Friday, November 25, 2011

SolarScope November 26, 2011

 The Moon is in Sagittarius until 4:06 PM Pacific/7:06 PM Eastern. There is much activity today, and so the energies are highly supportive of a busy day--you may find yourself involved with much whether you intended to or not. With all this energy flying around it would be a shame to not take advantage of it--if you have things you've been putting aside, today is an excellent day to address them. Venus moves into Capricorn this morning around 4:36 AM Pacific/7:36 AM Eastern--the next several weeks favors a taste for the formal, conservative, and bottom-line basics. With Venus in Capricorn there will be no need to go over top--consider what's really important and what you need most--practical, simple, and streamline will be the fashion flavor.

There is quite a mix of energies today, the universe is apparently catering to everyone's taste and preference. If you plan on having any kind of social gathering or event it should turn out quite successful--and you will likely find yourself feeling more like mingling today than usual. The Moon sextiles Saturn around 11:12 AM Pacific/2:12 PM Eastern--if you need to stay focused and determined this morning you will be greatly supported. The Moon sextiles Neptune around 4:06 PM Pacific/7:06 PM Eastern--and goes void until 7:04 PM Pacific/10:04 PM Eastern--while the Moon is void we may feel like withdrawing a bit, going more inwardly, and sticking to more routine tasks or activities. Venus squares Uranus at 6:28 PM Pacific/9:28 Eastern--be mindful of your desires and impulses, especially while the Moon is void--pinning down just what you want will be the challenge--stop yourself at the right moment and you'll avoid any complications that may arise.

The Moon conjoins Venus in Capricorn around 8:27 PM Pacific/11:27 PM Eastern--tonight is an especially social night, and will definitely favor more formal, simple, or basic appearances. This is a good night to socialize for business related matters as well--as people will be more focused on the bottom line than usual. The Moon makes a trine to Jupiter around 10:01 PM Pacific--this adds a dimension of expansion, exuberance, and flamboyance. Overall there is much activity today and throughout the night--it would be wise to make some use of it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SolarScope November 24, 2011

 Today is Thanksgiving day--so eh--time to give thanks. The vibration of Sagittarius ferments this holiday with the spirit of adventure, of abundance, and of reaching beyond the known and familiar and into the foreign. There is also a Solar Eclipse/New Moon tonight, and so it is a time to be mindful of what you're creating--give thanks for what you have, and intend on attracting what you need right now.

Read my article on the New Moon here for more insight. Mercury is also retrograde for the next three weeks--this is the time when the universe reveals to us just how little we really know. Mercury retrograde is a time to be humble and open to new ideas and perceptions of how things operate. In Sagittarius we may feel as if we have a firm grasp of reality, but we never truly will, because we're always learning and growing--be open to revision of all kinds. If you feel impulsed to go back to something, or to reconsider things from another perception, go for it--you'll be glad you did.

The Moon will be in Scorpio today until she goes void around 3:05 PM Pacific/6:05 PM Eastern. Her last aspect will be a square to Neptune--ouch. Let's not intend this to put a damper on your dinner plans, but it'll probably be wise to choose to get more clear on your emotions later today instead of reaching for the booze--that might not end things too well with the family. Luckily Venus makes a sextile to Neptune around 5:53 PM Pacific/8:53 PM Eastern--smoothing things out a bit, adding a streak of romanticism into the mix.

The Moon enters Sagittarius, leaving the void, around 5:57 PM Pacific/8:57 PM Eastern. During the void make an attempt to treat things lightly, don't take yourself or anything which manifests too seriously--you won't be too clear on it either way. The Moon makes a trine to Uranus around 7:09 PM Pacific/10:09 PM Eastern, adding an electrical burst of spontaneity. The New Moon occurs around 10:10 PM Pacific, intention setting will be ripe around the end of night and all day tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SolarScope November 23, 2011

 The Moon is in Scorpio all day today--we feel this deeply since the Sun has recently left this brooding sign of secrets. While the Moon is in Scorpio the background energy becomes more intense, more connecting--we are more intriqued by what lies behind the curtain, behind that veil we know is but illusion. This is interesting, given that the Sabian symbol for the day is:

"The ocean covered with whitecaps"

This is an image of water foaming and frothing as a result of turbulence. This seemingly chaotic display conceals a world beneath that is, for the most part, unaffected by the forces above it. Perhaps we should question what is truly behind certain appearances today, as there is far more than meets the eye. The Moon makes several aspects in the early morning hours. The Sun trines Uranus at 2:15 AM Pacific/5:15 AM Eastern, and will separating from this aspect throughout the day--be mindful of sudden innovations or creative spontaneity.

The Moon sextiles Mars at 3:30 AM Pacific/6:30 AM Eastern, and then sextiles Pluto at 3:35 AM Pacific/6:35 AM Eastern. At 6:02 AM Pacific/9:02 AM Eastern Mars makes a trine to Pluto--needless to say the day starts off quite intense, we may feel this as a desire to really connect with something today, or with other people. Perhaps we feel a sense of mission this morning, and this would be an excellent time for deep concentration and focus.

