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Healing and Becoming: New Moon In Virgo 2013

Flotar entre las nubes by Marianno Peccineti

New Moon @13 Virgo 04' 
September 5, 2013
4:36 AM Pacific
1:36 AM Eastern

The sign of Virgo condenses and organizes energy; it also adapts to changing circumstances. It is one of the most unique signs of the zodiac, in that it combines earthly practicality with powerful mental and analytical prowess. Virgo is also a sign of service—distilling the individual ego to its very essence so that it can serve a larger purpose.

This New Moon helps to consolidate, tame, and channel energy to fulfill a practical and meaningful role. It also carries a powerful message and lesson about healing. With Chiron in opposition to this New Moon, we come to a place of new awareness and acceptance in relation to our wounds or fragmentation. There may be new seeds planted, or the sense of closure and completion in relation to a healing cycle.

Healing is a process of becoming whole, healing isn't fixing. Virgo is always reaching for an ideal, to always “better” itself. When healing we must come to realize that we aren't broken; there’s nothing wrong. We are simply surrendering to a process of transformation; we have outgrown the shell that binds us.

The healing process is the process of becoming more than you currently are. As we expand and reach outward to absorb more within ourselves, we inevitably confront pain, trauma, wounds, fears, and darkness. When an infant learns to walk, it stumbles and falls. It struggles through as it learns how to work in harmony with the forces of gravity.

We are all seeking to illuminate darkness, and that requires reaching into places that initially make us uncomfortable. Such is the nature of the healing space; it’s uncertain and awkward. If that’s how you feel right now, then you know you’re probably on the right track. Move into that space and let go; surrender and trust the process as it unfolds one step at a time.

Achilles and the Centaur Chiron, 1746,
by Pompeo Batoni.
Virgo and Chiron teach us about the process of unfolding and becoming. Nothing in this reality ever really stays the same. Virgo’s mutable nature is at the heart of the unceasing evolutionary process. It is reaching toward the ideal “happy ending” of its polarity sign Pisces. But before it can get there, it must find acceptance for itself as it currently is, and it must embrace humility. Otherwise, a sense of restless dissatisfaction overpowers the mind.

This lunation presents the contradiction of movement and stasis--meaning that sometimes, we evolve through simply being. Most of the time, evolution doesn't need our help. The more we try to fix things, we usually end up getting in the way. The more we try to figure it out, the more we end up short-circuiting the process that is already in the works. Find that balance between active participation and simply letting go.

Insecurities or fears may arise with these energies in relation to our ability to manage daily tasks, details, and obligations. There could be a sense of feeling overwhelmed and unable to handle the pace of things around us. The sign of Virgo helps to focus energy on the moment--to discriminate and prioritize. This lunation may simply bring these wounds to light so that they can be consciously processed and healed.

Ceres in Virgo is in a very close opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This brings up the polarity between physical and spiritual nourishment. Ceres will be in Virgo until early November. At home in the earthy realm of Virgo, Ceres’s transit through this sign is helping us to bring nutritional needs into alignment. Its opposition to Neptune also brings our awareness to subtle energy that feeds us, and the need to balance between the necessities of both realms.

Subtle energy can be the quantum level vibrations of homeopathic medicine, or simply surrounding yourself with laughter and good vibes. It can also relate to the subtle yet powerful rays of the Sun. But, you can’t exactly live off sunshine and good vibes. We also can’t find healing through purely physical and tangible means. Both realms need to be acknowledged and integrated, and this aspect seems to point toward this realization.

Ceres's opposition to Neptune also points to the need to uncover addictive tendencies, as well as deceptions in relation to environmental issues and our food supply. We are facing serious environmental problems such as the fact that more radiation is leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukishima Power plant. This will have a serious impact on not only seafood sourced from the Pacific (Neptune and Chiron in Pisces), but also California's produce which happens to feed much of the United States.

The New Moon makes a sextile to both Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio, inviting us to be fully present and to feel our way through consciously. This New Moon can assist us in reawakening our sensory perception of the world around us, and to restore trust in ourselves as well as in the support of others. It brings a happy medium between expanding and condensing, as well as playfulness and discipline.

Trust the foundation beneath you, what was there before you were born, and what you have worked to solidify all on your own. We aren't alone in this, and this lunation reminds us of the help and support that’s all around us; but we must acknowledge and embrace it, and we must put forth the effort to work with it.

Saturn is ever so slowly approaching a conjunction with the North Node in Scorpio, which will be exact on Sept. 18th. Scorpio is often perceived as a realm of overwhelming intensity and fear, because it deals with elements our society has long suppressed and misused. Saturn in Scorpio is about mastering uncharted realms, consciously stepping up to the challenge, and going where we don’t want to go.

It also carries big lessons about learning to responsibly manage secret knowledge, information, and power. Conjunct the North Node, this is currently a dynamic collective focal point. Saturn and the North Node form a t-square with Mars in opposition to Juno. This challenging configuration brings to light intense friction involved in the integration of individuality with group dynamics.

