Friday, April 17, 2015

The Slow and Steady Burn: New Moon in Aries 2015

The Man on fire at the annual Burning Man Festival; photo
by Aaron Logan, 2004.

New Moon @ 28 Aries 25' 
2:57 PM Eastern
11:57 AM Pacific

This month the New Moon plants its seeds in the tropical sign of Aries. We have made it through the recent eclipse passageway, and we’re likely on some new or altered course. What was revealed to you with the past lunar cycle? Who have you met? How have the people around you changed your perspective? This New Moon occurs at the 28th degree—considered an anaretic degree, the place where energy is building and working its way toward a new experience.

There may be some restlessness or excitement about a new adventure. Aries craves challenge, risk, and stimulation. You may feel the need for something new with this lunation, as the collective energy supports confidence and a kind of pioneering spirit. Mars, the ruler of this New Moon, is currently moving through Taurus, a sign that traditional astrology would label as an unfavorable place for Mars to be.

Taurus is not Mars’ preferred territory—that much is certain. However, when looked at from an evolutionary perspective, we can see that what makes us uncomfortable is sometimes good for us, sometimes efficacious for soul growth. So, whatever you decide to jump into during this lunation, just remember that it may be a little awkward, and it may feel like you’re slightly out of your element, but with wisdom you may realize that to grow, you sometimes have to put yourself into environments that challenge your usual ways of being.

The primary goal of the modern, astrological perspective is to attain a sense of balance and integration within ourselves. Exposing ourselves to foreign environments or people often helps to balance us out; we take on qualities that can temper our extreme positions and viewpoints. While Aries and Mars usually prefer to jump right in and make things happen, Taurus favors the slow and steady route. So, there may be the prospect of an adventure, but things will be a lot easier if you’re mindful of the need to take your time.

With Venus square Neptune, there is a need to take our time to listen—really slow down and listen, or we might miss some important cues from our environment. The collective psyche is heating up with potential and anticipation, but it would be very wise to emphasize the moment—really take a look around. Notice the people in your life, and make the effort to really connect, share and experience what it is that’s right before you.

In a world so saturated with technology, we often forget the power and beauty of genuine human connection—touching, talking and sharing. We certainly can’t stop the world from changing, but we can preserve those intimate moments and make it a point to set them aside. The end result, the climax, is never really what we’re really after; it’s always the experience and how it changed our soul. So remember that as you move forward this New Moon.  

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Something Larger Than Yourself: Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra 2015

Windmills generating energy on the way to palm desert;
photo by Chad Woodward, March 2015.

Total Lunar Eclipse @ 14 Libra 24’
April 4, 2015
8:05 AM Eastern
5:05 AM Pacific

This month’s Full Moon culminates in the tropical sign of Libra; it also happens to be a total lunar eclipse. Eclipses are subtle and mysterious events that often correlate with some kind of transition into a new way of being, acting or thinking. Something deeply internal begins to shift and you may find yourself approaching situations in a new or different way. This is the gift of the eclipse, and it’s up to you to respond to that urge to change something within yourself and make some progress.

This particular eclipse, like many eclipses, has a strong transpersonal feel to it. That may have much to do with the sign of Libra, but also its contact with the now fading Uranus/Pluto square that touches the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse axis. By transpersonal, I mean to say that this eclipse points to changes and insights catalyzed by those around us, in our intimate and personal lives, as well as the collective archetypal forces that urge the individual to take part in something larger than his or herself.

Perhaps this eclipse invites you to put down your defenses and consider the insight of someone else. It may be some small suggestion or viewpoint, but it could have the effect of greatly altering how you see yourself and your unique situation. Equally, you may feel called to take part in a larger cause, movement or creative work that touches a broader audience of individuals outside of your personal life. 

Often, those people who irritate or trigger us the most offer us a valuable gift and lesson. Every person we encounter is a window through which we view some fragment of ourselves. And every person is a window through which the greater self comes to know itself. In other words, you are not truly a separate being, but each of us an aggregate of some greater being or psychic organism that we perceive in a fragmented form.

Mars and Venus in Taurus alongside this Libra lunar eclipse help to calm and soothe the collective atmosphere, particularly the hyperactive and potentially volatile energies of the Sun, Mercury, Uranus and the South Node in Aries. This is a moment to pause and slow down—to listen to the subtle cues within your environment and from the people around you. This is also a potentially transformative as well as catalytic eclipse, but one that invites you to embrace a more inclusive attitude.

As you pass through this final eclipse passageway, take some time to reflect on what is changing within you. As with all Full Moons, something is reaching a head or breaking point, and if we’re open to the flow, we can move forward from many stagnating situations. The day of the eclipse is also a moment conducive to self-reflection and observation of your surroundings. 

While you may feel compelled to go it alone, try to see where a helping hand could make your journey smoother and more efficient. While we are on this Earth, living our lives, we must remember that ultimately, we are in this together, whether that is obvious or not. 

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