Today we may feel a powerful sense of self assurance, and we can act with confidence without second guessing ourselves. Keep in mind however, that Mercury will be turning retrograde, officially, late tonight at 11:21 PM Pacific/2:21 AM Eastern (the next day). We should go with our instincts and go after what we desire, but we may change our minds over the next week or so, especially if we make some form of agreement or commitment. My advice...just go with it today, throw yourself into the process and see how it unfolds--if anything you'll at least enjoy yourself.

Embracing The Vision: New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius & Mercury Retrograde

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius
November 24, 2011
10:10 PM Pacific
November 25, 2011
1:10 AM Eastern
@02 degrees Sagittarius

This month's New Moon is also a partial Solar Eclipse, further amplifying its usual power and influence. Regions of visibility include the extreme southern tip of South Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania, and New Zealand. Solar Eclipses are extremely powerful New Moons, and because of this, the power of intention is greatly magnified. Now that the Sun has entered Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, the collective energy becomes more expansive, optimistic, generous, and more focused on the larger holistic picture. The background energy seeks the grandiose--impulsed to make things more larger than life. We may desire expansion, to take on new forms of experience--to go beyond our known limitations. There is a very interesting synchronicity surrounding this New Moon--it occurs on Thanksgiving day, roughly the same day which initiates Mercury's retrograde cycle, and appears to be a gateway towards the cyclic formation of an earth Grand Trine involving the planets Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto.

The grand trine configuration has already been forming roughly over the past week, and given its earthy nature--and the planets involved--has a feel of abundance, productivity, and internalized self-sufficiency. This is also been labeled by several astrologers as an "abundance cycle", which will actually peak around March 13, 2012 when all three planets form the grand trine completely--once Jupiter has moved direct and Mars goes retrograde. Interestingly, on March 13th, as all three bodies are at 9 degrees of their respective signs--Jupiter and Venus will conjoin in Taurus--how's that for a sign of abundance! We may feel a sense to break free of something to become more self-sufficient and autonomous. The past week has been a preview, so to speak, of these coming energies and their intention. Personally, for me this energy has really been quite productive, as I have been more connected to astrology and writing more than ever before. We may feel frustration now if we are not connected to some kind of work which provides us a feeling of gratification and accomplishment--or if a passion we once embraced has begun to fizzle out--but fortunately this is a ripe opportunity for discovering an entirely new path or direction.

I feel we can use the power of this New Moon to set our intentions around manifesting more productivity and abundance in our lives--expanding our material resources and transforming our physical bodies. We can use this as a portal to expand into the realm of potential to manifest our dreams. It can also assist us in uncovering a passion or meaningful work that fulfill us. What would you like to attract into your life now, what do you need to better support and sustain yourself? Conversely, this configuration is likely to impulse us deeper into something, to see past distractions or disillusions into the heart and truth of what's really going on--we may feel less tolerant with superficiality. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse is the "gateway to abundance", but also a path to the truth--and the more conscious we are of intending this in our lives, the more likely we are to see it show up.
New Moon Horoscope- November 25, 2011 (eastern)
This is a north nodal solar eclipse--we are acquiring, manifesting, taking on, and accumulating something new. Have you been gifted with a vision for the future? Perhaps an entirely new direction which will enhance your resources and skills, or perhaps enhance the fruits of your talents? Embrace this vision, set your intention towards its manifestation and utilization. A new horizon has emerged, and with it, manifold possibilities are now visible and available to us. On another note, many astrologers are predicting much more economic instability beginning next year, most likely from Summer onward--and will result in further social instability and political unrest. How can we manifest abundance in an economy which is seemingly corroding, isn't this just overtly idealistic? I feel the Sabian symbol for the position of the New Moon holds some clues for us.....

03 degrees Sagittarius: Two men playing chess

This symbol reveals the image of two men playing a game of chess, which takes place upon a tiled or checkered board. Like all games, Chess is a competitive match between two players. Chess is considered by many to be a sporting type event, which is essentially a means through which aggressive energies can be channeled and transmuted. Astrologically, this aggressive and assertive forward drive originates from the unconscious archetype of Mars, which is the planetary crystallization of the yang principle within the psyche. Chess digresses from the traditional "physical" sporting event in that it requires well-thought out plans of action, urging the players to be more objective within the process, and to consider various perspectives-- all while adhering to a strict set of rules.

At the root of it, the game actually slowly dissolves dichotomy, because in order to win one must be extremely conscious of the opponents intention--it is a game which actually urges the players to be less impulsive or aggressive and more mindful and empathic. The game usually ends with the King checkmated--this being the archetype of the leader, the ruler--or in another sense, the conscious ego who rules over waking perception. Chess actually promotes creativity and ingenuity, while following certain rules and boundaries. This is an interesting blending of two seemingly antithetical constructs, but it works. The archetypal chess board is composed of black and white tiles. The word tile is actually slang for a hat--a creative comparison of tiles on a roof--and a hat upon one's head. If you are familiar with the "secret" society of Freemasonry, you will find an interesting parallel between the checkered floors of their lodges, and the reference of "tiles" to the occupation of a mason or tradesmen--who were the founders of the organization.