At the root of it is the notion of maintaining a sense of confidence among harsh demands and possible criticism from others, as well as the need to cooperate and find equanimity between personal and mutual needs. We are challenged to find that fine line between doing it “our own way”, and opening up and trusting that others have mastered another way, which we could learn from.

Again, the more you surrender to what unfolds, and find trust in what may be perceived as unasked for criticism, the more you will grow, and the stronger you will become as a result. Resisting and insisting on your own self-importance, or defending an established group ideology to the bitter end, will result in a rather bloody mess for all concerned.

Mars in Leo, which gives powerful focus and energy toward the expression of the ego, also forms an inconjunct with Neptune in Pisces—which further brings home the message of needing to compromise to a larger collective vision, purpose, and power. This indicates that humility will best serve us all throughout this upcoming lunation cycle. Mars just isn’t going to have it all his way.

Uranus in Aries is inconjunct to the New Moon. While there is an “earthy” and “natural” vibe to this lunation; Uranus in Aries brings in the notion or the necessity of technological intervention. It also suggests that wild and untamed revolutionary urges must be channeled and condensed into workable and practical strategies.

A New Moon is a naturally reflective and passive time. The days surrounding the New Moon are a time to reset ourselves and find peace. Whatever comes up for you, simply sit with it and absorb it. This is a moment to reflect, gather your wits, and prepare for growth. This requires that we nourish and protect ourselves.

In sharp contrast to the previous New Moon in Leo, this lunation presents a bridge that brings attention and focus away from personal needs and concerns and more toward collective or relationship issues. It helps to tame and channel ego desires toward group efforts, service, as well as healing and integration. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kosmic Horizon: September 2013

For those in the northern hemisphere, September marks the gradual end of summer. In the southern portion of the globe, winter slowly gives way to spring. Wherever you are, a transition is upon you. August’s astrology was naturally intense and frictional, all signs of the times. Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus, correlated quite profoundly with significant global events, such as the violence raging in Egypt.

Inwardly and subjectively we all respond to this influx, especially those of us with strong or prominent placements in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). We are in the midst of a global crisis that reflects an inner crisis; but a healthy dose of tension gets us up and off our feet. Most of us learned how to walk, talk, or engage in social interaction. Everything we ever learned was, at one point, initially a challenge.

We need stress for growth to occur, evolution thrives on it. That’s what we need to remember as we reflect on what’s going on, and on what’s about to come. Uncertainty is naturally a part of the deal. In this realm/density we either move with life, or we risk getting trampled. Nature has little compassion, but that’s what separates us from the beasts. Let’s not lose sight of that either, our innate compassion and our ability to consciously transcend instinct.

At the start of the month, Jupiter is slowly inching its way out of the T-Square alignment with Uranus and Pluto. While still technically in orb clear to next year, Jupiter’s exploitive influence of Uranus and Pluto’s tense and historical rendezvous eases up slightly. That doesn’t suggest that things will somehow cool off, but that the peak intensity of this generational configuration is slightly backing off.

September presents a consistent theme surrounding osmosis within relationships: moving past the fear of intimacy and vulnerability, embracing cooperation, trust, and sharing of resources. Most of the summer brought us into contact with deeply personal issues emphasizing emotional needs, security, and creative passion. September creates a more open discussion and dialogue. Things are more on display at this time, and there is a critical emphasis on cooperation within partnerships.

Saturn is slowly moving toward a conjunction with the North Node in Scorpio, which serves as the significant background transit this month. This is the focal point driving all collective events. The message seems to be that, at the moment, we will be more successful if we merge with others of like mind than if we try to go it alone. This is mostly a collective message, although it will show up for each of us in various subtle ways—especially if you have an emphasis of Scorpio or even Taurus in your chart.

This brings critical events involving secrecy and transparency to a dynamic culmination. The misuse of power or hidden information will also be quite relevant at this time. Scorpio is a realm of pure instinct, symbolic of our “lower” animalistic tendencies. It’s that part of the psyche most suppressed by “modern” peoples. As a result of this, it controls our society and appears as an external threat attempting to imprison us in fear.

As I stated above, let’s not forget our ability to consciously transcend instinct. This is different from suppression, in that transcendence requires that we acknowledge, accept, and integrate this aspect of ourselves so that we can work with it as opposed to against it. Because of our denial and suppression of this “hidden” realm of the psyche, we find ourselves the pawns of occult forces which seek to enslave us.

This notion often brings up unresolved and suppressed emotions such as extreme anger, rage, fear, or despair. When confronted with these feelings it’s best to allow them healthy expression as opposed to acting them out. These are the parts of us seeking acceptance and recognition. The more we deny them, or project them on to others, the deeper we sink into our illusory imprisonment.

