Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Does This Path Have A Heart?: New Moon in Sagittarius 2014

Spring path in AmayƩ-sur-Orne, Normandy (France);
photo by Roi Dagobert, April 2014.

New Moon @ 00 Sagittarius 07'
November 22, 2014
7:32 AM Eastern
4:32 AM Pacific

Take a deep breath, seriously. Take a moment out of your potentially busy day and just breathe for a minute. Close your eyes. Turn it into a meditation or whatever. Allow yourself to feel what that does to your body—how it immediately releases stress and tension. Yes, this New Moon is like that—a breath of fresh air permeating your lungs and entire body. You see, we’ve been in the trenches for quite some time, especially these past several weeks, months, or what may have felt like years. It’s been intense to say the least.

Much of that has had to do with Saturn’s transit through Scorpio—a sign that gets a bad rap which I seem to be potentiating here. No sign is inherently bad in astrology—though some combinations of signs and planets have a certain “negative” feel and are more difficult to integrate. With Saturn in Scorpio, we feel a sense of immense challenge and uncertainty. Okay, let’s face it; this transit has been, for many of us, like slogging through hell with no end in sight; though hopefully you’ve come out a “better”, more integrated person. Hopefully, you’re more aware of the dark side and wiser for it.

Knowledge is a really important thing. Scorpio is not a sign we associate with knowledge, but it is a sign that encourages an awareness of the “dark side” of reality, of the world and of ourselves. That awareness leads us to knowledge—which we must make the effort to seek ourselves. Saturn moving through this dark and secretive sign gave us that impetus to probe those places that make us uncomfortable, perhaps a little queasy even. Saturn pushes us to make the effort—to push ourselves to make things happen, to make things real, to face reality no matter how painful or scary it is.

This month’s New Moon occurs at the entry of tropical Sagittarius—a quixotic sign that seeks new horizons--physically, mentally and psychically. The “newness” of this New Moon finds itself at the fresh start of Sagittarius, the critical point of transition from the preceding sign of Scorpio and, in a way, it symbolizes a preview of coming attractions. Saturn is still in Scorpio, but in case you haven’t heard it’s about to dip into Sagittarius come December; though it will retrograde back into Scorpio once more before fully committing to its new journey in September 2015, but that subtle shift, that first foot in new territory is enough to get us excited about what’s coming next.

This New Moon packs quite a punch for it redirects us from what may feel like a suffocating bind to something else, something larger—to new possibilities and potentials. I’m getting pretty excited just thinking about it. I can feel the dawn of a new day coming—new vistas expanding, the spaciousness of infinite possibilities. Feel that in your body—that opening, that awakening, that feeling of weightlessness and levitation--new worlds, cultures, experiences, galaxies; that is the Sagittarian directive.

Maybe I’m being a little optimistic here—just a little, but that’s kind of the deal with Sagittarius. Besides, optimism is what gets most of us out of bed each morning. It’s perfectly necessary and it’s perfectly healthy to embrace it in moderation. Jupiter, the planet we associate with Saggy, is quite literally the god of optimism and happy-go-lucky attitudes galore. It’s a planet that just can’t say no for good or ill. Sagittarius takes on a bit of that positivism which elevates consciousness beyond the mundane and depressing truths of life’s existence.

Sagittarius is also a sign we associate with truth—though that truth differs from Scorpionic truths—less raw and disturbing and a little more gilded. Sagittarius seeks the “higher truth”, platonic truths that transcend mere logical conclusions about reality. Sagittarius is both the remedy and the root of existential despair. If we work with this sign correctly, we have restored our faith in the fact that life has meaning, purpose and design.

Astrology is an amazing tool that reveals this fact, but in reality, meaning is something we must create and strive for. Saturn through Sagittarius will certainly assist us with this. We are not born with a purpose, but rather we are born with a potential. Life is not inherently meaningful by itself. We give it meaning; as we reach for our potential, our purpose is solidified and becomes something tangible and real and as the old platitude goes: God helps those who help themselves. There is much truth in that statement.

No one is inherently special or significant in the larger scheme of things. Nature prefers to keep all options open and available. An oak tree drops a heck of a lot of acorns with the hope that at least a few will one day reach their potential destiny. Our specialness comes from what we do with our talents and abilities, how we use them and how well we develop ourselves. That takes a certain level of consciousness, intention and ambition.

Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius also coincides with the activation of the mutable signs. Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune will form a t-square next year, introducing this mutable energy to the collective psyche. That is quite a shift from the cardinal emphasis we’ve been experiencing with the Uranus/Pluto square. Cardinal energy is about initiative and action. Mutable energy emphasizes change, transition and adaptation—more on this to come.

Venus widely conjoins this New Moon and Neptune makes a square aspect from Pisces. Yes, this lends well to optimism, to restoring hope, faith and coming to peace with the world in some way. Though, let’s not be naive here. Let’s not assume that anything is handed to us without considerable effort on our part and some form of energetic compensation. Sometimes hard lessons and challenging life experiences are the only way to restore our faith in the universe.

