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New Moon In Aquarius 2012

 New Moon in Aquarius
Jan 22, 2012 @ 11:39 PM Pacific
Jan 23, 2012 @ 2:39 AM Eastern
2 degrees Aquarius 42'

As the Sun and Moon conjoin in Aquarius, we feel a rapid mutation within our bodies and minds--a quickening of consciousness emerges from the primordial darkness. Faster and more efficiently, we look for ways of improving--not exactly making "better", but rather, evolving further beyond what we know as familiar, comfortable, and routine. The New Moon makes a sextile to Uranus and Ceres around the Aries point, further amplifying this new perception of reality that sits before us. We feel the fusion of advanced knowing and of technology, fused elegantly with the nurturing support of earthy Ceres. We are not improving nature, but rather, finding the genius inherent within it--and extracting that essence into manifesting creations which are but a commemoration of divine design. The new moon itself is involved in a strikingly clear T-square configuration involving Jupiter in Taurus in opposition Saturn at the 29th (Anaretic degree) of Libra. We feel this tension in our bodies and minds--this desire for change, for progress, for movement--and of pushing ourselves beyond the past.

This is a new cycle, the past two weeks has had us releasing, letting go, tossing out, and decluttering our lives, bodies, and minds of all that stagnation which would strangle us if held onto. Now the new process emerges, and in Aquarius, we can be assured that something new is on the horizon--but we are challenged to make progress ourselves, it wont emerge out of thin air--we must make the effort to make the changes we want to see show up in our lives now. Mars is turning retrograde the day of the New Moon--so aggressive forward action and movement will be hindered if we are not concious of the inevitable revision which much take place now. What has become weak? What have we allowed to fall into unconciousness, and allowed the passion, drive, love, joy, and energy to slip away into some hidden and secret black hole? Over the next three months we are being gifted the opportunity to infuse life back into the systems and structures of our lives--to build up, support, sustain, and make stronger all those pieces which have been neglected, forgotton, or buried away.

We may find ourselves at a sort of cross currents (Aquarian double current)--wanting urgently to move forward, to blast off into hyperdrive and embrace the stars--and yet, feel a pull toward the past, to unresolved and unfinished business and details we must attend to. This new Moon could be seen as an opportunity to breathe fresh air into the things we are currently, or have been dealing with, and of situations or relationships dealing with the past. Check in with your actions, impulses, and desires. Do these really serve you? Are you conscious, are you in control of these subtle yet powerful motivations--where do they stem from? Are they some left over trigger from childhood, or do they relate to some unresolved event in your life in which you have yet to release and deal with? This is the time to get clear, to get objective, and to look at things with a more critical and sharper lens to gain a greater and more expansive perception of your life, and of the lives around you. (For more on Mars retrograde, check out my article, Mars Retrograde in Virgo 2012).  Ideally, at this juncture, we are but preparing for the future, and the more time we dedicate to each piece and fragment, the more successful our objectives, goals, dreams, and plans will be.

As we set our intentions this new moon, dream big, look to the stars for inspiration. Know, don't believe, but truly know, deep inside, that anything is possible with the right kind of commitment and dedication. What do you want to change in your life, or even, in the world? The more clear you are about the things inside yourself that are holding you back, the more these forces will support and sustain you. It may take much time and effort to create what you want, but don't fall into the trap of believing is has to necessarily be "hard", or difficult--see it as a challenge, a challenge to evolve beyond the known, and beyond the familiar. Perhaps what you are doing now is entirely unique, perhaps you are walking that proverbial road less traveled, and as a result, feel you have little support from those around you--you may even find yourself quite challenged by external forces. Don't fret, see this challenge as the momentum to make your position stronger, and ultimately more functional and efficient. There are a lot of ideas floating around the ethers now, lots of little light bulbs with butterfly wings--so keep your eyes open, your mind receptive, trust your intuitive hunches, and allow the thoughts and impulses to flutter about. Keep in mind, however, that there is also a lot of idealism, and so it would be wise to stick also to things you know you are able to truly solidify.