The more we consciously work with what makes us uncomfortable, the easier it is to handle, and the less control it has over us. So this month, bring it all out into the light and deal with it. Be conscious of your tendency to hoard or hide what you don’t want to get exposed. You are not alone; we all have our shadows. Witness your “darker” and unacknowledged side reflected in those you interact with, and remember that it’s all a reflection of you.
New Moon @ 13 Virgo

The Sun makes an opposition to Chiron on Sept. 3rd which will be a significant feature of the New Moon on Sept. 5th. Jupiter is currently in trine to Chiron as well, and so September starts off with Chirotic themes. The opposition of Sun and Moon in Virgo with Chiron in Pisces brings up the polarity of the “higher” and “lower” aspects of human nature. Chiron in Pisces points us dynamically to the wounds associated with disassociation and collective fragmentation.

The New Moon energy seeks to ground and integrate disparate elements and to focus attention back to the moment and the process; to what’s real and relevant in the moment. This opposition invites us to find balance between being and dissolving; it asks that we find a way to be fully present in our own awareness, while maintaining a connection with a sense timelessness and wonder in relation to the mystery of the universe.

This may bring up some fears associated with losing ourselves in the details, of being unable to manage simple daily tasks and responsibilities. Spiritual or numinous insights will likely emerge through an immersion with practical affairs. When grounded and focused on what needs to be done, a bigger picture will eventually appear. Acknowledge and integrate subtle impressions.

Mercury enters Libra on Sept. 9th setting off the Aries Point, which always has a profound impact on world affairs. Mercury entering Libra will create a highly noticeable shift of energy throughout the collective. Mercury in Libra has a potentially balancing and calming effect on the nervous system, at least until it enters the Uranus/Pluto square later in the month, so soak it up. Here Mercury seeks a more unified awareness of reality—it wants to understand both sides of the coin. This is a good time to become more conscious and clear of your own biases, and to seek a more unified and comprehensive understanding of certain issues. However, indecisiveness is more rampant than usual due to an increased openness to alternating viewpoints.

Also on this day, Mars squares Saturn, the North Node, and the Moon; this could be a bit intense and frustrating. Mars in Leo wants to do its own thing and go its own way. However, that’s not going to work out so well, and if Mars insists there could be some serious conflict. Mercury in Libra could be our saving grace here, because it opens the mind to other viewpoints. This aspect invites us to take some risks, and that might involve having to conform and merge with a group identity.

The trick is to surrender resistance or stubbornness, and to allow the process to alter your uniqueness. There’s something to be learned from both ends, requiring that we meet in the middle. If you hold on to an “all or nothing” type of attitude, it could get ugly. Form and structure helps to refine and tame the ego. See what wisdom you can acquire from what others have mastered.

There is likely to be a lot of intensity as Venus teeters on the edge of Libra, signifying a critical turning point. On Sept. 10th Venus enters Scorpio—and here we have the opportunity to move into new and likely intimate territory. Again this places more emphasis on merging with shared creative momentum, power, or resources. While Venus is in Scorpio we’re more concerned with substance rather than looks.

What looked good last month (August) might appear a bit different since we’re now actually experiencing it for what it really is. Venus in Scorpio takes us to the heart of our desires, and helps to get clear about how we really feel about them. So forget proper social graces; Venus in Scorpio invites us to get raw and real, and to acknowledge whatever comes up, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel. This draws our attraction to the secretive chambers of the psyche.

The Moon forms a catalyzing fire grand trine with Mars in Leo and Uranus in Aries on Sept. 11th.  In addition, the Moon makes a t-square with Vesta in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. This provides plenty of fuel for enthusiastic creative passion and intense focus.
These energies are catalyzing and motivational, however, Neptune’s involvement asks that we get clear about what we’re really passionate about, and to be conscious that it isn’t misdirected in any way. Are you being motivated by an authentic signal from your heart, or are you chasing some delusional ideal imposed upon you? Be cautious of what you put your energy into.

Venus in Scorpio makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces on Sept. 13th. The Moon, while approaching a conjunction with Pluto, makes sextiles to Venus, Saturn, and the North Node in Scorpio in addition to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. These aspects ask us: How we can make light of heavy and sometimes unsavory material? There is the potential of candy coating the macabre quite a bit. While obscuring the reality of what we’re actually faced with, we’re more likely to get it down our throat if it tastes better.

The Mars and Uranus trine is exact on Sept. 14th, and Mercury squares Pluto, while Venus squares Juno. Mercury makes an exact opposition to Uranus on Sept. 15th. That means the Uranus/Pluto square gets fired up quite a bit (especially the 13th through the 16th). We can anticipate an influx of collective tension and turmoil as usual, but Mars in Leo trine Uranus in Aries opens up creative and passionate channels. If used consciously, rather than destructively, these energies are conducive to forming new creative pathways that allow us to restructure and balance whatever system we find ourselves working with.

