your heart chakra. Trust that feeling, and do what you can to keep it flowing and going, leading you to bliss. Mars and Athena in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces. While all the facts and information are important, we mustn't be blinded by zeal in a quest to figure it all out as if that's all that matters. Chiron in Pisces urges us to see the larger and cohesive holistic picture, and if we ignore this reality we'll only end up hurting ourselves. So keep on searching, questing, and finding, but also remember that we're all connected; we're all a part of it, and each of us is responsible for the role we play.

Full Moon Sabian Symbol:
The human soul receptive to growth and understanding.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mercury Retrograde In Cancer 2013

Begins: June 26, 2013 @ 23 Cancer
Ends: July 20, 2013 @ 13 Cancer
Enters shadow: June 9, 2013
Leaves shadow: August 3, 2013

Yes, it's really true. Mercury is about to go retrograde for another three weeks. Just when you thought it was safe, and just as you got everything straightened out from the last one, here it is again. Luckily you're reading this, and are likely well aware of Mercury retrograde and all that it entails. And just in case you forgot something, I'm here to remind you. Mercury retrograde tends to toss a cosmic wrench in our plans, expectations, and assumptions. Sometimes, well, most of the time--for reasons we can't quite understand or explain. Hermes is a trickster; that's sort of its job. So, while all this is going on, we need to be exceptionally cautious, conscious, and aware. We also need a good sense of humor. So first off, take a deep breathe, and let yourself relax. That's important. There's going to be some kinks in the flow of things; it's just the way it is. Whatever usually works out without a hitch, is going to find itself a little unglued and slightly out of sorts.

Why? Well, we could say that Mercury retrograde is a time where we're guided to all those loose ends and weak spots that got seemingly overlooked. And while that's all well and good, shit just happens. It's Mercury retrograde. So what's usually most targeted here? All things Mercurial, which involve all forms of communication and travel. In this high tech saturated culture of ours, Mercury has just so many more options at its disposal. This is when your smart phone drops in its IQ score and your laptop decides to blow up.Your appointments get switched around or forgotten about entirely. All your light bulbs suddenly need changing and little stray bullets in the form of rocks start flying off the freeway to help beautify your windshield. Ah yes, Mercury retrograde is a load of fun. So, when all else fails, just laugh along and go for the ride; it's usually funny--unless it ends up costing a lot of money, but then again, a few years from now, you'll find it amusing. Or maybe not.

So what can you do? You can pay way more attention than you usually do and try to remain flexible with your plans. That means that Mercury retrograde is usually not ideal for going forward with really important matters because, most often, something is missing. This whole process brings our attention dynamically to those blind spots that just now start popping up all over the place. It's time to be exceptionally meticulous with the details and to make sure all your communications are clear and well presented. Misunderstandings are notorious, so be straightforward and ask lots of questions to make sure there is common ground and understanding.

As for all that mundane business stuff--it's pretty common advice that one should refrain from making serious commitments or signing pertinent contracts. When Mercury is retrograde we're in a process of revision. That means it's ideal for back-tracking and double checking all that you've been working on up until this point, but not so ideal for making that final deal or decision. Work out the kinks and be experimental. The less attachment you have right now the better it'll work out in your favor. In the weeks leading up to Mercury retrograde we can sometimes get ahead of the game if we know what needs to be fixed or adjusted. Taking care of it before hand can often save us from more complications once the retrograde process actually begins.

The last two obvious components of Mercury retrograde deal with a revision of our knowledge base and a redirection of our focus and attention. Have an open mind; this is really important. It's very common that we'll uncover information, ideas, opinions, or perceptions that we would normally ignore or disregard because it doesn't mesh with our current perspective. While Mercury is retrograde, the mind is in a more receptive state than usual, and it would be wise to explore alternate perceptions, because you never know what kind of impact it could have. Mercury retrograde can also redirect our focus towards a specific area of life, bringing us back to something that we've left behind; we now find ourselves resurrecting and redeveloping it in a new a different light. The specific house(s) in our natal horoscope containing Mercury retrograde will uncannily describe this exact area of attention and focus.

Mercury retrograde can really serve as an astonishingly useful cycle if we can just work around all the ubiquitous irritations. The mind is so linearly focused most of the time, and yet, nature has a built in process which redirects and resets this narrow and limited perception. In reality, our activities are guided and immersed within cycles and what goes around comes around. Use this as a time out, to back track and look over the path you've been following--retrace the breadcrumbs. Past and unresolved material may resurface at these times, involving specific people, ideas, situations, or experiences. The more receptive you are to resolving or adjusting whatever shows up for you, the more productive and potentially rewarding your Mercury retrograde experience will be.