The agenda of Freemasonry is really no secret, it's been written about quite openly for anyone to read, mostly from its own members. This has led to many conspiracy theories about the organization, mostly regarding their secret role in  manipulating various political events in the attempts of creating the mythic "New World Order"[1]. In reality, if you study their influence upon certain events and key people throughout history, it is plainly clear that somewhere in the higher eschalons of the organization lies a powerful hand which shapes and directs HIStory. Regardless of this, the root archetype of the Freemasons appears to be the ability to work within certain laws and boundaries while slowly shaping and directing the system--in other words, conforming to the system to eventually change or transform it through a creative process.This is a similar principle which assists one in successfully winning a game of chess, in which the objective is to emphatically attune to the opponent to eventual checkmate his ego--or to take over control of the conscious perception of the King.

So how can we utilize what we are given, economic instability or not, to enhance our success and to manifest abundance for ourselves and/or for others? How do we create change and transformation within the current rules of the game? If we perceive our "opponent" as the system itself, or perhaps, those which are currently winning the game--does it serve us to aggressively fight against them? Most likely not, but if we consider the game of chess, we are urged to become more empathic--to connect with the system and to assimilate it into an entirely new form, all while mindfully plotting our next moves carefully, clearly, and cleverly. I feel this is a deeply profound message for the collective at this juncture, especially given the revolutionary impulses currently flooding earth. This brings to mind the cliche saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade".

The power of this grand trine can be utilized by us to manifest something truly amazing with the resources we currently have, but to do that we are encouraged to get creative and to utilize a well thought out plan of action. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Mercury is about to go retrograde, roughly the day of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Mercury retrograde is often anticipated with minor dread by many privy to its effects--however, if we use this time consciously--it can be incredibly useful. Mercury retrograde occurs every three months, for three weeks, and designates a short period where the normal flow of our daily life and communication appears to be going backward--or "working against us". This can manifest in various mechanical breakdowns or failures, lost or confused bits of information, unclear communication--and or several minor irritations or "setbacks". The truth of the matter is that Mercury retrograde is a time for us to actually take steps back, to go over things more thoroughly, and to be sure that all the pieces are in their proper place.

If something breaks down, or if something appears to be delayed or not moving forward, it's because there are components missing that we've overlooked--and this is the perfect time to go back and see what we can adjust so that it's more functional in the future. The more we push forward, the more of the seemingly "negative" side effects we experience, but sometimes we do either way--you know because it's Mercury retrograde. Mercury goes retrograde from November 24 through December 14. This is not a time for launching new projects or making important commitments or agreements--moving forward will be favored once Mercury turns direct. Mercury will be in Sagittarius during its retrograde cycle--this provides an opportunity for reconsidering the bigger picture and for gaining a broader perception of where we're going. If you've acquired a new vision or idea over the past few weeks of Mercury's shadow, this is the perfect time to revise it, adjust it, and go deeper with it to see how you can make it work.

Both the New Moon/Solar Eclipse and Mercury retrograde cycle feel very creative and inspirational, but not to the extent of being overtly idealistic--there are plenty of energies available for us to make practical use of what we receive this lunation cycle. The New Moon forms a T-Square alignment with the Chiron/Neptune conjunction in opposition to Transpluto in wide conjunction with Mars. This hints at a massive influx of trans-dimensional energies flooding the earth plane, as well as an opportunity for deep healing and integration. We may feel rushed or impulsed to heal something at this time, but we must remember that healing is a process--and most effective when we surrender, and connect to it as opposed to fighting or attacking what we perceive to be an imbalance. Perhaps this New Moon/Solar Eclipse will allow us to gain a new perspective on our own personal healing process, and allow us to see it from a different light?

Venus, at the anaretic degrees of Sagittarius, in wide conjunction with Pluto, squares Uranus at the Aries point. We are urged to creatively break out the box now, to experiment with new avenues through which we can creatively express ourselves--embrace an entirely different approach and path now. This new path may feel awkward, different, and uncertain--but continue on and trust completely your inner guide. Listen to the voices inside you, which urge you to take a creative risk--you'll be amazed where it will lead you now.

The suggestion would be to reach for the light, reach for the the horizon--out for more experience. Now is a time to expand--but to also be mindful of each step. Optimism and enthusiasm can inflate us beyond our capacity to handle sometimes--you don't want to pop the whole balloon now.  This is a time to inflate consciously, and if we can approach our problems with compassion, empathy, and most importantly--mindful objectivity--we will indefinitely enhance our success. Solar Eclipses are truly powerful forces, there is a deep biochemical alteration which occurs within us--it is subtle, but real. We can alter this transmission with the power of our intention, and we can mold and shape these forces into very real and tangible realities. Choose to dance now with the great potential of the universe, let it lift you up--as you reach higher for those transcendent engimas we've dreamed in the sky. But with that I say--be mindful of who's vision you reach for, and when in doubt--make your own. 

Stay in the light.