Venus in Scorpio square Juno in Aquarius brings our focus and attention toward partnerships and issues of desire versus true commitment and connection. This could also bring up partnership disputes, especially if certain desires distract or take away from shared or mutual goals. Venus in Scorpio can be possessive and domineering, preferring to keep things private and undisclosed. However, Juno in Aquarius requires that certain elements are brought to light openly so that they can be dealt with. Finding a compromise between transparency and secrecy (when appropriate) is the challenge.

Sept. 16th brings a powerful conjunction between Saturn and the North Node to exactness. Venus joins in pulling it deeper into collective awareness on Sept. 18th. A conjunction between Saturn and the Moon’s North Node occurs every 10-12 years. Saturn urges us to get serious about forward movement and releasing stagnant patterns that keep us stuck in the past. While it might feel safer and more certain maintaining things as they are, we are likely to encounter serious setbacks and frustration the more we resist.

This conjunction of planets, which has been building up to intensity for several weeks, demands that we master integration and cooperation with others. There’s always a risk to take, and fears to face in such circumstances—but Saturn insists that we deal with it, and step up to the challenge.  This suggests that we release stubbornness, narrow-mindedness, and isolating tendencies.

There is a powerful “karmic” element surrounding this particular configuration—so be on the lookout for significant connections with others that could help clear up loose ends or unresolved issues from the past. A Full Moon in Pisces occurs on Sept. 19th, bringing a dynamic culmination and resolution within consciousness. This Full Moon is all about surrender, trust, and acceptance—opening oneself up to the support of larger forces. 

Full Moon @ 26 Pisces

Pluto turns stationary direct and sextiles Saturn on Sept. 20th. This provides a thrust of momentum and excitement that further catalyzes the pursuit of deep change and tremendous growth. If you’ve been doing the hard work, and have been open to penetrating barriers to your own growth and maturity, then this aspect gives an extra boost. Venus’ proximity to Saturn indicates a breakthrough that opens the way for deep intimacy and osmosis within relationships, helping to move past blockages that have impeded authentic connection and sharing.

The Sun enters Libra on Sept. 22nd, signifying the shift and transition of seasons. Day and night are of equal length as the Sun teeters on the balancing scales of equanimity. The Sun’s movement into Libra further amplifies the themes of cooperation and mutual sharing. The Moon’s conjunction to the South Node suggests letting go of tendencies to hoard and segregate personal resources.

Venus trines Jupiter on Sept. 26th, and the Sun makes a trine to newly directed Juno in Aquarius. These aspects open up doorways within intimate or close relationships. Jupiter trine Venus creates emotionally charged intimacy within sexual partnerships, or the ability to open up emotionally and share vulnerable or sensitive material with those you trust. However, on Sept. 28th, Venus squares Mars in Leo which brings challenges up to the surface—so these three days (26th through 28th) are potentially both bitter and sweet.

Make sure you are honest and authentic when opening yourself either emotionally or sexually with another, as the square to Mars and Venus could bring it all out into the open. It’s best to be unfurled and real about your needs, as well as receptive and responsive to the needs of a partner.

Mercury enters Scorpio on Sept. 29th inviting us to probe and investigate hidden aspects of the psyche. Mercury’s transit through Scorpio creates a bridge between intellect and instinct--which means we have a chance to uncover specific knee-jerk reactions to situations. Pluto’s trine to Vesta in Virgo makes this a day of intense mental concentration which can reveal what’s normally far beyond conscious recognition. There’s a grating and obsessive quality to these energies, which can be constructive or overwhelming.

The month closes on Sept. 30th with Mercury entering the initial shadow of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde cycle (Oct. 21 through Nov. 10). Quite often, specific themes, issues, or situations we find ourselves dealing with during the retrograde surface at the initial shadow, so be conscious of this.

Sept 3- -Sun opposition Chiron

Sept 4—Venus opposition Eris

Sept 5--New Moon @ 13 Virgo 04'

Sept 7--Sun sextile Jupiter

Sept 9--Mercury enters Libra, Mars square Saturn, Vesta enters Virgo and conjoins Transpluto

Sept 10--Venus enters Scorpio

Sept 11--Fire grand trine: Mars, Uranus, and Moon; Moon T-Square: Neptune, Transpluto, Vesta; Venus sextile Transpluto, Pallas enters Leo, Venus sextile Vesta, and Mercury trine Juno.

Sept 13--Venus trine Neptune; Moon sextile Venus, Neptune, Saturn, and Chiron; Moon conjunct Pluto and square Uranus.

Sept 14--Mars trine Uranus, Mercury square Pluto, Venus square Juno

Sept 15--Mercury opposition Uranus, Moon square Venus, Saturn, and Nodal Axis, Saturn sextile Ceres

Sept 16--Pluto trine Ceres

Sept 17--Moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron, trine Venus, Saturn, and North Node, Neptune opposition Vesta

Sept 18--Venus conjunct Saturn and North Node, Pallas opposition Juno

Sept 19--Full Moon @ 26 Pisces 41'

Sept 20--Pluto stationary direct, Saturn sextile Pluto, Venus sextile Ceres

Sept 22—Sun enters Libra: Autumnal equinox (Northern Hemisphere) and spring equinox (Southern Hemisphere); Earth grand trine: Moon, Pluto, and Ceres.