We're in a sort of retrograde season, which will carry us through the summer--we have Mars turning retrograde in synch with this lunation, and Venus retrograde in mid May, along with the much anticipated and historical Transit of Venus--the closing of the cycle which opened in 2004. Be open, be humble, be receptive--the first half of this year is all about changing our perceptions, seeing and reconsidering things from an entirely different viewpoint. The retrograde archetype is essentially all about revision and doing things differently--if we can be humble enough to accept that we never truly have all the answers, the universe will be more than happy to show us why. It is times like these that great mysteries are unveiled, new horizons emerge from the depths of the unconscious psyche of humanity. Put your ideas aside, and be ready for the experience, to be shown just how vast and infinite our world truly is.

 The sabian symbol for the new moon reads:

"A deserter from the Navy."

This image presents us with the notion of leaving something behind, deserting some situation and moving on--moving forward into fresh, new territory. The word desert implies a barren wasteland, no longer sustainable or appropriate for much life to flourish. When we desert something, it is because there is no more potential with what is--and thus we must leave and search for a more hospitable place. There is no shame is leaving something behind, especially if holding on to it would hinder our growth, nourishment, and happiness. Sometimes, when things deteriorate to a point where we can no longer scavenge the remains, the best thing we can do is move on to greener pastures.

This ties in perfectly with the theme of Mars retrograde--because quite often some temporary situation burns out, we loose the passion and desire to sustain it. Ideally, for the most part, we are encouraged to look for ways to strengthen and support something that has fallen into dissaray--but sometimes, that isn't an option. In a relationship, for example, it takes two individuals who are committed to making things work, and if one refuses to make changes, then there is no possibility for forward movement to occur. Look to your life and see what needs to go to make room for the new, to allow for more expansion to enter, and more doors to open. Clear out all the clutter that's preventing further growth and evolution to occur now. Before we can blast off into the infinite potential of what could be, we need to get real with the moment.

This new moon has the feeling of letting go of the past, of things no longer useful or sustaining--and looking ahead at the potential of what lies just beyond the horizon. Take a good look at what is, and whether it is worth carrying on with it. As we meditate on this symbol, let us be conscious of our true impulses and motivations. Do we have to abandon the whole thing, or can we simply let go of certain pieces and aspects? Does deserting mean running away, are we avoiding anything? This doesn't have to apply to a specific situation--it could be the deserting of an idea, a way of thinking or perceiving your life, and embracing an entirely new or different viewpoint. Whatever it is that needs to go now, trust that it will be replaced in due time with something much more functional and rewarding. Dane Rudhyar, in An Astrological Mandala, has this to say of the symbol:

"Man refuses to accept the type of cultural patterns derived from his society's specific approach to local circumstances and to the universe as a whole, and in another sense, from its particular relationship to the all-human collective unconscious. (The Navy refers to the ocean, symbol of primordial and unconscious evolutionary forces.) He not only refuses to obey orders, he deliberately turns his back on his collective social status; he becomes an outcast, and through this decision may definitely individualize his consciousness."
 Antithetical to this degree is the symbol for 3 degrees of Leo:

"A woman having her hair bobbed"

Obviously this symbol deals with cutting back and trimming away the excess. Put together, we have both options to adhere move on and walk away, or to simply revise, rework, trim or cut away the fragments which are no longer working. I feel this lunation is very much a guide to working with the upcoming three month Mars retrograde cycle--so be mindful of these themes, they are likely to become much more meaningful in due time, peaking along with the Full Moon on March 8th, 2012. In other words, whatever you find yourself working on now will very much solidify and come to a head in about two months time, just before the spring equinox--a time for resetting our solar cycle intentions. Things to ponder.

SolarScopes via Tropical Zodiac
Sun sign horoscopes are generalized readings which interpret collective energies as they are perceived through the multivalent lens of the zodiac. Imagine light permeating a prism as it is refracted into a multiplicity of colors. Each frequency perceives the inherent nature of a particular lunation differently. These are written for specific archetypes within the tropical zodiac, but are not limited to simply "Sun signs", and can also be accurate in describing individuals with a particular archetypal dominance in their personality, as revealed through the natal horoscope itself. If you know which house of your horoscope Mars will retrograde through, you can use these as a general guide to its influence as well, check the house number in parenthesis.

ARIES (6th)
New connections could suddenly pop up--or perhaps you'll find yourself sorting through your network to find those that are truly worth keeping around. It may be a challenge to really get going with something--maybe you're feeling less motivated than usual, or find yourself less energetic. If you can stop yourself in the moment, and take it all in, each piece and each fragment, you'll eventually see how it all fits there's no rush. This could be an excellent time to strengthen your health and wellness, to find way to better nourish your body, mind, and soul. You may also find yourself organizing more, and compartmentalizing so that things are more efficient in the future. Just take it all in the moment. You are looking for ways to better serve yourself as well as others--strengthening your "working" skills so you can be more efficient.