Notes & Referneces
[1] By referring to The New World Order as a myth, I am not denouncing its crediblity, but simply implying that the real truth behind the theory I do not truly know--but I find it a fascinating archetype, of which could very well exist, as well as being convincing in terms of evidence. However, I feel the vastness of the situation is far beyond our current perception--as it deals with something of which we currently have little understanding as a collective--dealing more with (para)psychology than with politics.

[2] Image by Vladamir Kush

Monday, November 21, 2011

SolarScope November 22, 2011

 The Sun enters Sagittarius around 8:08 AM Pacific/11:08 AM Eastern. While the Sun is in Sagittarius the collective energy turns to more broader based perceptions and concerns--we are more focused on the bigger picture, the larger process, and the principle of expansion--ruled by the planet Jupiter. Currently Jupiter and Venus are in a mutual reception, working together to harmonize and beautify. The Moon conjoins Saturn this morning around 9:43 AM Pacific/12:43 PM Eastern--marking the morning with a more serious and focused tone. This energy can often feel heavy, dense and restricting, or it can be quite productive and precise. Since the Sun has now moved into Sagittarius, and the Moon will be in Libra, this should work to lighten things up this morning--allowing for productive expansion.

The Moon sextiles Venus around 10:30 AM Pacific/1:30 PM Eastern, creating an impulse which seeks harmony, beauty, and a feeling of pleasantness. The first half of the day should be filled with quite a pleasant sociability, we may feel more enthusiastic and adventurous today--but should also have enough focus and concentration to get things done. Be mindful of impulsive spending, desiring things you'd like to have--but yet if you can really afford it, its a great day to treat yourself to something special. The Moon makes its final aspect to Neptune around 3:04 PM Pacific/6:04 PM Eastern before going void. The Moon is void until 5:58 PM Pacific/8:58 PM Eastern. While the Moon is void we may suddenly feel the urge to withdraw more, and we are encouraged to stay centered and close to familiar routines--making big decisions during this brief time may not be the best idea. The latter part of the evening should be met with a slight break in the energy, but with the last aspect to Neptune, this is a good time for meditation, yoga, or just some casual daydreaming.

The Moon opposes Jupiter around 9:25 PM Pacific/01:25 AM Eastern, fermenting the night with an exuberant energetic influx. We may feel a bit like indulging ourselves this evening, which should be quite enjoyable, just remember that excessive expansion can lead to a painful contraction at times. Overall the signatures today should feel relatively light, pleasant, sociable, and we may feel called to expand beyond the normal hum drum of daily living. People may be more friendly and generous, which is good if you have a need for ease of social interaction. It's an excellent day to enjoy the inherent beauty of something, or to get creative and create it yourself. There is much motivation available to get important work done, and it should feel less of a chore and more enjoyable than usual. Today is an excellent day to enjoy yourself, and if you don't have much important work to do it would be a perfect day to get outside and connect with the world around.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

SolarScope November 21, 2011

 The Moon is in Libra today, having left Virgo while entering her void yesterday afternoon. The Moon is direct and strong today, and the day is relatively free of major aspects--with the exception of a square to Pluto in the early morning hours, around 3:04 AM Pacific/6:04 AM Eastern. This of course brings in the "Cardinal Climax" energies, since the Moon opposed Uranus last night around 6:35 PM Pacific/9:35 PM Eastern. On one end, the day could unveil some deeply embedded emotions, especially if things have been kept under the surface for a while--but with the influence of Libra, and Venus and Jupiter in mutual reception, there is a high possibility of suppressing this intensity for the sake of keeping peace and harmony within our relations--or it could likely get filtered out.

While the Moon is in Libra, the collective energy becomes more concerned with socializing, relating, and maintaining balance and harmony. People may seem more receptive, empathic, and resonant with each other--this is because Libra impulses us to see through the eyes of another, and beyond our own self-interests. Today is a good day for coming to an agreement or finding middle ground with someone or a particular situation--however keep in mind that any critical contracts, negotiations, or big decisions made right now are likely to be revised as we near the threshold of the Mercury retrograde cycle. There may be a deep feeling of creating change, and this may manifest in harmonizing the environment.

The Sun is Void, and teetering on the edge of Scorpio all day today--entering Sagittarius tomorrow morning. We may feel a bit lost and directionless if we strive too hard to make something happen, and so you'll likely find more harmony if you surrender to the process as opposed to being too "forward directed". We may feel a bit drained today, especially as the Moon is easing into her New Moon phase, and we may lack much motivation or vitality than usual. Needless to say, it would probably be wisest to stick to more familiar routines, as anything new or risky is likely to go in unpredictable directions--unless that's your intention. Experimentation and spontaneity are indeed favored, just be less attached to the outcome. We may feel that something is about to shift now, and that some things need to be let go of--perhaps the urge to surrender to transformation.