Sept 23--Juno stationary direct, Mercury opposition Eris

Sept 26--Venus trine Jupiter, Last Quarter Moon, Sun trine Juno

Sept 28--Venus square Mars

Sept 29--Mercury enters Scorpio, Mercury sextile Transpluto, Pluto trine Vesta

Sept 30--Mercury enters retrograde shadow

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Illuminating The Underworld: Full Moon In Aquarius 2013

Hermes reunites Persephone and Demeter.
Detail from The Return of Persephone,
circa 1891, by Frederic Leighton. 

Full Moon @ 28 degrees Aquarius 11’
August 20, 2013
6:45 PM Pacific
3:45 PM Eastern

Aquarius tends to amp things up—it kicks it up a notch. That’s pretty much the deal with this lunation, since this is the second of two Full Moons to occur in this sign in 2013. It’s quite a big deal because in addition to two Full Moons in that Aquarian double current, August’s Full Moon is anaretic. That’s an astro-geeky reference for a significant placement at the very end of a zodiac sign, generally 28-29 degrees.

So what’s the big deal with that? The anarectic degrees of the zodiac are pressurized; anything placed there gets condensed, and the result is often explosive, literally or symbolically. I often say that “something is about to explode” whenever an anaretic degree is prominent. Many significant events throughout history were unleashed preceding a planet or significant placement occurring at an anaretic degree. I’m not predicting anything here. I am only pointing out the inherent nature of this zodiac hot spot.

On an individual level, we’re all likely to feel this in one way or another--this “building up” of energy, the sense of something giving way. The floodgates are bursting open alongside a critical culmination of energy which is inherent for any Full Moon. With Aquarius, and with the 28th degree, this process becomes more exponential. The Uranian side of Aquarius is radical, revolutionary, and rather unpredictable.

Combined with the simultaneous Pluto/Uranus square and Jupiter Square Uranus and Opposition Pluto—we’re all feeling the overwhelming growing pains that are symptomatic of a restless revolutionary undercurrent welling up from the collective psyche. Aquarius is fast paced and it likes to assimilate swiftly. We get the sense of a quickening evolutionary process, which means that new innovations are emerging within bright and receptive minds, alongside the illusory experience of time acceleration.

Whether these innovations are used for the improvement of society or for darker self-serving interests is entirely up to the free will of the recipient. Any events, intentions, or situations you find coming to a critical flowering or breaking point are likely tied to seeds planted back at the New Moon in early February of this year. The Full Moon conjoins Neptune in Pisces and sits in opposition, naturally, to the Sun and a rather interesting group of astrological entities: Ceres and Transpluto (aka Persephone) along with Mercury (Hermes).

Now since this is a radical, eccentric, and pretty much off the wall lunation, I’m going to take a moment to discuss Transpluto and its significance, since it’s only 2 degrees from a conjunction with the Sun, and since the Sun sits on the Ceres/Transpluto midpoint. Transpluto is considered a “hypothetical” planet. That means that as a physical planetary body, it can’t be tested since it has yet to be physically sited. I would argue that for astrologers, it’s definitely more theoretical, because they can test it, and they do. Needless to say, the use of Transpluto in astrology is rather controversial ground, especially from the perspective of traditional astrologers. 

There are several books about Transpluto and a large body of research conducted on this hypothetical object to convince me of not only its significance, but also its likely existence as a real tangible entity within our solar system. Transpluto appears to be a dynamic and impactful archetypal force within the ranks of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. My sense of Transpluto is that, because it is still unconscious and very much dormant within the collective psyche (like a lot of other stuff), we do not have the tools to deal with it on an individual level.

I find that it often overwhelms us completely, and as a result we end up short circuiting the energy and misinterpreting its underlying intentions (which is common with all Trans-Saturnian planets, since they deal with energies beyond our physical/tangible perception). But that doesn't mean we can’t use it constructively (there are many who do), but that most of us cannot fully grasp the complexity of the process it deals with, since it’s a part of an emerging paradigm we, as a society, are not yet (obviously) ready for.

Transpluto is the result of mathematical reasoning and speculation. After the discoveries of Uranus and Neptune, astronomers noticed that there were anomalies, or perturbations, in the two planets predicted paths—meaning they weren't behaving like they should, which could only result from the gravitational tug from another nearby object. In fact, Neptune’s discovery was catalyzed by these same observations in Uranus’ unusual orbit. Pluto’s discovery proved anticlimactic because initially it was believed to be the reason for the anomalies; shortly after however it was realized that Pluto failed to account for the perturbations.