In step with the Trickster archetype, Mercury retrograde acts as catalyst helping us to cross or dissolve boundaries. It is during these cycles that the normal rules of the game get changed around right in front of our noses, yet outside of our normal awareness. What is required is a different lens from which to view the flow of events in our lives; we need a sort of trickster gaze and strategy. That means deliberately moving beyond our customary ways of interacting with life, and opening up, humbly, to an alternate dimension. It is when we surrender to the lessons provided by this new reality that we really grow and evolve beyond the known and familiar perceptions. When we continue pushing forward with what we think is the "right" way of doing it, we often come out rather frustrated and feeling like a fool.

Mercury Retrograde In Cancer

Mercury will retrograde through the tropical sign of Cancer. Mercury's retrograde cycle this round coincides with the ingress of Jupiter into Cancer and ends with a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in July. As Jupiter enters Cancer, on June 26th, there's likely to be a sense of reprieve, of being able to settle down and catch your bearings. Exalted in Cancer, Jupiter can finally catch its breath from all that Geminian mental madness. Settle down, get comfortable, and set some strong roots. Mercury's retrograde through Cancer allows us to look over our foundation and to make sure we're rooted somewhere and that we have some sense of establishment. This is important, because in the month ahead things are going to be seriously tested; we want to make sure that we have a firm position placed so that we don't catch ourselves without a leg to stand on.

While Jupiter moved through Gemini (from Summer 2012 until the end of June) we had to grapple with a hailstorm of dichotomy; a tidal wave of choices, options, and contemplation. If handled well, we were able to sample a lot of information and experiment with different methods. However, trying to make sense of the bigger picture may have been the most challenging, if not flat out impossible. Now it's time to check in with our more subtle sense impressions, to adjust our reactions, and to get clear about how we're feeling. Trust yourself, and trust what you sense is going on. Relying more on intuition will be a lot more productive than getting stuck in your head. This is a time to make sure you're comfortable with where you are, that everything feels right, and that you have room to maneuver about without restriction.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer can bring about a powerful wave of nostalgia; we may feel suddenly drawn toward the past or a longing to return to some past experience or situation that provided a feeling of safety or comfort. Past relationships may play a prominent role and we can expect the reemergence of old friends, connections, or family members to be a key element of this particular cycle. Whatever shows up for you, do your best remain receptive to adjustments that need to be made, or loose ends that require tying up. We may also get redirected toward feelings, impressions, or emotions that we haven't properly processed or expressed--allowing for a gentle release and expression to take place.

This is also a time where we can receive insight into the deeper nature of our reactions, and to work out any flaws we notice within this internal space. Take time out to nurture yourself, take it easy, and be gentle. There's been so much to process lately, especially in this post eclipse phase. Use this retrograde cycle to to feel your way through whatever you're working with, and take your time with it. The past two months brought about a lot of changes, internally and externally. Mercury's retrograde cycle is going to provide the chance to get comfortable with all of this, and to familiarize ourselves with this new undigested material. The best way to do that is to relax, slow down, and trust the process.

As Mercury enters the shadow period (June 9th), it will be coming out of a T-square configuration with both Uranus and Pluto. This is rather significant because toward the end of the retrograde cycle (July 20th), Mercury will have entered back into this T-square once more, just before turning stationary direct. This reveals that the energies behind the Uranus/Pluto square will be a major theme to this retrograde cycle, urging us all to connect with a powerful impetus to change the foundation of our personal lives. At the initial stages of the retrograde shadow we begin thinking about what we want to transmute--during the retrograde we get a chance to actually rework our strategy based on our intuitive feelings and hunches. Once Mercury goes direct we'll be in a much more stable and clear position to actually begin to implement and move forward.

So as you feel this need to really break free from something--stop, pause, and reflect on what's motivating these feelings on a deeper level. There's a lot more to explore here than what we see on the surface and we need to get clear about our true motivations and agenda. The only way to do that is to really check in with yourself and get in tune with your emotions. This Mercury retrograde cycle is a preparation phase for when Jupiter enters this alignment mid July and additionally forms some miraculous configurations opening up fresh, expansive, and creative opportunities. Lead with your heart and not with your head--or rather, let your heart guide your mind to what is truly aligned with the highest purpose. That's always easier said than done, but Cancer's ultimate strategy is most definitely heart-centered.