Daily Sabian symbol: "A Halloween Jester"

This symbol evokes a sense of "making fun" of something in order lighten things up. Halloween is a tradition which is based upon "becoming someone else" for a night and taking on the accompanying persona. A Jester is the court comedian whose job is to lighten and loosen the King or Queen from their otherwise serious preoccupations. Perhaps today is a day in which we look to where we can have more fun, or find joy and creativity in otherwise heavy or serious circumstances. Look to where you can soften the edges a bit--add some more glitter, and allow yourself to just be--see where it takes you.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

SolarScope November 18, 2011

The Moon enters her last quarter phase this morning at 7:09 AM Pacific/10:09 AM Eastern. At this phase of the lunar cycle, we come to releasing and letting go the previous cycle as the Moon wanes into the next New Moon. The sabian symbol for the last quarter moon reads: "A rainbow"

A rainbow carries with it the symbolism of the illusion inherent to perception--the ideal of gold waiting at the end, and its inherent nature as an "optical illusion". Alternately, the rainbow symbolizes hope, and the promise of new beginnings--the calm after the storm, when a new potential emerges from some preceding chaos. Perhaps this symbolizes the letting go of an old way of perceiving something, and embracing an entirely new perception or vision--or embracing a variety of possibilities or viewpoints.

The Moon sextiles Saturn at 4:28 AM Pacific/7:28 AM Eastern, and squares the Sun at 7:09 AM Pacific/10:09 AM Eastern. The early part of the morning may start off with a more serious and focused tone, we may feel very determined to do something and yet, may encounter resistance from our emotions or intuition. The Moon opposes Neptune and goes void at 11:06 AM Pacific/2:06 AM Eastern. While the Moon is void, the collective energy becomes more withdrawn and inwardly directed. Plans made may change, or not turn out as you expected--be open to revision and alterations in the anticipated unfolding. It seems as if things may get a bit foggy or unclear for the early part of the day, so have an open mind, and trust your hunches if you feel you should take it a bit easier.  The Moon leaves her void around 2:19 PM Pacific/5:10 PM and enter Virgo. The afternoon energy is likely to shift considerably, so it might be best to hold off on certain commitments, or making heavy decisions until then.

While the Moon is in Virgo, we may be feeling more connected to getting things done, perhaps organizing and creating harmony out of chaos or confusion. The collective energy may become more concerned with details, and more focused on the process as opposed to the end result. This is an excellent energy if you need to be exact and specific--but keep in mind that this energy will be more available as the day progresses. We may feel more critical of ourselves or others. The Moon opposes Chiron around 3:30 PM Pacific/6:30 PM Eastern. The Moon trines Jupiter around 6:50 PM Pacific/9:50 PM Eastern. The collective energy may become more expansive, optimistic, and much lighter and smoother as the evening winds down--feeling a desire to find wholeness. However, the Moon is entering into a conjunction with Mars conjunct Transpluto in the early degrees of Virgo--be mindful of anger which may arise, and expand, at this time as well. The Moon conjoins Mars at 9:12 PM Pacific/1:12 AM Eastern, which could ignite the collective energy with a burst of assertiveness and a take charge energy. With all this activity in the late night, it may be a bit challenging getting to bed on time--but if you need to stay up and complete some task, tonight would certainly be productive as the energy will be ripe for focus, motivation, and precision.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SolarScope November 17, 2011

1491 Woodcut of Leo, by Guido Bonatti
 The Moon continues on into Leo today, the fiery sign of creative self-expression and actualization. While the Moon is in Leo, the collective vibration is more playful, creative, child-like, self-indulgent, and likely a bit more self-centered than usual. The Sun, ruler of Leo, in Scorpio, adds a dimension of depth, intensity, and the desire for creative "penetration". Will power and individuation are amplified under these influences, we may feel more comfortable with expressing our true inner self or inner child. We are not as satisfied with superficiality at this time, and we may feel the urge to go deeper with ourselves and others--to really see the reality of things beyond appearances. The first half of the day is relatively light and free of dominant aspects. The Moon makes a trine to Mercury at 4:08 PM Pacific/7:08 PM Eastern adding ease of communication, and especially the ability to convey what we're feeling. The Moon opposes Vesta at 4:53 PM Pacific/7:53 PM Eastern, and trines Venus at 7:59 PM Pacific/10:59 Eastern--toward the late afternoon the collective energy is likely to become more focused on creating peace and serenity, with an underlying desire for beauty.

The energies today are relatively light and playful, we may feel more drawn to "take it easy" today, which could be a conflict if you have much work to do--but on the other hand it could make something that is usually mundane and prosaic more fun and interesting. Be mindful of overtly indulgent tendencies, relating to food, sex, drugs, or alcohol--if you do choose to indulge yourself, just be mindful of your limits and whether you are truly conscious of your actions and desires. These signatures are likely to impulse us towards more self-gratifying endeavors, but if we choose to, we can use this energy for its highly creative potential as well.  