Let this New Moon inspire you in some way. Allow these energies to restore your vision and direct you further upon your personal, spiritual quest, but remember that if we wish to live truthfully and authentically we must make the effort. If we wish to transcend the illusions that surround us, we must choose to see beyond them and ask some hard questions. Assuming that every magical synchronicity is some kind of divine affirmation of your specialness is a sure sign that you may be courting disaster.

Your destiny is not some preordained destination at the end of some linear path. Your destiny, while conforming to the archetypal dimensions described in the sky, has a multitude of possible expressions. Sagittarius reminds us of this—that the universe is filled with infinite potentialities. The challenge is which one to choose. That’s a little scary, isn’t it? You have a choice, and each decision will take you on an entirely different path. Each choice is unique and yet symbolically similar. In the end, the choice is always yours. Choose wisely.

“All paths are the same: they lead nowhere. ... Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn't, it is of no use. Both paths lead nowhere; but one has a heart, the other doesn't. One makes for a joyful journey; as long as you follow it, you are one with it. The other will make you curse your life. One makes you strong; the other weakens you.”
 ― Carlos Castaneda, The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Something You Can Depend On: Full Moon in Taurus 2014

An oak tree in the midst of spring; Photo by Chad Woodward, 2012. 

Full Moon @ 14 Taurus 26'
November 6, 2014
5:23 PM Eastern
2:23 PM Pacific

Last month’s Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio culminates as a Full Moon in the tropical sign of Taurus as the month of November begins. Taurus, a fixed earth sign, will help to calm and ground the collective energy from what may have felt like a temporary period of emotional and psychic turbulence as well as a time of some uncertainty and second guessing. With Mercury’s retrograde period coinciding with these eclipses, life may have taken some unusual and unexpected turns.

We’re almost clear of Mercury’s retrograde shadow, which invites us to make finishing touches and last minute alterations. While the retrograde cycle is complete, minor glitches and inconveniences may still pop up, though its “influence” is slowly dissipating. A Full Moon in Taurus brings to the surface that which we can depend on. This is a time to solidify and find our footing—to establish a reliable and stable position in some way.

Venus, in opposition to this Full Moon and conjunct the Sun, brings relationships, esthetics and the desire for peaceful resolutions into the conversation. The polarity of Taurus and Scorpio represents the dichotomy of growth and decay, construction and destruction. Taurus seeks to build and maintain while Scorpio desires to deconstruct and scrutinize.

While Scorpio appears more “negative” or even morbid, it serves an essential evolutionary function: to keep structures from becoming too rigid and to prevent stagnation within the flow of life. Venus in Scorpio probes the depths revealing hidden desires most likely suppressed or intentionally ignored. We are human beings with human needs. The past several weeks has brought forth a potentially harsh reminder that all aspects of our human nature must be acknowledged and expressed in some way.

Sexual lust, anger and even violent urges need a forum for their expression; otherwise such feelings take on more grotesque formations within the psyche. Scorpio is all things taboo within our cultural heritage. It represents the dark chasms of the psyche we are conditioned to ignore—shoving it all under the rug to deal with at some later time, though it’s usually far too overwhelming for us to process when it all comes bursting forth.

Hopefully, the past few weeks offered us opportunities to decompress and release some of the pressure. While this Full Moon in Taurus bathes us in light—both literally and metaphorically, we’re not quite clear of the underworld quite yet. Mars approaches a conjunction with Pluto (exact Nov. 10) and Mercury is about to return to Scorpio (Nov. 8); and, of course, the Sun will transit this sign for the next two weeks, until the lunar cycle resets on Nov. 22.

As Mars and Pluto meet up in Capricorn they stimulate power struggles both internally and externally. Going back to the theme of desires inherent to our human condition, Pluto and Mars may dredge up certain tendencies within us that our more civilized and conditioned selves find repulsive or even frightening. Again, I would caution you to be exceptionally conscious of this conjunction, because it may stimulate some unsavory outbursts; though I encourage full, conscious expression of this transit because it is a powerful one. Mars and Pluto coming together in Capricorn is a point of focus and an opportunity to discipline the will toward higher transpersonal purposes.  

Mercury’s return into Scorpio allows us to take a plunge and commit ourselves more fully in some way—seeing as we have had several weeks to think it over. With the retrograde and eclipse season complete, we likely have more confidence and certainty about where we’re headed. This Full Moon can give us an extra boost and the gusto to nudge us in the right direction—though Taurus prefers the slow and mindful start.

We also can’t forget that Saturn, that old devil, is still slogging through Scorpio. Venus conjoins Saturn on Nov. 12 followed by the Sun on Nov. 18; Saturn makes its first dip into Sagittarius Dec. 23. While Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio next year, it’s reaching the end of its transit through Scorpio and these final conjunctions will help us integrate all the hard lessons learned since Oct. 2012. As this month progresses, and the Full Moon begins to wane, there is a sense of closure that permeates the air. We are approaching new territories to master—having braved the darkness and found the light within.

Take some time out with this Full Moon to just check in with yourself and your progress. Sit back and take the moment in. Taurus symbolizes the beauty of the here and now, the appreciation of silence and simplicity. Whatever you may be dealing with now, whatever complexities or problems nag for your attention, take some time to simply breathe and find gratitude for what is working and for what you can actually depend on.