TAURUS (5th)
Career shifts, a change in direction--however subtle, is in the works. Your likely entering a period of creative re-evaluation. Moving on head strong now may leave you feeling as if you're neglecting yourself. Where is the joy? Fun? Vitality? Laughter? If such things have been a bit sparse, it's time to loosen up a little--let yourself play. You don't need to be so serious now, think of it all as a big game. The less attached you are to the outcome, to winning or loosing, the more fun it'll be. If anything, just let your hair down, and go with with the flow--ride that creative wave. Trust your inner child now as it leads you into this fun and spontaneous world. Just be mindful of any impulses urging you to take drastic actions--you don't need to quit your job and escape to the Bahamas, but simply look for ways to make your everyday reality a little more fun and interesting.

GEMINI (4th)
A new perspective is in the works--and along with it, old ways of perceiving things are dissipating, allowing for the whole picture to come into focus. Your entering a period in which the very foundation is in need of support--your home life, family, basically that place you feel more comfortable and most like yourself. Now is the time to look for ways of building a stronger and more supportive foundation--which could involve some much needed interpersonal time and self reflection.  Nothing drastic is needed now, just stick with simple and minor improvements, and you'll come up against less resistance. This could be an excellent time for improving boundaries with those you live with it--or even with yourself--whatever that means.

CANCER (3rd)
You may be feeling like letting go of shared ideas, resources, and attachments--emptying out an accumulation of unneeded things. If you want to go deeper, you'll have to move through all the clutter that's preventing you from going further. Your entering a period of mental reshuffling, finding ways of supporting and strengthening how you communicate to others and get your message across. Keep your mind open, be humble to the messages coming at you. If you come up against obstacles, ask  yourself, do I need more information before moving forward? There are little tid-bits flying all around, and the more receptive you are, the better your chances of catching them all--or at least some of them. Your mind needs a bit of sharpening, and you'll likely discover some long lost data stored in those memory banks you never thought existed or was lost.

LEO (2nd)
Both old and new ways of relating to others are prominent now--so look to how you can better cooperate with those you form relationships to. You are entering a period which will allow you to strengthen and support your income flow, as well as the things you place personal value to, and what motivates your spending habits. If money seems a bit dry, it's likely that there's some pieces missing in the equation. This is good time to check in with your spending impulses, and to get clear about what you actually need versus what you think you want. The universe is filled with infinite possibilities, so don't limit yourself to purely one source--perhaps you may find yourself going back to something you forgot all about, which could be quite lucrative later down the road.

VIRGO (1st)
There's a lot of changes going for you Virgo, especially in regards to your well being, health, and vitality--and this is also tied into your personal appearance and presentation style. You're letting go of various pieces and fragments which are taking up too much space, so that you can get more clear about where you're going--you may also find yourself checking in more with how you project yourself, and how you initiate action. This is a good time to test out various ways of self projection, and to take in feedback from others--this will allow you a process of trial and error, to see what works and what doesn't. Just who are you, and what do you identify with? This is a time be less impulsive, and more conscious of your deeper desires and motivations, a lot can be learned here.

LIBRA (12th)
You could be experiencing changes in the way you enjoy yourself--maybe you've been indulging too much and it's time to get your act together--or conversely, maybe things have been a bit dull, and you need a little time for yourself and some fun.The next few months may feel a bit, confusing--and moving forward may be a bit more challenging than usual. The best option is probably to refrain from making any drastic decisions, because the road ahead of you looks too foggy right now. This time favors more introversion, and deep self reflection--whatever has been buried away is likely to resurface now, and it would greatly benefit you to take a look at it, no matter how you initially feel about it. It could be a challenge directing the course of things, so the best advice is to simply surrender and let the universe guide you now. Trust the process, you are learning there are greater forces guiding you than you are presently aware of.