Daily Sabian Symbol: "Indians making camp"
This symbol presents the image of what are likely, native "Indians" setting up camp for the night, to find solace and shelter from the harshness of the environment. Perhaps they have traveled all day, and now tired and worn from the journey, begin setting up shelter to protect them while they sleep. Perhaps this symbol suggests to us the notion of finding a special place, where we can recharge and reset for the next stage of our journey.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SolarScope November 16, 2011

 The Moon leaves her void and enters Leo around 8:17 AM Pacific/11:17 AM Eastern this morning, and will remain in Leo until early Friday. While the Moon is in Leo the collective energy can become more playful, creatively self-expressive, and subjectively aware. Leo has a flair for the dramatic, and while the Moon is in Leo we may project things beyond their true proportions--be mindful of this tendency in yourself and others. People may be more generous than usual, but also more self-centered--while the Moon in in Leo we are impulsed to find enjoyment and amusement within the many facets of daily life--we have a greater capacity to connect deeply with the inner child. The Sun rules Leo, and thus the Sun's influence in Scorpio is likely to twist this energy into a desire for "penetration", depth, and intensity. This could create the potential for intense sexual desires, and well as an equally powerful impulse to get creative and "tear into" a creative project or task.

The Moon trines Uranus around 9:54 AM Pacific/12:54 PM Eastern, starting the day off with a surge of innovative creative spontaneity. With the combination of Leo, this is likely to create a powerful wellspring of individual self-expression--we may be feeling much more connected and able to express ourselves uniquely today than usual. The Moon makes a Square to Jupiter around 1:33 PM Pacific/4:33 PM Eastern, and Mars makes a Trine to Jupiter around 2:08 PM Pacific/5:08 PM Eastern. The afternoon is likely to receive an extended burst of energy and a desire for expansiveness. Needless to say, today appears to be an excellent day to get things done, especially finishing a project or task you have already set into motion--as much of the energies will allow much motivation. Equally, there is much potential for excessive idealism and a fanatical belief in one's abilities--be mindful of what you take on, and realistic about how much you can handle today.

Today has a flair for the unique, the unexpected, and the expansive....just be mindful that many of these are energies are for the most part, short-lived. Whatever you begin today is sure to be enjoyable, whether you are able to complete it in the future or not, you are likely to have a good time doing it either way. If you're not feeling very productive, today in an excellent day to do something for the fun of it, and to just be in the moment. There is much lightness and generosity inherent to these signatures, and this is likely to be expressed through other people you encounter throughout the day.

Daily Sabian Symbol: "An X-Ray"

An X-Ray is the byproduct of modern technology (Uranus), and allows us to see beyond the physical persona or barrier we see before us (Scorpio/Pluto). An X-ray can provide us with an expanded perception of what we are normally unable to perceive, and thus can have the ability of speeding the process of diagnosis without the need for physical penetration. At the same time, an X-ray operates through the use of "unseen" radiation, which can be highly dangerous and even deadly with long term exposure. Is what we see really what we get? What is the cost and benefit of cutting corners?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

SolarScope November 14, 2011

The Moon drifts through Cancer all day today, flooding the collective with an energy which seeks nurturing, protection, security, and safety. While the Moon is in Cancer, emotions and sensitivities are much more heightened--be mindful of vulnerabilities in yourself and others. As the Moon moves through the Cardinal sign of Cancer, it will interact with the powerful Pluto/Uranus Square. The majority of major aspects occur in the early part of the day--The Moon squares Uranus at 1:06 AM Pacific/4:06 AM Eastern, sextiles Mars at 2:28 AM Pacific/5:28 AM Eastern, sextiles Jupiter at 5:22 AM Pacific/8:22 AM Eastern, and opposes Pluto at 10:26 AM Pacific/1:26 PM Eastern.

The day begins with a highly powerful and intense energetic influx, and much of these combinations may feel a bit contradictory at first. There is confusion and chaos seeking harmonious union and integration. Today is an excellent day to look at how you can restructure some things in your life to create more harmony--perhaps a home, living situation--basically anything that you consider to be apart of your foundation and sense of security. Go with your "gut feelings", however, be mindful of sudden and aggressive impulses. Assert yourself uniquely, perhaps not harshly.

There may be an urgency to really shift things around and make lasting changes--just be aware that you probably don't have to do it all in one day. Mercury and Venus are making their way past the North Node in Sagittarius, we may feel more adventurous now, coupled with a desire to expand beyond the known horizon and envision what's truly possible. Today favors making new connections, especially if they relate to people and places between long distances from where you live. Above all else, go with your instincts, feelings, and intuitions. If you can dream it, you can do it--all in good time, of course.

 Planting day: Today is an excellent day for planting below ground root crops.

Sabian Symbol: 23 degrees Taurus-- "A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy."
This symbol invokes a sense of high awareness and transformation--bridging the mundane and the imaginal.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

SolarScope November 5, 2011

 The Moon is Void of Course in Pisces all day today, until 1:05 AM November 6th. The collective energy is likely to become more passive, introspective, introverted, and reflective. Today is a good day to practice patience, surrender, and trust in the process. It might be wise to have less attachment to what goes on today, as plans may have a tendency to change when you least expect it--it can be one of those days when things seem increasingly less clear than usual. Consider having less concern, attachment, and focus on outer external events and more concentration on inner personal matters and concerns--perhaps playing it safe today would be the best option. If you can stick with the usual routines you should be very successful, the challenge will likely be encountered when attempting to make drastic changes or getting involved in some entirely new experience.