And so, even with the discovery of a slew of other objects beyond Neptune, the mysterious Transpluto has yet to be seen, and must theoretically exist since nothing has as of yet explained away the anomalies. The first ephemeris (based on its mathematically predicted position) was published in 1972 by Theodor Landscheidt and Reinhold Ebertain (yes, collaboration between an astronomer and astrologer). Other ephemerides with differing calculations have emerged, but their variations are all but slight. Therefore, Transpluto has been studied by modern astrologers ever since, and has proved itself a reliable and testable object.

The name Persephone was initially proposed by astronomer H.H Kritzinger; he reasoned that because the object was just beyond Pluto (god of the underworld) that Transpluto must be its consort (Persephone as Queen of the Underworld). There is an asteroid by the (official) name of Persephone, and many argue that Transpluto cannot be named Persephone as well.  With official naming aside, I will say that from my experience Transpluto carries with it many elements pertinent to the Persephone mythos. A very convincing and extremely well researched book on this subject is Persephone Is Transpluto: The Scientific, Mythological & Astrological Discovery of the Planet Beyond Pluto by astrologer and astronomer Valerie Vaughn. I highly recommend it for astrologers, astronomers, or those just interested in the subject. 

Since both Transpluto (Persephone) and Ceres sit in opposition to this pressurized Aquarian lunation, I will suggest that the myth of Ceres and Persephone is playing a prominent role at this time, and will likely have an association with whatever emerges from it. Ceres (or Demeter) is Persephone’s mother. Depending on which version of the narrative you read, Persephone is either abducted against her will, or she willingly chooses to go to the underworld. In the much later patriarchal version (which I feel is more relevant to our current collective awareness), Pluto, god of the underworld, abducts Persephone and takes her away from Ceres and Mt. Olympus after tempting her with a narcissus flower.

Persephone becomes Pluto’s wife; accruing the title of Queen of the underworld, and together they rule and govern the dead. Neither Ceres nor Persephone is happy about the situation. Ceres searches everywhere for her beloved daughter, for nine days, but obviously fails to find her. She ends up conversing with the Sun who tells her the whole story. Ceres, as the goddess of fertility and harvest, causes the earth to dry up; it becomes lifeless as a result of her grief, creating an environmental crisis of sorts.

Ceres leaves Olympus and goes to live (and wander) the barren and ice covered earth, disguising herself as an old (mortal) woman. Ending up in Eleusis (in some versions) Ceres sits by a well and meets four young sisters who ask what she’s doing there. She makes up a story (obviously, because she couldn't possibly tell the truth, revealing her divinity). The girls invite Ceres to come stay with them and their family.

Ceres agrees, and ends up becoming a sort of midwife, nursing their mother’s newborn son (perhaps an attempt to compensate for her personal loss). Eventually, Ceres reveals her true identity, and demands that they build her a temple. There Ceres sits, still heartbroken and sorrowful due to the loss of her daughter. The world becomes ever more barren, lifeless, and cold, an epidemic of famine takes hold of the immortal earthlings.

Zeus decides that something must be done, and so he sends Hermes (being a sly and silver tongued trickster) to the underworld to retrieve Persephone. Pluto realizes he cannot refuse the order of Zeus, and so agrees to let her go. Before leaving however, Pluto convinces Persephone to eat a pomegranate seed (or seeds, depending on which version; sometimes she eats three). As a result of this, Persephone must return to the Underworld during one third of the year (three months of winter). And so, the story correlates to the origin of the seasons.

When Persephone must return, Ceres grieves and the earth becomes barren and cold creating the winter season. When Persephone returns, life once again emerges and spring is born. The story is very much about the process of death and rebirth, the impermanence of beauty, life, and innocence. It describes a process of initiation, which changes Persephone forever; she’s never quite the same again. Persephone is taken (abducted) from an idyllic field of flowers on the ascended Mt. Olympus. She’s dragged against her will, kicking and screaming into the underworld.

Upon her return, she is permanently stained by her experience. She brings the underworld back with her. Such is the experience of Transpluto; it permanently alters our reality and leaves an everlasting imprint upon the individual. It offers us a powerful initiatory process in which we must cross an evolutionary threshold, leaving old ways behind us. Often that takes us into an alternate dimension, or we become a part of two separate and seemingly conflicting realms. It is a planet of paradox, but ultimately, it is a construct of reconciliation.

Certainly not a reality we humans have yet to fully experience or comprehend—but, once or if it is discovered, we are likely to get catapulted into an entirely foreign and unimaginable paradigm. I have found Persephone/Transpluto to have an antithetical resonance to that of Pluto. While Pluto deals with death, decay, and entropy--Persephone embodies growth, empowerment, and ectropy; she seeks to pull us up and out of the mud, so to speak. Although, that process involves extremely harsh demands placed upon an individual, in which they must learn to rely entirely on themselves.

Another researcher who has done a lot of work on Transpluto is astrologer Lynn Koiner[1]. In her article, Transpluto Is Real! she reveals the results of her research and its effects within the individual natal horoscope. Lynn found a distinct personality type that emerged when Transpluto was conjunct significant natal placements, such as the Sun, Moon, and the angles of the chart. She found very strong perfectionist qualities associated with Transpluto, much like the zodiac sign of Virgo.