Significant Retrograde Activity

June 9th- Mercury enters initial shadow period: This is the segway process into the actual retrograde itself, certain themes and issues that we'll be working on will start popping up now. So pay attention. 
June 26th- Mercury goes stationary retrograde
June 30th--Moon square Mercury
July 8th--Moon conjunct Mercury
July 9th--Mercury conjoins the Sun: A symbolic midpoint of the retrograde, and a powerful "new beginning" in regards to Mercury's cycle around the Sun. Pay close attention to what gets activated at this point, a process of development will unfold for the next three months, until the next retrograde cycle. 
July 15th--Moon square Mercury
July 20th--Mercury goes stationary direct: This is the segway process that will take us out of the retrograde, this is the time to tie up loose ends and put on finishing touches. 
August 3rd--Mercury leaves shadow

Conscious travels.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Easy Does It: New Moon In Gemini (June 8, 2013)

"How long can the average mind think about one thing--one thing only, without slipping first into thinking about thinking about that thing and taking off from there on a senseless chain of irrelevancies? About three and a half seconds, psychologists tell us. Like a ping-pong ball, the mind will alight where its owner directs it, but only to take off immediately on a jittery flight of staccato bounces that are completely out of hand".
--Huston Smith (The Worlds Religions, pg. 48)

New Moon @ 18 degrees Gemini
June 8, 2013
8:58 AM Pacific
5:58 AM Eastern

The New Moon in Gemini brings it all "back on track", that is, we find ourselves on a more stable and steady course.  This is the first "normal" lunation beyond the eclipse passageway--whatever changes we've made, or allowed to happen within us, are solidifying and becoming a part of our daily reality. There's a strong division of planets with this lunation, creating a slight dichotomy between mind and emotions, thoughts and feelings, intuition and logic. The mind is extremely powerful, and yet the unconscious is growing stronger. So there's a bit of a conflict, and an array of inner voices all vying for our attention. The challenge is in deciding which one to listen to. This is no easy task because Gemini doesn't settle well with the ultimate truth; it wants it's cake and it's going to eat it too.

Mars in Gemini conjunct Pallas Athena squares Neptune in Pisces, creating a bit of friction between personal and divine will. There's the idea of what we're after, what we desire, and then there's this higher sense of purpose which we must acknowledge. What we think we want versus what we're "destined" to do. With the planets now migrating into Cancer, with the exception of Mars, the mind is going to be vacated soon--and so the message seems to be that we should go with our gut, which again, is no easy task. Why? Well, because we often confuse the gut for something else. The mind is rather sneaky, and pretty damn smart--it can, and often does, get in the way, posing as intuition and making a mess of things.

This lunation doesn't help much, since it pretty much amplifies all that mental chatter--but, one by one, several planets are creating a powerful and dynamic water grand trine with Neptune and Saturn. This creates a free flowing closed circuit of energy, equally amplifying our emotional and intuitive center. It requires that we tune out and check in, and it's going to take a little bit of effort to do this. That means intentionally shifting our attention from the incessant mental buzz towards the silence and clarity of the inner voice. Waiting patiently, this center of deep knowing will inform us through our feelings and impressions rather than judgment and logical analysis. Trust the process, because over the next several weeks it will be become much easier to turn inward and get clear. Mercury's retrograde through Cancer at the end of the month will actually help mitigate any confusion if we're completely receptive, so stay tuned.

For the time being, just flow with it. Maybe we don't need to have it all figured out, and that's okay. Impatience and frustration are usually signs that the ego is just trying to control it all. As always, it's attempts are futile. See that there is really no difference between your will and divine will, they are one and the same. Become a vessel for a higher omnipotent force--it is within you and it is speaking quite loudly. Practice mindfulness; make every moment a meditation. Are you breathing? Are you focused? When the mind is quiet and obedient to the higher will, it is really quite an astonishing and functional machine. Beautiful things can happen. Everyone can really get along after all--no crisis at all. So allow yourself to sample some things, try it all out, because the energy is really supportive of this. With each option you explore listen to your gut feeling about it and whether it resonates or not. Once you've established that, let the mind have at it.

Sabian symbol: A large archaic volume

Conscious travels; much love.