SCORPIO (11th)
You may find yourself letting go of things from the past, or cleaning up your living space so that there's more room to stretch out. You are entering a period where you'll be reinforcing the contacts in your network--friendships, organizations, and communities all fall under this theme. You may feel too involved with others, and may find yourself needing to have less people around, or alternately, you may feel the need to link up more because you've been a bit anti-social. You could find yourself strengthening a community you belong to, and your role within it. If you don't feel you've been getting your fair share, perhaps its time to look at how you're giving back, and what you can do to better solidify your role as part of a larger group.

New ideas and information will come the more you let go of old concepts and outworn theories and speculations. The next few months are likely to bring about a process of further supporting your career direction, your life purpose, and or a leadership role. How do you want the public to see you? Is the image you're presenting genuine, what motivates you to project it? Don't make any rash decisions just yet, trust the process as it guides you toward making the whole structure stronger and more functional--you're preparing for the future now, and every step you take is important. Now is the time to regain control of things, and to make your position stronger.

You might find yourself letting go of stuff you no longer identify with, because a new cycle is emerging regarding your finances and the things you accumulate as a result. You are entering a period which will allow you to strengthen the bigger picture, how you see the world, and your perception of things around you. Keep your mind wide open now, as many foreign and possibly exotic experiences will present themselves. You may find yourself turning more inward, trusting your intuition--and doing so will likely take you on a much needed adventure of sorts. Trust that there is far more than you ever imagined on the horizon--don't rush things, go with the flow, and follow the universe as it leads you out of the more ordinary zones of experience.

A new cycle is emerging, one in which you are likely letting go of an old way of perceiving yourself and how you come across to others. The next few months are likely to bring up some deep issues--and if you trust the process, you will be able to really get to the heart of things, perceiving a reality you never thought existed. This is a good time to check your boundaries, take a good look at your fences and see if there are any noticeable gaps that need repair. You are embarking on a process that will really allow to connect beyond casual and superficial conversation--and you are likely to be unsatisfied more than usual when things become too shallow or on the surface level. Keep your mind open to the feedback and perceptions of others, as these will likely play a critical role in the process that is underway. Transformation takes time, so don't rush it.

PISCES (7th)
You may find yourself leaving the past behind now, or pondering some things that have seemingly emerged out of thin air, things you thought were long buried and stored away. The next few months are likely to bring up issues in regards to your relationships, as you are strengthening and supporting the way you interact with others. It's all about give and take, so it's a time to be conscious of how much you're giving as well as receiving from partners and associates of all kinds. Keep a look out for new connections as well, people from the past--from this life or another. Needless to say, your associations with others now will have a large impact on your life--more so than you currently realize. This is also a good time to become more conscious of your boundaries and preexisting agreements. Don't feel pressured to come to any agreements or take much drastic action just yet, think the contract over, and see what needs to be adjusted.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Full Moon In Cancer January 8th, 2012

Full Moon @ 18 degrees Tropical Cancer
January 08, 2012
11:30 PM Pacific
January 09, 2012
2:30 AM Eastern

This is the culminating point of the lunar cycle--ideally we have been accumulating, ingesting, and embracing new constructs which can blossom fourth now, we can really feel tangibly what we are creating. In Cancer we feel the strong nurturing support of the earth mother, Gaia, as she cradles our potential deep in her womb--and whatever it is, she reminds us we can do it, with the right kind of commitment. Emotions run high this Full Moon, and with a sextile from Mars in Virgo, we can articulate our desires and ambitions in great detail now, as we will be readily supported by others. The Sun makes a strong trine to Mars as well--so there's a lot of action flying around, and like the waves of the ocean, jump on this exciting and energizing flux--don't worry about where it's going, just trust the collective vibes as they sweep you off your feet. Keep in mind, however, that ideally, with Mars in its retrograde shadow, we are taking our time--piece by piece, as things can build and strengthen over the next few months with what we choose to do with this energy. Going more inward now, assessing your deeper motivations and impulses would be wise--no rush to get out there and make it all happen, just do what you can with the resources available to you, and worry about the intricacies and such later.