In many of the situations, the individual with strong configurations often had a highly demanding and critical parent. Lynn provides keywords associated with the Transpluto personality type: The Perfectionsit/Perfectionism, Self-Sufficiency, The Reformer Complex, and Alienation. One key element of Transpluto was that it was associated with extreme self-sufficiency, which was a psychological backlash to protect one from criticism and fault finding.  

From my own observations over the years I've found Lynn’s discoveries to be incredibly accurate and consistent whenever Transpluto is poignantly placed in the chart. It’s significant in the charts of highly “successful” (by the standards of our society) and infamous individuals who seem to “go their own way” and really push the limits of their talents and abilities, and as a result become extremely self-sufficient in the process. It also carries the theme of apotheosis, giving an individual a certain, "god like status". However, that’s not always the case.

It’s also prominent in the horoscopes of lottery winners. Lynn mentions that in all the cases she studied, Transpluto was making a conjunction or square to the ruler of the second house cusp, a planet in the second house, or Venus. In Astrology’s Special Measurements, in which Lynn’s article was originally published, Noel Tyl mentions a case in his article titled The Measure of the Astrologer, where a client of his “received a great deal of money unexpectedly”[2], while transiting Transpluto was opposing his client’s natal Venus.

Of further interest is the work of Astrologer Joyce Wehrman[3]. Joyce spent a great deal of her life studying the astrology of luck and gambling. She came up with a system she claimed could determine, at any specific moment, when an individual was either “on the wheel”, as she called it, or “off the wheel”. In other words, through her method you can determine when someone is either lucky or unlucky at any given time or place.

Joyce’s system is highly specific and incredibly complex. It requires a great deal of work because the horoscope needs to be extremely exact, down to the second. That means that you must test the chart over and over, to not only rectify the horoscope to its accurate time, but to also determine which specific planets or transiting house cusps trigger, for the individual, the most fortunate times. Joyce suggested starting out with penny blackjack, otherwise, that could be an expensive process.

Anyway, my point is that Joyce equally found that Transpluto was involved in the process of determining lucky wins or losses. So much so that she included it in her system, which as I stated, only works if the chart is incredibly precise. This eventually became a computer program developed by Matrix Software, which definitely makes it much easier to utilize. In my opinion, Transpluto is real! There’s something there, and that something is a force to be reckoned with. Because of its influence on these latter cases I've just described, I was led to discover that Transpluto has a distinct influence on money and economics.

The word economics is Greek for the management of the home, ecos (home) and nomia (management). In the myth of Ceres and Persephone, the earth (our home), becomes barren, cold, and desolate--leading to a global environmental and economic crisis for all (us) mortals. Economics isn't just about money, it’s about natural resources which we exchange with symbolic currency; it’s about how we sustain ourselves, and that often involves food and nourishment (themes related specifically to Ceres).

Again, this Full Moon sits in direct opposition to both Ceres and Transpluto (Persephone). It also happens to conjoin the natal (or radix) Moon in the U.S. Sibly horoscope--a highly sensitive point which was activated by none other than Transpluto itself (along with other transits and secondary progressions) during key events which lead to the Great Depression and the recent Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2012, which I would say is definitely not over, unfortunately.

This Full Moon isn't an eclipse, but it is, in my opinion, a very significant lunation that could carry a symbolic impact. It sheds a bright light on our national (and global) food supply, new and emerging technological advancements, economic issues, and the general well-being of planet earth. I believe that currently, Persephone is trapped in the underworld and that Ceres mourns the loss of her beloved daughter. Our world has become neglected and is dying. This compelling astrological object is slowly but surely becoming conscious within each of us, it is vying for our attention.

Persephone will one day return to the earth and spring will once again flourish and embrace the earth with new life. Its probable discovery will not signal a “solution” or “cure” to our global (economic, financial, or environmental) crisis, but rather the opening of new realms and realities which completely alter the perspective and understanding of the very root of such problems. With this lunation we have the opportunity to embrace the contradictions we’re currently dealing with, and to accept them for what they are. 

What that means is that the world is changing. There’s no going back to the way it was. The good old days will never return, even the perfect agrarian ideal of endless green pastures and bright sunny days. No, we have crossed a significant threshold; we aren't in Kansas anymore. So what do we do? Well we can’t hang on to the past (Norman Rockwell and Apple Pie Americana), and we can’t just give up and let the world become a barren and lifeless landscape (adopting a sort of hopeless or nihilistic attitude).

The myth of Ceres and Persephone points us dynamically to the concept of compromise, of both/and, not either/or. We must embrace the inherent polarities and contradictions, surrender to the chaos, and love it for what it is. Everything dies, all will come to an end. But the end is just another step within the process. Finality is merely our perception and assumption. So where is it all going? I can’t claim that I know, but we’re all going with it. You can either go willingly or….kicking and screaming, take your pick.