Today favors any kind of activity which nurtures, supports, and sustains your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. Staying centered and grounded in your own sacred space would be tremendously  rewarding. If you feel impulsed to do something entirely new, check and see if you're really clear that it is something truly worth your while--there is a strong tendency to idealize something just to simply fulfill exaggerated desires. We often go though life looking for ways to enjoy, accomplish, or fulfill an idea or need which will increase our productivity and or success. Today, consider another dimension, in which the focus is more on nourishing and supporting your entire being, whatever that means for you. Because the Moon is void of course, she will not be making any major aspects to the primary planetary bodies. However, the Moon will make subtle contact with the asteroid Ceres, by means of a conjunction around 8:44 AM Pacific, beginning the day off with a nurturing tone.

If you feel scattered, unclear, foggy, spacey, or unfocused today--look within and see whether you are truly supporting yourself by pushing forward. You may be amazed that the universe fully supports you taking it a bit easier than usual, allowing yourself to be more in the moment and apart of the process. Sometimes, when we really allow ourselves to slow down the pace, we make discoveries which can completely alter our perception of the world around us. Look and see what discoveries or secrets are waiting for you to tap into. Surrender whatever dilemma emerges and trust that it's likely not something you can do much about in the moment. If we can disconnect from what is draining us, and make connections to something much more sustaining, we will be a lot more functional in the future. There is so much beauty in the divine unfolding. Follow the road to awe....

Disconnect to Reconnect.

Friday, November 4, 2011

SolarScope November 4, 2011

The Moon drifts through Pisces today, having returned from her void, her sacred alone time, around 1:18 am Pacific last night. While the Moon is in Pisces the collective background energy is more in tune to a sense of timelessness--we have more of an opportunity to be in the now, to capture and enjoy each moment--to see the beauty and wisdom of each fragment. The Moon makes a square to Mercury around 5:02 AM, and then to conjoining Venus around 5:33 AM Pacific. This morning could start off with energy that seems at cross purposes, as our mind/desires/ideas may seem compelled to ignore our bodily signals. Luckily the Moon is applying to a sextile to Jupiter in Taurus, exact around 8:56 AM Pacific, and this should give the morning a much needed boost, infiltrating the collective with expansive enthusiasm.

With the combination of aspects today, there is a high chance of getting lost in daydreaming and or idealizing--which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just be conscious of how much this serves you. If you find yourself focusing too much on the past or the future--what was, or what could be--then you're likely missing the moment, which is equally, if not more significant, than what's no longer in existence--or what has yet to become. The Moon forms a sextile to Pluto around 11:05 AM Pacific, giving the enthusiastic vibe a boost of powerful confidence, conviction, and an ability to follow through to the very end. Today is a wonderful day to just be, but if you have important work to attend to, you can also be very productive as well--just be mindful that things may not be as exact or percisce as you may want it--it's more about the perspective. Allow yourself to fantasize, enjoy the sights and smells around you--but don't get too carried away by the stream.

Today is excellent for gardening, especially for planting above ground winter crops (unless it rains, which is expected here on the west coast of Cali). The Sun will be at 12 degrees of Scorpio for most of the day, the Sabian symbol reads:

An inventor performs a laboratory experiment. 

Perhaps today is a good day to experiment, which was similar to the theme yesterday, yet with less impulse and electricity from Uranus. Creative solutions may abound, maybe insight on a new way to play with and modify something. A true "inventor" has a passion for creation--he or she creates because of an innate sense of curiosity and wonder about the possibilities that exist. With the Solar energy fermented by Scorpio, we may find ourselves altering something already in existence, adding some touches to make something more functional or interesting, or perhaps tinkering with other people's stuff. Today is an excellent day to enjoy the process, really get into it, by maybe without as much attachment to the end result.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

SolarScope November 3, 2011

Both Mercury and Venus trine Uranus while in conjunction today, adding a burst of electric vibrancy, spontaneity, rebelliousness, and a surge of creative or spiritual revelations. Combined with the Moon in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, today is coated with a sense of the unconventional and the uncharted. Explore something new today, look and think outside the box--that requires looking in places you may have never thought of before. The Moon makes a trine to Saturn around 10:06 am Pacific, so this should temper and focus much of the otherwise sporadic Uranian energies.

Saturn allows us to stick to whatever we've been doing, allowing for a practical and useful implementation of any radical or unusual insights we receive today. "Steady does it" is Saturn's motto, so the early part of the day should be full of a highly focused and directed electrical chi flow. Around 5:06 PM Pacific, the Moon makes an opposition to Mars, and this is likely to add more energy to the current flow, however, we must be mindful of our emotions and keep an eye out for outbursts of anger--and also to not get swept away by sudden impulses which may pull us into directions we can't entirely commit to, or into projects we aren't able to complete.

At this point we may be feeling more energized physically, however, mentally and emotionally we may feel a tendency to go more within ourselves as the Moon begins leaving Aquarius, joining the Neptune/Chiron conjunction. As the evening winds down, the energies will likely impulse us to stay closer to our spiritual and emotional center-- to deep contemplation, relaxation, reflection, and integrating the day. The Moon goes void at 8:41 PM Pacific, making its last aspect to Neptune. This is an excellent time for meditation, channeling, yoga, or other spiritual discipline which allows us to transcend the physical and to peer into the numinous and unseen realms. Whatever plans you had may change, and you may find yourself feeling more like spending time alone or keeping things more low key for the rest of the night.