Mercury in Capricorn (approaching conjunction with Pluto) makes a strong square to Uranus in Aries--we can make practical use of radical ideas, visions, and perceptions now--but most likely, such perceptions are flooding into our minds now, radically altering the very structure of our individual ideologies. As the Moon begins waning back to New Moon, we can surrender many old and moldy ways of thinking and living our lives, allowing the deeper and trans-formative power of Pluto to make more room for what will better serve our evolutionary growth. So feel free--clear out those cobwebs, straighten up a bit--toss some crap away, it's a good time to really check in and see what kind of baggage you've been carrying around. Mercury, Jupiter, and Transpluto/Persephone form a spectacular Earth grand trine, so there is much productive and practical synergy mixed with an eclectic and eccentric buzz in the air. Jupiter is in opposition to Saturn in Libra--if we feel lost in this maze of re-organization, we can look for support from others--just be mindful that they may challenge your efforts, which can be a positive force if such criticism is used constructively as opposed to taking it personally. Out with the old, in the with the new!

Don't get caught up in the potentially annihilating self-sufficient vortex of "I don't need your support"--as we can easily push others away now--most likely because we unconsciously fear some form of judgement. The truth is, we judge ourselves most harshly, so in reality, how bad could someone eles's opinion possibly be? With that aside, it would be best to go within, trust what you feel you need to do now, and just keep an ear open for bits of advice here and there and all should flow more smoothly. Check out that stellium between Venus, Pallas, Neptune, Chiron.....and.....Vesta. On the Venus and Neptune end, we feel the Aquarian vibration here--so there is strong collective taste for the uniquely mysterious, we may feel more attracted to those alluring and hard to figure out aspects of reality. The more unique and the more eccentric you present yourself, the more you'll attract attention and turn some heads--so keep it in mind. We also have the potential to gain some clear objectivity within our relationships--especially to get a good look at potential wounds and pitfalls that are usually way off the telepathic radar screen. So look deeply, the truth is there, allowing for some much needed ah ha! moments and bursts of psychic awakening.

Above all else, there is a massive acceleration happening, and this energy is powerfully mutating our minds, our personal values, resources, and the way we relate to others--if you work with this by displaying the least amount of resistance to change--this will be a positive and rewarding transformation. The primary theme of last month's New Moon, for me, was a collective influx allowing us to get conscious of our needs, the needs of the planet's systems, and ways that we can functionally nourish and support those needs. Please read my article, Christmas Eve New Moon in Capricorn for more clarity on that. The sabian symbol for the Full Moon reads:

"A priest performing a marriage ceremony"

The tradition of marriage is the carrying on of an ancient and sacred act--which, like all sacred ceremonies, should never be blindly followed. In other words, one should be highly conscious of their intentions--beyond just "following the tradition". Such a commitment is a huge responsibility--and it begs for some form of mental and spiritual preparation. The symbol implies the forming of a specialized commitment, consecrated by a third party. So what have you committed to now? Can you really handle it? Are you mature enough to carry such a responsibility? If I were to tie this symbol with last month's new moon symbolism--we could make the creative connection that by having a deeper awareness of the needs of our bodies and of the planet--comes the realization of our role as caretakers of those systems. As caretaker, we are the ultimate responsible party, and with the vibration of Cancer, we feel this deep desire to truly nourish and support ourselves as well as the systems we form relationships to (our bodies, our minds, the planet).

In order for any relationship to be successful it must be nourished, consistently and consciously--all parties must be in conscious communication in order for things to run smoothly. If we fall totally unconscious, we become unaware, and things begin to settle into that dull and prosaic surface interaction until things inevitably deteriorate and fall apart. Allow this Full Moon to open your eyes, and allow yourself to really perceive--see others--see the world through a sort of compassionate razor like gaze. Allow whatever is old and outworn to fall away--and embrace this influx of new potential as it pierces our minds. Breath in the fresh air, and let the crap go ;-)

Full Moon Effect: With the Full Moon in crabby old Cancer, people may feel more moody, emotional, sensitive, possessive, jealous, or anti-social. Alternately, we may feel more sensitive toward others, compassionate, caring, nurturing, and supportive. Cancer is nostalgic--we may find ourselves reminiscing on the past, or more attached to familiar places, people, or routines. Like the tides of the ocean, which Cancer rules, a Full Moon in Cancer can bring about fleeting thoughts, feelings, emotions, and moods--making it a challenge to be entirely consistent. However, the Moon is most at home, most comfortable in her own sign, and that sense of coziness is likely to seep into our own lives, and she is likely to favor our activities more than usual. Cancer is a sponge, it soaks up everything around it, and this Full Moon we may feel just like that--soaking up the energy all around. Be mindful of your boundaries, otherwise ride the wave.