Transpluto/Persephone is slowly moving into the sign of Virgo, and will officially leave Leo in July of 2014. Persephone has been transiting Leo since 1938. I believe this transit correlates our current economic, industrial, and cultural emphasis on all Leonian themes: amusement/entertainment, ego glorification, self-indulgence, pleasure orientation, glamour, celebrity idols, etc., etc. It's transit through Virgo is likely to pop our collective ego bubble, and quite literally rain on the parade. Leo is all about the power of personality and the individual. Virgo is about how the individual fits into the larger scheme of society, and how it can serve the greater good.

That's quite an inversion, and a definite cultural shift. Virgo's emphasis is on improving health, the environment, and serving a larger collective purpose. What the economic ramifications will be--let your imagination run wild. Persephone, again, correlates to the theme of apotheosis, and creates a collective worship of the symbols inherent to the sign it is in. Ego/Self worship is meeting its end, the party is over. Economic structures related to the qualities of Virgo will gradually build and replace those outmoded Leonian industries as the curtain comes down.

Now, from that digression, let us look at other aspects of the Full Moon. As I stated at the beginning of this article, it correlates to a powerful flowering, culmination, and an explosive archetypal influx. Anaretic degrees signify a critical shifting of energy, a build-up, and can equally correlate to instability within a structure. In the Full Moon horoscope Jupiter is within minutes of an exact Square with Uranus, and just leaving its first Opposition to Pluto. The Jupiter and Uranus square is exact about 5 and ½ hours after the Full Moon.

This is some intense and critical energy, which has been active ever since Jupiter entered Cancer at the end of June. Jupiter expands and amplifies this highly individualistic, rebellious, and cutting edge Uranus in Aries—and both Squares (Jupiter Square Uranus and Uranus Square Pluto) are waxing squares. That means there’s a lot of cutting away and consolidating that needs to be done. Jupiter in Cancer relates to our home, our sense of security, nourishment, and foundation. Uranus in Aries relates to our need to be free to express ourselves authentically and to forge new frontiers.

This Full Moon, again, brings up the issue of reconciliation and compromise. How can we allow change to progress and take shape without losing our place in the world completely, without uprooting everything? How do we integrate these two needs so that they both have free expression? How do we acknowledge the need for those things that provide safety and comfort without clinging to the past and stifling forward progress? The only way is through trying it out, working out the kinks, and by allowing ourselves to make mistakes.

The tension suggested by these aspects requires that we tough it out. Through the friction and tension a new form emerges. Jupiter makes a Trine to the North Node in Scorpio, and a Trine to Chiron in Pisces. Jupiter Trine the North Node is an incredibly supportive influence, it reveals that as long we are real, open, and vulnerable--we are likely to find plenty of help and support as we face very deep, dark, and rough terrain. It also allows us to free ourselves of stagnation, pushing us through the clutter and obstacles to get to the bottom line essentials. Perhaps this Full Moon sheds light on paths that lead us effortlessly toward an essential cleansing and decluttering process, and allows us to merge easily with others going in the same direction.

On a personal and collective level, we must be open to support and feedback, especially when it’s literally being handed to us on a shiny silver platter. Jupiter’s first Trine to Chiron ignites a powerful healing opportunity that will last until next summer. It allows us to heal and integrate the root of certain wounds, and to guide us toward higher perceptions which reveal the truth of those wounds. This is a time of incredible insight that opens up a clear and numinous perception.

From now until next May, Jupiter Trine Chiron can assist in deep emotional processing, physical healing, integration, and the gifting of powerful intuitive insights and understanding gleamed from higher densities. Amidst the conflict and potential instability of the T-square with Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter—the Chiron/Jupiter Trine asks that we remain open and vulnerable, and that we surrender to our own healing process. This is tricky because many other elements are encouraging us to fight and attack things head on (Mars conjunct Lilith and Jupiter square Uranus).

Perhaps, along with this lunation, comes a moment of acceptance, trust, and surrender, since the Full Moon conjoins Neptune in Pisces, creating an awareness of higher omnipotent forces. Aquarius is a powerful conduit of objectivity. Perhaps we get a glimpse, if only momentarily, of why things are the way they are, or why it all unfolds the way it does. If we surrender our judgments and preconceived notions; if we let go of all fear, paranoia, worry, and anxiety, for just a moment, we may just see that at the root of everything there is a divine and benevolent force guiding us toward a truly higher purpose.

Sometimes, that higher purpose takes us into lurid and disturbing landscapes, such as deep into the underworld. But at the root of it, we’re all going the same direction, despite the perceived detours. While it may not seem apparent from our limited third density perception, we are oneness striving to know and love itself. Remember that, and see that truth reflected in all eyes your gaze encounters. 


[1] Lynn Koiner's full article on Transpluto is posted on her website:

[2] Astrology's Special Measurements, Llewellyn Publications (1994), p. 4. 

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