If things appear foggy or unclear tonight, it's probably best to surrender to whatever is going on and attempt to make sense of it later on, probably tomorrow. Tonight the dream time should be particularly interesting-keep yourself open to any or all symbols received as they may have powerful implications for healing.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SolarScope November 2, 2011

First Quarter Moon
9 degrees Aquarius 55
9:38 AM Pacific

Today is the First Quarter Moon, the first solidifying step within the new Lunar cycle. Both Venus and Mercury ingress into Sagittarius today while having been in close conjunction to one another since around October 13th--this conjunction peaks (becomes closest to exact) at 00 degrees of Sagittarius forming a T-square alignment with the Neptune/Chiron Conjunction in opposition to Transpluto, which recently ingressed into Virgo. Just yesterday, Mercury and Venus conjoined at the 29th degree of Scorpio, symbolizing the transition to the energies we are likely to experience today. What's about to explode from the shadowy depths of the unknown today? Something will make its presence known that will be apart of a process of unfolding, leading to a definitive re-evaluation during the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle. This provides us a vortex for us to pierce deeply to reveal the truth and authentic nature of anything we focus upon. The conjunction of these two inner planets creates a collective energy which stimulates us to express our deepest values, to cultivate inner and outer resources, and to find adequate means of self-expression. This could manifest as the sudden inspiration for a project to further enhance beauty and functionality, a new and exciting creative passion, or perhaps some way to enhance a preexisting relationship.You may find yourself more closely identified with your deepest beliefs about life and yourself now, and as both planets move into the vibration of Sagittarius we are given the opportunity to see more clearly the bigger picture, and potentially the truth of it all. From this vantage point we are more aware of how the inner workings make up and support the whole. Let us be mindful of the shadow, which may impulse us towards a sense of absolute self-assurance, dogmatism, and a tendency to be overtly didactic.

Being too focused on our own perception of things will always limit us to the possibility of refinement of our viewpoints provided by the perception and feedback of others. Let us be mindful of perceptions and ideologies that may be forced upon us from someone or something external. Anytime we pressure our view of reality onto another--it is likely that we ourselves are insecure in our own position, and thus seek validation through the acceptance of our beliefs by others. Pinning down the exact details of anything may be a bit challenging now, because we're only looking at the larger whole, so things are inevitably in their more "rough draft" stage in the moment. Keep this in mind, because both Mercury and Venus will be dancing into the shadow of Mercury's upcoming retrograde cycle soon. Pay attention to what comes up now, as it will likely be revised in some way. Interestingly, this Mercury and Venus conjunction will peak again on November 10, the day of the full Moon (though they never quite become exact), and Mercury goes retrograde around November 24th, the next New Moon/Solar Eclipse which occurs at 2 degrees Sagittarius.

Collectively, today is likely to be significant in that it will present us with a preview of the changes and transitions that are coming our way. Be clear in your choices and actions, although you may feel that all is apparent and visible now, you are still prone to delusion's of grandeur. What may seem too good to be true, probably is--at least for the time being--but that doesn't mean forever. We are building and acquiring now-- mostly ideas, perceptions, information, and a larger perspective. Be mindful of your hunches, feelings, intuitions--and any or all "received" information--the doors of perception are wide open, and the spiritual and numinous realms are more than willing to tell their secrets to those who know to ask the right questions.

The Sabian symbol for the First Quarter Moon reads:

10 degrees Aquarius: A man who had for a time become the embodiment of a popular ideal is made to realize that as a person he is not this ideal.

There are different variations in the wording of this symbol, however, each eludes to an individual embodying a symbol which gives a momentary sense of collective power, fame, and attention. Any "celebrity" or famous historical icon, represents an archetype manifest through the individual themselves. The person (or people), who takes on this power does so at the expense of living a "normal" life--in that they surrender their personal identity and life to become the expression and manifestation of the unconscious symbol shared by the collective. You could say that, in a way, the collective archetype--or celebrity icon--becomes temporarily possessed by psychic forces, and the role they play is apart of a much larger cosmic and mythic drama. Once the collective has processed the message embodied by this symbol,the archetype dissipates back into the unconscious memory of the collective-- leaving the individual with the shell of their former self. The ideal is an expression of potential, but the reality is that we can only model that potential to the best of our ability and eventually accept that we are only human in the end--and thus will never fully express or comprehend the ideal in this life. The symbol seems to represent someone emerging from a state of possible delusion, to realize who they truly are. We feel a sense of self-analysis and evaluation to see past the presented image, and deep into the truth encapsulated by the soul itself.

Stay in the light.

*This is first of possibly several "daily" astrological updates I have committed to writing. This is mostly an experiment, so I will be doing the best I can to post as frequently as possible, but will be also acknowledging my inherent Geminian flightiness and indecisiveness ;-)